SAN CLEMENTE (CBS) — Surveillance video shows an off-duty Marine’s sport-utility vehicle crashing through a gate in the parking lot at San Clemente High School, minutes before an Orange County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed the Camp Pendleton sergeant.

The grainy video obtained from San Clemente High School Tuesday does not show the shooting scene, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. The video is from a camera mounted on the school gym.

Authorities said a deputy was in his squad car working on reports when he saw Manny Levi Loggins, 31, speeding down the street and then turning into the parking lot, where he crashed through the gate.

The deputy pulled up behind the vehicle when it stopped and ordered Loggins out, according to Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino. Loggins — who was not in military uniform — did so but reportedly started walking toward the football field, ignoring the deputy’s commands to stop.

It was unclear what triggered the deputy-involved shooting, which occurred when Loggins turned around to walk back toward the SUV, according to Amormino.

Loggins was taken to Mission Hospital, where he was pronounced dead later that day.

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  1. Christina39 says:

    There are no many pigs shootings, I am beginning to think it’s some kind of false flag.

  2. Remmy700P says:

    OK. Where’s the video?

  3. Gung Ho says:

    This leatherneck was guilty of being black in a white neighborhood.

  4. Christina39 says:

    Enough is Enough now. On one site it says the fu*king pig didn’t know he had his two kids in the car.

    On another site the pig says he shot him to protect the kids.

    On another site, the pig says he shot him because he was walking back toward him in a manner that scared the pig.

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