LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Several May Day demonstrations were organized across the Southland Tuesday, prompting several arrests and traffic delays.

Hundreds of employees were picketing at Los Angeles International Airport to protest the hiring of non-union workers on what is known as International Worker’s Day.

“It’s very difficult for us because we don’t have insurance. I want to go to the hospital and I have to pay a lot of money right now,” said protester and airport employee Marlene Herrera. She said workers have experienced a decrease in health coverage.

They were carrying signs that read “AVSG respect our rights” and “The National Mediation Board is failing the 99%”.

Police arrested four men and six women who were blocking an intersection near LAX for the union strike. Five other people were arrested in other rallies.

The airport reported no major disruptions to their service. Century Boulevard was closed noon-4 p.m.

Police carefully contained the hundreds of activists in Downtown L.A., who were rallying for workers’ rights and education and immigration reform.

Protests were largely peaceful but there was a report of a female officer being by hit by a protester with a skateboard. The officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. No arrests were made.

The Coalition For Humane Immigrant Rights marched for jobs and education on Olympic Avenue, and headed north on Broadway Avenue to 1st Street in the afternoon.

There were also dozens of Occupy L.A. protesters who protested Wall Street in L.A.’s financial district, as well as calling for improved pay and work conditions. They were calling the protest “Four Corners March And Rally” since groups of demonstrators began assembling at four different intersections and converged in Pershing Square for a unified rally.

Demonstrators came on bicycles and buses from the west rallying for workers’ rights. They came from the south side marching for education reform. Activists on the east side protested police brutality and marchers on the north side rallied for immigration reform.

“People deserve rights — immigrant, worker, queer, trans folks deserve rights. This is about reclaiming our voice as people who can express what we want and what we’re not receiving from our government,” said a protester among a group rallying for the gay and lesbian community.

A large number of people rallied for immigrant rights.

“We’re here to show the important struggle of immigrant rights and that everyone needs to be counted in this society,” said another demonstrator.

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  1. All one needs to know about out-of-control immigration of millions can be perfectly seen by the simple planning of a family Thanksgiving dinner.

    Mom: “So we’re gonna host the family dinner at our house this year?”
    Dad: “Yep. This year it’s ours to put on.”
    Mom: “Are the kids flying in from Ohio?”
    Dad: “I don’t know.”
    Mom: “Will uncle Ed bring aunt Kathy?”
    Dad: ‘He doesn’t know yet.”
    Mom: “Are we going to invite any of the neighbors?”
    Dad: ” They haven’t committed yet, They might go somewhere else.”
    Mom: “Well, if we don’t know how many are coming, how can we possibly be ready when they get here?”

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