LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The new “Food For Thought” breakfast program will provide free meals to students at 267 schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District next year.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy and Modern Family star Sofia Vergara will talk about the new meal plan at Figueroa Street Elementary School Thursday morning.

The program, which will be funded by the LAUSD and the Los Angeles Fund For Public Education, aims to assist an estimated 553,000 students who are living in poverty.

Starting next year, breakfasts will be delivered to elementary schools, where students will eat the meals with their teachers and peers during the first 10 minutes of class.

At secondary schools, students will grab their breakfasts on the way to class.

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  1. jackson2925 says:

    I think this is a great effort to help students succeed. Those who want to strike at “illegals” is missing the entire point of the program. I’d be more worried about illegal crime if these children don’t get the things necessary to succeed. If someone thinks feeding a child, who has no control over their well being immigrant or otherwise, is not worth the cost in the end, they should look at the general funding for education in general and the continuous drop out rate as well. Children who are hungry don’t learn, and children who don’t learn will eventually be a larger burden on the system than providing a “free” breakfast. I just hope the breakfast is something the children will actually eat, and will not end up a waste of food.

    1. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      “553,000 students who are living in poverty??” Most likely these children and their family are already receiving food stamps and WIC, so shouldn’t these children already be eating breakfast at home?

  2. Reality Check says:

    I couldnt have said it better myself !

    1. Anti corruption says:

      another idiot…

    2. Hardmoney says:

      The ONLY mention of Mexico came from You. And, by the way, my grandparents came here legally ( with papers ) from Mexico. Back in the days when it was considered an embarrasment to the entire family if any family member would go ‘On the Dole’ and take money from the county. It showed the community, that even your own family is not willing to help you and that you only option is to turn to strangers. Through the hardest of times, and there have been many, I NEVER even cosidered going down to the welfare office and telling them that I can’t take care of myself, and that I want the people of the county to pay my rent, to buy me food, to pay my data plan, to pay my satelite tv bill, never crossed my mind.

  3. Gil says:

    This is beyond SILLY what A JOKE. LAUSD has been providing free breakfast for the PAST DECADE or more in Low income areas schools. .

    whats the diffrence with this program? NOTHING .

    EXCEPT a PHOTO OPT and a bunch of egocentric people taking credit for something that had nothing to do with..

    Someone should ask Dr. Deasey why he has shifted more that 300 million dollars away from schools? and put it into the central office fund..

    1. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      These school food programs are a waste of food and money. The kids only take what they like and throw the remaining food in the trash, I seen it at my daughter’s school during a parents / teacher lunch session.

  4. Anti corruption says:

    Racist racist racist, its people like you that makes this society the way it is… we pay for criminals to eat better food then kids that are gettin an education and thats makes more sense to you right… what a moron you are.. really, get a life and stop using Mexico as a scapegoat for your remarks… education is something you lack and do you think that no white, black, asians attend those schools… moron… if you dont like it go back to england or wherever your racist sorry ass is originally from and get a life… entiendes pendejo… or should I say do you understand you idiot… I just translated for you cause I am Mexican with a degree and I never got tickets to eat free lunch at schools cause my parents made too much money and happioly did that instead of collect EDD like you probably are doing right now and running your fingers to express your sad life…

    1. cory says:

      The student demographics of lausd are at least 75% persons of mexican ancestry. It doesn’t take rock science to easily figure out that mexican students will be the major beneficiaries of this welfare program. Give-a-ways and handouts= future loyal democrats!! Reality is not racism.

  5. Amy says:

    As they cut Pre-K programs for next year, they do THIS??? They take education time from the classroom so that everyone can eat in class? I thought they were complaining about childhood obesity. Now how many kids are going to get an extra meal (provided by the same folks who serve pink slime in school lunches), when they have already eaten at home? That will add extra bathroom breaks too, so more time lost from education. Plus, now is the teacher responsible for cleaning up after? What an irresponsible waste of money! As others have mentioned, they already have a free breakfast program that happens BEFORE school.

  6. Hardmoney says:

    Why do people who can’t even support themselves, breed like rabbits. The people who can’t feed themselves, can’t put a roof over their own heads, can’t pay thier own medical bills, can’t even make breakfast for thier kids using the groceries they bought with their EBT Card. Have you noticed how many people who pay for their food with an EBT Card, also carry IPhones and SmartPhones that require a $70 a month data plan. Have you drive by the county housing projects and seen all of the satellite dish antennas. Poor people like nice things too.

  7. barbara says:

    LAUSD sent over 9000 RIF notices to their employees .Who do they expect to be in the classrooms to eat with the students?

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