LOS ANGELES (CBS) — At an age when some kids can’t get into movies, Gerry Orz, 10, is making them.

Orz was 9 when he produced an anti-bullying movie. Besides garnering interest in the San Gabriel Valley school district where he lives — with his two mothers and brother —  the movie has also gotten interest from the state of Illinois.

Orz (he says “everyone calls me G”) said he was bullied a lot when he was younger and he decided to produce the movie to help other kids who are being picked on.

He told CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Christy Fajardo that he wants to change the world — one act of kindness at a time.

Most of the anti-bullying videos in circulation, he feels, preach to kids and lecture. And he maintains, no kid wants to pay attention to that. So he decided to go a more visual route.

He also produced his film and aimed at elementary school children. G believes videos aimed at older kids are too little, too late.

G says he was bullied for a variety of reasons. On his website, he writes “I have been bullied in school for so many reasons — too tall, gay parents, parent a foreigner, too honest, too polite, too Jewish. I refused to feel like a victim. I had the support of my mothers and a brother, and my voice was heard. Not everyone is so lucky.”

In addition to his film, G is starting a campaign to organize a global day of silence (on 12/12/12) to further shed light on bullying.

Orz is no stranger to show business. He’s appeared in a number of commercials and the Animal Planet series “Killer Outbreaks.”

When not appearing in front of a camera, or writing or creating, Orz maintains he’s a regular kid. He loves McDonald’s, video games and shopping for cool toys at Target.

Also on his agenda: meeting President Obama and helping to see the day his mothers can legally wed in California.

For a link to his video, click here.

For more about G, click here.

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  1. Shawn Morgan says:

    It’s ashame this bright kid is being raised by sick “mothers.” If God wanted kids to be raised by two mothers, He would have created people that way. The mothers are in dire need of therapy.

    1. O_O says:

      And yet his being bullied continues even over the Internet from strangers who don’t know this family at all… If you claim to be God’s speaker for Him on earth, Shawn Morgan, then why have you chosen to ignore the part where He says to love one another as He has loved us (John 15:12)? Or the part where He says not to judge other people that you also may not be judged (Matthew 7:1)? God has enough authorized speakers for Him on earth, and I would bet that you aren’t one of them. So I suggest you focus a little more on emulating this God you seem to know so much, instead of mistakenly speak of things you have no business speaking of. Who did Christ seek after to help, heal, and love? The rich, the beautiful, the perfect, the honest? No. He sought beggars, lepers, prostitutes, poor families, and people otherwise afflicted. He sought them to heal them, help them, and love them, which is what He asks us to do. You’ve overlooked that, Shawn Morgan. Why don’t you choose not to be this young man’s bully today and choose to be a true disciple of the Lord?

    2. knmorgan says:

      This kid is a truly amazing kid, raised by two AMAZING woman. You believe in God, I take it? You believe God made everyone, correct? Did you ever think this was maybe a test? Maybe this was his test to see if people could accept anyone and everyone, just the way they are. You need to think about that, because, you sir, are failing this test.

  2. Jenny m says:

    Gerry, My prayers go to you and all children that are being bullied. My 9 yr has been bullied for 2 yrs now. Yes! elementary plays a big role, to begin enforcing to stop the bullying. I can’t even begin to tell you how this is not just affecting my child, but our family as well. Some schools do not enforce the “Zero Tolerance” policy. Can’t wait to view your video.

  3. Marty says:

    What a bright and forward thinking young man. Congratulations to him and his moms. Keep up the great work.

  4. Joe Dionne says:

    I doubt he has two moms.

  5. Joe Dionne says:

    In fact I’d bet he has one mother and one father.

    1. knmorgan says:

      Nope, he has two mothers.

  6. His Brother says:

    Yes I do indeed have two mothers, thanks everyone for the support. Its okay if you might not agree with how my parents feel, you don’t have to. That isn’t his message in the first place. It is to be kind to one another, and not bully and call names, even if you think God wants you to. People who hate because “God told them to” never read the Bible.

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