LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Police Department’s new impound policy is expected to go into effect Sunday despite a pending lawsuit by the Police Protective League.

The new policy allows unlicensed drivers stopped for minor infractions to reclaim their vehicles without waiting 30 days and paying stiff fines.

At a DUI checkpoint in South Los Angeles on Saturday night, a handful of protesters expressed their support for the new procedure. They’re angry about the lawsuit that aims to keep it from taking effect.

“The great majority of accidents that are caused by people without a license are people that have suspended or revoked licenses,” said Ron Gochez of the Southern California Immigration Coalition.

”The great majority of people in these communities are not allowed to have a driver’s license because of their immigration status,” he said, adding, “So they are really punished twice:  one — they cannot get a driver license and then they’re punished for not having a driver’s license.”

The Los Angeles Police Protective League opposes the new policy, saying it puts officers in conflict with state law and exposes them to civil liability.

» Police Union Sues Over New LAPD Impound Policy For Unlicensed Drivers

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