HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a woman who allegedly defrauded people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The woman, caught on surveillance, fraudulently withdrew money using stolen account information from a Chase Bank, 19461 Main Street, in December of last year, Huntington Beach police said.

She is also wanted in connection with identity thefts and account takeovers at Chase Banks across California and in Nevada, authorities said.

“The suspect enters the bank and withdraws cash from various accounts using fraudulent identification,” Lt. Mitch O’Brien said.

Her most recent crime occurred on April 4 in Fremont, CA.

Officials say the woman has stolen more than $300,000 to date.

Anyone with information about the suspect or her identity is asked to call Detective Brad Smith at (714) 960-8848 or Sergeant Dale Shields at (714) 536-5948.


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