SAN BERNARDINO (CBS) — A woman and her daughter returned home Monday after a night out of gambling and discovered her husband had been murdered and all his guns and his truck stolen.

Authorities are investigating the death of John “Jack” Cone, 64, who was found dead in his bedroom of his home by his wife, Laurie.

“My husband didn’t deserve this at all,” Laurie Cone said. “He would have gave them anything, anything. They didn’t have to hurt him.”

Cone made his living with a business on Sierra Highway, fixing radios, TVs and computers. His primarily living, however, was buying and selling guns.

Laurie Cone said she and her daughter got home at about 4 a.m. to find their home’s gate open and their home ransacked. Laurie Cone said she found her husband covered in blood inside a room, on the ground.

A San Bernardino police lieutenant said that Cone suffered blunt force trauma, but his cause of death is still undetermined.

Laurie Cone said she believes the motive for her husband’s murder was his vast gun collection. She says all his rifles were stolen, but police haven’t confirmed that.Police have confirmed, however, that Cone’s distinctive white 2003 Ford F-15- quad cab truck, with gray and pinkish-brown striping was taken.


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  1. Big_Fat_ Jim says:

    What a wife and daughter, out gambling at that hour.

  2. Yami says:

    …sounds FISHY!!! I know, WHAT a motive!!! The husband was probably abusive, or they got insurance money. Wheres Lieutenant ” Columbo”?

  3. rb says:

    Jack Cone was my friend. What a tragedy he died at the hand of a heartless murderer. One day, God Himself will take a profound measure of vengeance upon those who do evil.

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