LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Want to get paid to watch all of your favorite TV shows? There’s now an app for that.

CBS2 reporter Suraya Fadel spoke to people who are being rewarded for simply watching TV on their mobile devices.

“I am a college student, so I am OK with that,” said Wendy Rengrud, who likes the concept of getting paid for watching TV on her iPhone.

“I want to go shopping for free. Doesn’t every woman?” Rengrud added.

The college student is a big fan of apps and the launch of Viggle caught her eye.

Viggle is a new, free app that gives people real rewards for checking into the television shows they’re watching.

With a few clicks on a smart device users are profiting with points from the TV they’re already watching. And, there’s no catch — like having personal information or viewing habits fed to any advertiser.

Experts say the app is user-friendly but that users have to watch a lot of TV to reap the benefits.

Users earn two points per minute of viewing. Viewers choose what they want to watch. The Viggle computers are constantly monitoring the top 175 channels in the nation.

The app displays a variety of products users can purchase with their points, such as gift cards, movie tickets, music downloads, iPods and Kindles.

Alfredo Cruz is new to smart phone applications.

“So, what’s the catch?” Cruz asked.

Viggle representatives say television providers are using the app to boost viewer loyalty.

The app makes money by selling the advertising that pops up as users navigate the site.

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  1. NotGiven says:

    If you do use this app, cash out early and often. Don’t trust Viggle with your high point totals. They’ll put up broken ads and then flag your account for clicking on it. They banned me for no reason, and then accused me of cheating the system. They’re liars.

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