LONG BEACH (CBS) — A Skywest crew radioed authorities Tuesday when two children refused to fasten their seat belts on a flight from Long Beach to Portland, Ore.

Officers with the Port of Portland Police Department were called to meet the Skywest-operated Alaska Airlines plane when it landed at Portland International Airport at 7:20 p.m., Alaska spokeswoman Marianne Lindsey told CBS2.

“During the flight, the children became disruptive and wouldn’t stay in their seats and wouldn’t fasten their seat belts, which is against federal regulations,” she said in a statement.

It was unknown if they were seated at the time of the landing.

“Following this, an Alaska Airlines supervisor meet with the family (of four), talked with them about the need to comply with Federal Air Regulations that the children must be in their seats and remain buckled when asked,” Lindsey added. “Our supervisor then personally escorted the family to the gate for their connecting flight Alaska Airlines Flight 2056 from Portland to Seattle which departed at 8:30 p.m.”

The family’s name has not been released.

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    1. Bob says:

      Boycott Skywest! There is no purpose to wearing seatbelts on an airplane.

      1. kerry black says:

        I really don’t care if you bounce off the ceiling when we hit some CAT but I sure as hell don’t want you landing on me. Buckle up and stay that way unless you’re going to the lav.

        Retired US Air pilot

      2. Bob says:

        Good point.

      3. Bobo says:

        Join the Council of Conservative Citizens today, and let’s take our country back!


      4. flameout says:

        To sky pilot, bet you wouldn’t say that if you weren’t retired.

      5. seesay says:

        Evidently you’ve not flown much, Bob. A sudden down draft can have unsecured passengers and crew on the ceiling in a split second, then falling heavily to the floor or onto belted passengers in the next.

      6. JohnDaniel says:

        Boycott Bob! There is no purpose in your taking up space on this planet if you think this issue is only about seat belts, idiot.

      7. mirted says:

        Me thinks “Bob” was trolling or being sarcastic, no? If not, the ignorance begs disenfranchisement.

      8. TomS says:

        Now this is from someone who has never flown, or encountered turbulence. Stupid.

      9. Godhelpus says:

        are you REALLY that stupid? I sure hope you don’t fly.

      10. mike says:

        That is one incredibly stupid comment.

      11. JoseyWales says:

        Was this the 2 obaba kids? On the flight to North Dakota? Sure sounds like it, given the grey area here.

      12. Bluto says:

        We should all be allowed to carry one roll of duct tape on the plane. Not only to wrap up these little terrorists, but also in case the plane needs a fixing.

      13. Mike says:

        What a stupid comment!

        Did youever hear of air turbulence that can throw a passenger up to the ceiling?

      14. Lucrezia Borgia says:

        Bad Bob! Bad Bob! Spank Bob! Spank Bob hard!

      15. kmrod says:

        you’re an idiot.

      16. carl says:

        there most certainly IS a purpose!

        during turbulence, your head can hit the ceiling hard enough to break your neck. you would land paralyzed for life, all because you didn’t want to wear your seatbelt.

      17. John says:

        That’s stupid. It’s not their law. It’s the FAA. Are you going to boycott them? Blame the parents.

      18. Will Roush says:

        The next time you have a thought, let it go, you idiot!

      19. lwayne says:

        Maybe not but they can be fined mucho dinero if they don’t meet Federal rules, even the really stupid ones. The parents should be put on the no fly list.

      20. HMichaelH says:

        Bob……..Many people have suspected you are an idiot, and now you’ve gone and written this so that all doubt has been removed!

      21. Kruel Hunter says:

        Can you read Bob? it says plainly in the story that seatbelt use on an airliner is a FEDERAL REGULATION and yet you with your towering intellect want to blame the airline. I’ll wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that you thing raising taxes on oil companies will lower gasoline prices too.

      22. John says:

        I’m sorry you are ignorant. An airliner flying through rough air can drop as much as 100 ft is seconds that would send anyone not wearing a seatbelt straight to the ceiling. You can easily break a neck that way. (A pilot speaking )

      23. Jim says:

        Bob, Ever seen what an explosive decompression or severe turbulence can do? Go ahead, you leave your seat belt off. I’ll wear mine.

      24. Bill says:

        Bob you just don’t know. I was an Aircrew Member in the AF for many years before I retired. In all of my experience I had times where we encountered Clear Air Turbulence so severe that people and things are thrown around the cabin without warning. Seat Belts make for a safe and comfortable flight for everyone.

      25. realist says:

        Actually there are plenty of good reasons. The main reason? The pilot in command tells you to, and he is the final authority on the safety of that aircraft.

      26. kerry black says:

        To Flameout

        You actually think I wouldn’t say this unless I was retired? I said it at the start of every flight. 24,000 plus hours.

    2. alpha1six says:

      I agree with DJ and with kerry black.. There should be some consequence to bad behavior or these brats won’t learn and their parents won’t bother to disciplne them.

    3. Canadian Bacon says:

      We’ll be paying for the upkeep of these cretins when they get older.

    4. zombierocket says:

      Seriously, if some brat b*st*rd children caused my flight to be delayed or diverted, I would beat them to a pulp.Try me… I’m getting sick of this cr*p and angry with these bozo parents..

      1. KennyG says:

        Easy there George Zimmerman Jr. Why not just ignore the kids and move on. They were 3 and 8. Just move on people. Diverting planes for a 3 yr old. What type of power trip are these FAs on these days??

      2. Animals says:

        No fly list for life for the brats and the parents you libturd.

      3. dj says:

        Injury to the kids. Insurance goes up. Seat prices go up. Sick kid puking on you business suit. No need to go on. This is about parents unable and/or unwilling to control their children. How about this, fine the parents $50 per filled seat and pass it back to the passengers as a rebate.

      4. KennyG says:

        yea we should let you beat a 3 and 8 yr old. I bet you dont have any issues at all you perv. You arent a Catholic Priest by any chance are you?

      5. RBDLA says:

        I agree. Don’t let your little brats inconvenience everyone else.

        When I was growing up, we lived a middle class life, but there wasn’t any money to fly places. Where do people get the money to fly with children. It’s not like there is a child’s fare.

      6. FlyGuy says:

        I went to school, got a good job, and work hard at it. We fly biz class and put the kids in coach on long trips, and all of us in coach on short trips. Miles help but we also pay cash sometimes.

        Travel is important to me and my family – seeing difficult cultures, meeting new people, learning about the world – so we make it a priority.

        I’m sorry that I work hard, earn a good living, and vote Democrat – I’m sure that’s causing some cognitive dissonance somewhere.

    5. JOE PIZZA says:


      1. DingalingDo says:

        Where is the story here? Hello? I hear crickets..

      2. Donkey/theAss says:

        they still have not caught DB, so just leave it alone…step away.

    6. John Smith says:

      I am glad to have read this.Snce there was obviously no adults aboard the airplane.

    7. Whilly says:

      take our country back from who?

      1. David Huffman says:

        What do you mean,take our country back from who???!!! You can’t tell me that you live somewhere in this country,that does’nt have a problem with illegal mexican aliens.!!!! You could’nt have asked that question 35-40 years ago.

  1. Uriah says:

    And just what were the parents doing as this unnecessary scene unfolded? Amazing…

    1. Jim in Frankfort says:

      Why was the family allowed to make their connecting flight? If the parents can’t control their kids on one flight why would they be able to on the next?

      Was this really as bad as all the different headlines make it sounds? “Plane makes emergency landing due to unruly kids” “Family kicked off Alaska Airlines plane departing from long beach” … those headlines are very misleading considering the plane landed at it’s scheduled destination and the family disembarked there AND still made their connection.

      Sounds to me like the pilot declared an emergency in case he needed to due anything to avoid bouncing these brats around to much on landing … but other than that it was pretty routine. … but the EMERGENCY LANDING headlines had already gone out so the news agencies had to make it sound like something sensational.

      1. StopTheStateRunMedia says:

        It’s made up Jim like most of the news now. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history.

      2. Dave-O says:

        There’s something missing in this story, but it has nothing to do with Palin Derangement Syndrome.

      3. MB says:

        It’s an emergency landing because the FAA requires the pilot to declare an emergency and land if there is are passengers that cannot be controlled. Also, unsecured (unseatbelted) passengers increased the possibility of injury to other travelers.

      4. MikeG says:

        This is the byproduct of criminalizing stern parenting (aka “spanking”).

      5. George says:

        “Brats” is the crux of the matter along with incompetent parenting!

      6. prodnot2bliberal says:

        I have a simple solution TAZER! Tazer the lil SOB’s Tazer thier idiotic LEFTwing parents ( why am I say they were left wing 1 flight was from LA to portalnd 2 they kids would have been forced int he seats if they werent leftys). If no tazer have piolet do a coule of hard turns with the plane after the lil brast bounced off the wall a couple times they would co-operate.

        RE stop ok menatlcase with your palin derangement syndroem go vote for your buddy RU (ron) paul now about a mental case

    2. michael says:

      The parents’ should have been arrested, wild childern detained by childern service until retrieved by kin and transported home via ground transit.

      1. JB Robles says:

        They all should be on the ‘NO FLY LIST’. There’s nothing worst than being locked up in an aicraft for hours with screaming kids. They should let dogs and cats fly in the cabin and put children in cages in the baggage hold!

    3. Chris says:

      They should’ve been pulling out the hairbrush to take care of business. Instead, they’re an example of Hillary’s “it takes a village” style of parenting – leaving the dirty work to others.

      1. Pomona Tony says:

        In the village I grew up in, if you misbehaved and your parents were not there to take action, another responsible adult used the hairbrush on you. There are no responsible adults anymore.

    4. Kruel Hunter says:

      Thet were probably brushing up on Dr. Spock’s instructions for helping their children “reach their full potential” by never disciplining them.

  2. ragu4u says:

    They REFUSED? They were 3 & 8. Spank their butts, wire tie their hands and buckle em up. If they keep crying, throw them in an overhead compartment. Problem solved

    1. Calvin Velander says:


    2. whodat1 says:

      Exactly my first thought.

    3. yrwf says:

      You do know forcibly disciplining your children these days sets one up for CPS oversight?

      Regardless, I won’t judge based on article. Hard to know if flight crew overreacted or the parents can’t/don’t/won’t control their kids. What I do know is the press reports “facts” to gain whatever the preconceived reaction it desires from the public.

      1. prodnot2bliberal says:

        This is only becasue we let them!

        Time for parenst to take control of thier kids. My child is still young hasnt been brainwashed by teh left wingnut psyco babble BS. But anyway a freind of mines child ried that if you hit me ill call protective services. He calmly went over got a plastic shoping bag & the cordless phone & said here. Puzzled the kid said what are these for ??? He said for when I hit you youll have teh phone & the bag is for you to put belongings in the rest Ill burn you lil ungrate f*&% DONT TRY ME!.

        That & if we all stood up to the idiots we would overwhelm the system & bring it to its knees the courts & 1/2 way houses would be clogged for months

      2. Dee says:

        hey, “prodnot2blieral” – I wouldn’t brag too much about how conservative you are. You write like an idiot – even your username is misspelled. “prod”? Don’t you mean “proud”? If you’re “prod” not to be a liberal, then I’m extremely proud not to be an uneducated conservative. Go to school and learn how to spell (it’s more than typos); then when you’re finished with your Master’s Degree, come back on this forum and tell us what it’s like to be a conservative.

        For the record, I’m very liberal, and as you can see (and hopefully read and comprehend) that I’m a firm believer in disciplined children. My daughter is in college and my son is looking at colleges – probably as an arson investigator.

        So you see, liberals can bring up their children to be very well behaved and productive members of society.

    4. FN Cee says:

      You are a very cruel man … Duct Tape is the correct option!

      1. David Huffman says:

        You’re dumb,yes duct tape works,but fear is more lasting.!!! When my two oldest boys told me they’d call the cops if i disciplined them,I immediately grabbed the phone and handed it to them and took my belt off at the same time,and told them,”the whoopin you got will be nothing like the whoopin you’re gonna get when i get back from the jail”.!!!!! That’s why the country is so full of all these little street gang bangers,people are’nt taking it to the kid’s backside anymore. The government is not going to tell me how to raise MY children,the government is’nt feeding them and putting a roof over their head,so the government can just kiss my azz on that one.!!!

    5. Black Eagle says:

      Can’t do that anymore, or you get charged with child abuse.

      1. george says:

        Some children scream out (sometimes literally) to be abused. There . . . I said it.

    6. biglouie15 says:

      OK. That’s a good idea for the parents but what about the kids.

      1. dave says:

        take each kid in to the lav. beat there tails NO WITNESS come out get next kid do same thing PROBLEM SOLVED and unless you leave marks CPS CAN NOT PROVE SQUAT

    7. patriotgirl1 says:

      If I did that as a kid, which I wouldn’t DARE, my mother would slap me up side my head! What is wrong with these “parents”?!

    8. Colin says:

      Indeed. Twist the wire ties so they bite in – even it bleeds a little, they’ll heal fast and once the pain starts, they’ll stop squirming.

      Best to gag them or knock their wind out so they don’t scream, though.

      1. Those were spoiled brats says:

        By the least it would definitely be the last time those little brats got out of the house if there lucky itd send them to an overseas convent til they were 18.

  3. carlos says:

    Crazy Canadians.. can’t take them anywhere.

    1. willymartin says:

      Funny, I didn’t read anywhere that the family was Canadian. Must have missed that. Obviously it isn’t possible that an American family might be visiting Vancouver…to go to Whistler or visit familiy. Sheesh. Regardless, the problem lies with the parenting. It should never be up to flight crew to get children to buckle into a seat belt… particularly by the age of 8.

      1. mike jones says:

        take it easy willy. we all know they were american. have you SEEN how horrible parenting is these days in this country? i got the living tar beat outta me for much less and i appreciate it now. although my butt still hurts…

      2. Colin says:

        heheh. he said butt hurts.

  4. Teufel Wolf says:

    “If you kids don’t behavior, we’re turning this plane around”.

    1. Jason says:

      I agree, if kids don’t behavior that reason for disciplines and especially for making plane go back home. When ours kids don’t behavior, I does disciplines and make kids do’s the homework and sleep earlies.

      1. Eventide says:

        Comment WIN

      2. Jack says:

        “kids don’t behavior”? The word is behave. Pretty basic English. I’m not even mentioning “I does disciplines”.

      3. Grandfather says:

        Jason, it looks like you are learning our language, good for you. We think alike since I did that with my kids and they turned out great. Problem is there are far too many parents that have no clue on how to be a parent. Letting one’s children run around with no boundaries is going to create little monsters that will have no respect for people or laws when they become adults. I’ll bet the people on Wall Street that almost destroyed our economy were such uncontrolled brats…

      4. Guglielmo Boogliodemus says:

        I am concurrs. You makes commentings correctlies. Congratulatings.

      5. TomPeeping says:

        I believe Jack below be off……Jack Off

      6. duson mandic says:

        I’ve seen blacks comprehend sarcasm better then you bozos.

      7. carl says:

        you guys are all starting to sound like those nigerian e-mails.
        “please to respond hastily, as bank is holding your inheritance pending verify of your identity, for sum of 6 million US american dollars.”

    2. MIKE says:

      “If you kids don’t learn how to spell, we’re going to turn this plane around”.you bozo @sses LOL

    3. TomS says:

      And all the other passengers have to miss their connecting flights, miss scheduled events, etc? Bad advice.

  5. Melissa Lipnutz says:

    Why don’t you read one of these articles before you post your spam mr. fluff

    1. Luff Carrington says:

      I did, why don’t you remove the blinders from your eyes? Or do you like being a slave? If you do, don’t bother responding, you’re unreachable.

    2. Neil says:

      Who are you talking to? Another psycho with a computer ………….

  6. Joe Dutra says:

    Photographs please. Never mind, I get it.

    1. TruthBTold says:

      Joe, exactly what I was thinking.

  7. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    i bet these kids were wearing hoddies and threatened the flight crew with skittles.

    1. Andrew P. says:

      Bet they looked like they could have been Obama’s children too.

      1. Dirk regenburg says:


      2. Grandfather says:

        Maybe, although I have seen lots of Romney types with the same lack of control over their brats.

      3. Dugway says:

        You won’t see Ospawn on a commercial jet until January 2013.

  8. jslab129 says:

    Don’t make me stop this plane!

    1. flagman23 says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen. . . This is the Captain speaking. . . . .Now don’t make me come back there!!! Oh, and if I do, please tell the co-captain to not lock the door on me this time!! Do you know how embarrassing it was to be carried off that darned plane!!

    2. Dugway says:

      Are we there yet?
      Are we there yet?
      Are we there yet?

  9. jack says:

    I don’t understand why these two little brats were allowed to inconvenience an entire airplane full of people (and waste the airline’s resources). Put the little bundles of joy into their seats, buckle their seatbelts and, if necessary, give them a couple of whacks across their rear-ends. Problem solved. Oh, I forgot, spanking a child is no longer permitted. So, instead, an entire jet full of people has to be diverted.

    1. Big Bear says:

      If one errs, all suffer: the new American credo.

      And a child shall lead them…

    2. anthonyfromtn says:

      It’s the new “No Child With a Red Behind” statute. If we raise spoiled brats with no respect, they will eventually sign the paperwork to have us euthenized. Then they can collect their incentive bonus from uncle sam.

  10. jack says:

    Pardon me but you sound like a nut.

    1. Brent Sallson says:

      So when were you castrated? How about a name in lower case that shows how little you think of yourself. You sound like a slave.

    2. Calin Loftgrenn says:

      jack is a typical beaten down OmeriKan that thinks speaking up is weird, jack you’re the nutcase.

    3. Sandra says:

      I totally agree Jack. What is Luff the fluff talking about?

    4. Sandra says:

      Brent, I believe you must be related to Luff the fluff. You make no sense whatsoever.

    5. Jan says:


      “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” ~ Louis Armstrong

  11. MOconnor says:

    You can’t spank your kids in California any more without being reported for child abuse and a visit from the county. You reap what you sow….

    1. Felix says:

      Ok, that’s not true. My wife and I and my brother-in-law/sister-in-law spank our kids on occasion, sometimes in public (playground most recently).

      We live in the East Bay (SF area).

      1. KennyG says:

        Beating your kids is for losers. How pathetic that you need to physically accost your children to get them to behave. You should be embarrassed to call yourself a parent.

      2. NoSeattle4Me says:

        It’s not for losers, it’s for parents. My wife’s parents would hang her by her arms from a tree in the backyard (her toes were on the ground, it was just so she wouldn’t put her arms in the way of the switch). then they’d whip/cane her with a bamboo switch – stings ths skin, no serious damage.

        They had to do it exactly once and she got the picture.

  12. Coco says:

    Funny you mention overreaction..and then tell us all to go to hell..over this?? lol..May you go to a therapist.

    1. Garry says:

      You must be one of those over medicated, possibly dangerous, head cases that has been to too many therapy sessions. Just how many prescription meds are you on?

  13. Ben Dover says:

    TSA in Portland probably contacted the plane and instructed it to land. The screeners needed more young things to molest.

    1. george says:

      If that’s the case, I’m siding with the TSA thugs this time.

  14. snapboy says:

    Frankly, the family’s name SHOULD be disclosed. These two children will continue to inflict negative consequences on the general public unless the parents are pressured to teach these kids discipline.

    1. RVT1K says:

      I agree with you 100%

    2. Dugway says:

      Maybe Spike Lee will tweet their names and the address

    3. Dee says:

      I was thinking the SAME thing, snapboy. They should disclose the family’s name so that they’re humiliated and exposed for all the world to see. I’m curious as to the ages of the brats, er, kids. They must be awful at home – apparently they rule the roost, and the parents have abdicated all control.

  15. GD says:

    What has happened to parenting? If they were my kids, they wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for several days.

    1. Woody says:

      NO doubt my dad did that to me when i acted up in public and told me you don’t act that way. I made a few trips to the bathroom not many witnesses in there to getting a good whooping i needed.

  16. Vina Sestonari says:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Turning around an aircraft because two rugrats won’t buckle up is idiotic.

    1. meandi says:

      but two wrights can make a plane…

      1. That is two Wright brothers

  17. Republican Watcher says:

    As per advise from wacko Republican Romney….Just put them in a cage and tie them to the top of the plane. That should fix the wuzzies!

    1. Andrew P. says:

      Except Romney did that to a dog, not a human being. And it was an automobile, not an aircraft..

      you were so close…

  18. Ian C (pilot) says:

    1) Bad Parents – The children lack discipline
    2) This is a federal offence. The parents should be sent to prison for committing a federal crime and the children should be sent to reform school and learn a) respect b) self-control

    1. Zexufang says:

      I agree.

      And – what no family name (or pictures)?

  19. csm888 says:

    If he were on a plane I am confident that my son would behave in exactly as these children did. He has autism and I know his behavior will not be tolerated so we stay home.

    1. jasperddbagghost says:

      Yes yes, we are sure you “give him a stern talking to” because you’ve got no guts to call out bad parenting and bratty behavior.

      We can agree on you staying home though. Forever.

  20. DingalingDo says:

    and where is the story here? Nothing happened, nobody was arrested, there was no bear on the plane, no passenger was attacked by a pilot or a mountain lion, so where is the “news” story here?

  21. Samuel Adams says:

    It’d be different if the kids had been alone – you can’t force someone else’e kid to behave – but to have the parents right there and them to not do anything about it! They should have refused to let them complete their trip and gotten to pay for their own way home!

    1. oroaster says:

      I would say that folks are too afraid to discipline their children. Seriously, had those children been given some corporal punishment they would have been arrested when the plane landed. Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

      1. oroaster says:

        I mean the parents would have been arrested. Excuse the error, please.

  22. driveby comment says:

    “During the flight, the children became disruptive and wouldn’t stay in their seats and wouldn’t fasten their seat belts, which is against federal regulations,” she said in a statement.


    I’m studying to be a pilot and I don’t think that statement is entirely correct. Thought seat belts were only required, by law, at landing and take off for passengers.

    1. WATCHITGO says:

      If the Fasten Seat Belt sign is on due to turbulence would be a good reason.

  23. RJ says:

    Seriously? Where were the parents during this stupidity? I’d make the parents responsible (financially responsible) for the rerouting of this flight, and the cost of getting everyone to their destinations.

  24. WATCHITGO says:

    Good behaviour begins at HOME! When people wait till they are in public to teach manners to kids it is too darn late. From what I see, often times, “kids just happen, not planned, maybe not wanted” and everyone that must be around them suffer fhe bad manners and distruptive actions. On a plane other passengers trapped in the situation. Other parents don’t want to inhibit their child’s personality. If that is the case, keep them at home.

  25. kmbrlb says:

    Send the fuel bill to the parents.

  26. susan says:

    if the fasten seat belts sign is on at any time during a flight, you are required to stay in your seat and keep it fastened..not just at takeoff and landing..usually thats because the captain thinks there might be turbulence..children who are autistic are on medication, so if (as someone here mentioned)that was the case, the parents are doubly at fault for not controlling their children..a lot of people use austism or a d and d as excuses for bad behavior, which is just plain not being able to control your kids..there are things allowed on flights such as small video games or even laptops with dvds for movies..shame on thes parent for their lack of control and causing problems for the other passengers…

    1. Alex says:

      Perhaps flight atttendants overreacted to the situation by not handling the situation themselves then get the pilots involved. FAs today have the idea that they are supposed to act like air marshals instead of taking care of passengers properly. As a retired captain, I would not have diverted my flight in such an instance. No way! If possible, I would have gone back and spoken to the parents in order to require them to comply. If they refused, then I would land normally and place their names on a list we as an airline maintained to refuse service to those who disrupted flights. I worked for a major European carrier and we did this every once in a while. Problem solved. No police required. End of story.

      1. Mary says:

        This is called ” using your brains ” sir….sadly they are in short supply today.

  27. Brian Harrington says:

    it reminds me of a flight going from lax to vancouver on guess candian airlines
    mom was about to a mentlal break down cute kids but they ruled the flight
    good job kids just say the seat belt tried to molest me and you be ok because somebody will buy into it that is how I convinve my fellow passanger to have the window seat i just sa y i suffer from being in inclosed space and play the mental game the phone part is climbing over to use the bathroom and playing spiderman without the web trying to get back into the seat at 40k and moving at the speed of unknown rate but is sure faster then my car will ever do

  28. The parents should be beaten first, especially if they were present during the ordeal.

    1. titainiumman says:

      i concur

  29. hcool says:

    the beatings will continue untill morale improves!

  30. jamie says:


  31. More Americans behaving badly. How can anybody be surprised?

    We watch Trash TV until it spills out of every orifice of the body..

    Like one chimpanzee said to the other:

    “Humans see – humans do.”

    It ain’t rocket science.

  32. Ben says:

    We need an airline that doesn’t allow kids.

    1. Pomona Tony says:

      Yes! I would pay extra to fly with no spawn on the plane!

    2. atlantaguy says:

      i agree
      you should be 10 yrs or older to fly….no screaming children and all kids should be tossed off and banned till 21 if they do not stay in their seat and remain quiet

      i have kids and mine would never be allowed to do this at all.

  33. Duo says:

    A.D.D. = Adult Discipline Deficiency

  34. 346547457 says:

    Just like many others, I wondered why their parents did not immediately make them put on their seat belts and behave.

    Then I remembered the time I sat in front of a kid who kept kicking the back of my seat over and over and over. I turned around and said something to his mother sitting next to him, and she told me that if I had a problem with it then I should go move to another seat.


    1. Dave-O says:

      That happened to me as a kid. I pulled the tray table down and the miserable little man in front of me told my mom to control me. She slammed the the table back into his set and pulled it back down again and asked if it felt like that. He shut the H*ll up from then on, but I still remember him and hate his guts for ruining my flight over 30 years ago!

    2. Alex says:

      I had a supposedly mature, adult man do something similar to me on a flight from LAX to JFK. I wanted to punch the guy right then and there, but I kept my cool. He deserved to have the literal stuffing kicked out of him. People on airline flights today are strictly third rate as opposed to the 1960’s and that is one reason why I refuse to fly commercial today. No thanks, with abusive TSA goons, lousy flight attendants with attitudes and no-class passengers, I prefer to spend my money on the ground so I can simply walk away from the Neandrathals.

      1. Mary says:

        There is no reason to allow your child to kick a person’s seat, nor for a mother to slam trays back and forth. The courteous thing would have been to offer a brief apology and then see to it that the child stops the obnoxious behavior. Give the kid something to do while he is sitting in his seat, read, color, draw, etc. But then…I raised my children back in the time when manners were actually taught to youngsters.

  35. Grandfather says:

    No sadly I think the best thing that could be done for all would be euthanasia, I really do hate to say that yet these children will always be damaged goods and can never be made whole. It’s not fair to them to have them live such a hel-ish life. I guess though scientist can play with them and maybe come up with a cure, which would be the only good thing I could ever see coming out of this horrific disease.

  36. Jane Goodall says:

    Long Beach to Portland… one welfare breeding ground to another welfare breeding area… guess the race…

    1. Dave-O says:

      The thought had crossed my mind!

      1. Felix says:

        Uh, no.

        Long Beach: median house price $432K, per capita income $26K
        Portland: median house price $296K, per capita income $29K
        Penn Hills (site of Santorum’s mansion): media house price $94K, per capita income $24K

        Looks like the residents of Long Beach and Portland are subsidizing the tax credits for the residents of Penn Hills.

  37. Guglielmo Boogliodemus says:

    If you have an ultrasonic dog whistle, you can roll it up in a paper and aim at the offending child. Adults can’t hear it but young screeching children can. Used it once in the checkout line at the store and the wailing brat shut up immediately. Very effective. Can be purchased at any pet supply store as a dog training aid.

    1. KennyG says:

      Yea thats right we should sic you on the 3 yr old. bet you’ll teach that little kid a lesson right?? How messed up are you bro?

  38. Clarity2011 says:

    Parents probably figured if they disciplined them they’d be reported to local child services and they’d be taken away.

  39. Jim says:

    And you can bet the parents would have been the first to sue had the aircraft hit severe turbulence and the kids injured. You buckle your seat belts for safety. It is a federal requirement as well as an airline requirement. What were the parents doing during this time is my question.

    Here was a great teaching moment for the parents. Not enough info to critize them since there is nothing in the report about what they had done to resolve the issue.

  40. snaproll says:

    the airline should bill the family for the Waste of Jet Fuel

    1. KennyG says:

      Thats such a bad idea its laughable. Did it take you all day to think of something that silly? Its the FAs fault for pulling this stunt. Warn the parents of the risks and then let people be free to decide what they feel is best for them. You dont want to buckle when turbulent or landing. As long as you know the risk — do what choo like.

  41. 31337 says:

    The typical liberal/Democrat/Obama answer is very simple. Let the government do it for you, the cops should take the kids to jail and have the book thrown at them, during all of this the parents should blame (in the following order) Video Games, TV, Radio, Republicans, Bad Teachers, Gangs, Friends, Government. Blame anybody but themselves. Remember your drum circle training, the parents didn’t have the speaking stick so they couldn’t say anything. Also use your words instead of action.

    The typical Conservative answer is simple. Grab your kid, tell them to sit down and behave. If they don’t grab their arms and push them into the seat and buckle them in. If they unbuckle it, put them over your knee and give them a spanking.

    Which do you think works better?

    Reality is the plane has a few liberals on board and the moment the parents discipline the children they will cry child abuse and foul then call “Child Protective Services” and/or the police and the parents will have to deal with that mess and possibly have their kids taken away. Its a catch 22 for the parents. 🙁

    1. Colin says:

      Hi there leet-speaker – in your universe, am I allowed to be a liberal and discipline my child? (I am, and I do)

    2. KennyG says:

      Where do you idiots and your physical violence toward children come from? Is it the internet anonymity that allows you to spew your violence towards kids as an acceptable form of parenting? No wonder this gen is struggle to raise kids. You dopes all got physically assaulted by “people who love you” as children.

  42. Leigh Ann says:

    Who is the parent here? Juvenile delinquents in the making. I can hear it now, “we didn’t want to destroy their little psyches.”

  43. melvin says:

    Pilot should have put plane into steep dive…….watch the little darlings bounce off the overhead.

  44. San Diego Steve says:

    This problem has a simple solution. Take off your belt. Apply the belt to the childrens’ bare bottoms. Advise the children that this will happen again immediately if they do not cooperate. Problem solved.

    1. KennyG says:

      Why would physically assaulting a child ever be an answer to good parenting? Problem wouldnt be solved. It would just perpetuate violence to the next gen as you are doing now. Better idea would be to teach the kids not assault them.

  45. thehalfrican says:

    The children of Democrats are always fun to watch !

    1. Colin says:

      Indeed. They are usually the ones reading books, engaging in thoughtful discourse about current events, etc. At least, I was, and mine are.

      Children of rich Republicans are also fun to watch. They are the ones claiming to be entitled to everything because that’s what pastor and mommy and daddy tell them. You don’t need to work hard – just believe and have daddy’s money.

  46. Anjinsan says:

    To quote the late Rodney Dangerfield:

    ” Now I know why tigers eat their young!”

  47. Steve3 says:

    Liberal parents and bratty obnoxious kids. And you ALL know, only liberal parents can’t keep their monsters in check.

  48. peterrockbend says:

    Why does the article report on a Skywest incident but show a photo of LTU and Alaska Airlines aircraft? Why should anyone believe a word of this story if they can’t even report the visuals correctly?

  49. walter12 says:

    Where were the parents of these two brats? They should be fined and what about all the customers that were so inconvienced?

  50. Bert says:

    The parents sound like true Seattle Liberals

    1. Colin says:

      Seattle is really bad model for the country. I hear that they have too many PhDs and their salaries are too high as a result, so they have to spend all that money on coffee and umbrellas, or else the gubment gonna take it back.

      1. KennyG says:

        Yea yea. down with smart or rich people they are TOO many of both out there.

  51. fisher1949 says:

    This is the result of TSA fear mongering. The kids never posed a threat.
    This is the environment created by DHS and TSA in an effort to justify their miserable existence. There needs to be an investigation into this outrageous waste of resources and passenger time.

  52. No One says:

    Don’t make me pull over

  53. rumple says:

    The article did say landing in Oregon, didn’t it? Says it all!

    1. No tax says:

      Yeah – Oregon has no sales tax. No taxes = bad children. Thank God Ron Paul won’t win this election (self-kudos for writing “God Ron Paul” in a post)

  54. nononsense says:

    I’ll bet if the parents had been told that they would be held liable for any costs resulting from an emergency landing, their little darlings not only would have had their seatbelts buckled, they would have been hog tied!

  55. Henry says:

    Wacky liberals you can be sure of that.

    1. Hasidim says:

      Indeed. Likely Jewish liberals too. It’s always so easy to tell the political disposition and religious background of unnamed people in news articles.

  56. rosietheterrorist says:

    If Obama had a son he wouldn’t buckle up either. And would be illegal and deported back to Kenya.

  57. rebrad says:

    Why didn’t they smack the little brats in the head and buckled them up if the progressive parents doesn’t recognize any responsibility for their spawn. It always amazes me where there is a tried and proven process for some phoney theories by over-indoctrinated person who’s whole life has been spent in for-profit educational corporation or a DC Think Tank. Really people, get your head back on.

    1. TeacherBob says:

      For-profit education is really bad. Thank God there are fewer private schools these days.

    2. KennyG says:

      Yes, cause assaulting a 3 yr old is always the answer. I wish you were my dad.

  58. MD says:

    You would think the article would give the ages of the childlren.

    1. susan says:

      an artcle from another source said the children were 3 and 8..also, no one has mentioned that skywest flies regional jets for alaska airlines (which for another who commented)also have the alaska logo of the eskimo on the tail..these regional jets come in 2 sizes,50 seaters and 70 seaters..they are much smaller than regular jets in the interior, and are usually 1 seat on one side and 2 on the other..some are 2 seats on both sides..this means that either the 2 little kids were seated together with the parents behind or in front, or each parent had one child with them..definitely bad if the children were being “rambunctous”..by the way i used to work fro an airline and i am familiar with the type of aircraft, as well as this type of problem!!

  59. Unci says:

    You must comply! You will be assimilated!

  60. Paul Gross says:

    they let them back on a plane? Spot the moron. No wonder the kids are unruly, there are no adults in the room anywhere. If you actions dont bring consequences there is no reason to change

  61. vigilant says:

    Those rascally Democrats – they just don’t know how to discipline their brats.

    1. PartyLike96 says:

      I heard it was Chelsea Clinton. Makes sense. She’s a democrat.

  62. McBain says:

    Kudos to this flight crew!

    It is getting very old how some parents have absolutely no consideration for the other passengers on a flight and abstain from any parental control of their spawn. They should be banished to the back of planes or kicked off more flights.

    To the parents that have raised their kids to be respectful and considerate of the other adults that fly on planes, thank you!

    1. KennyG says:

      Kudos? the FA should be fired for making a big deal out of nothing. a 3 and 8 yr old wont buckle up and this forces an “emergency landing” Are you a sheep to follow this hook, line and sinker??

  63. fisher1949 says:

    The airline industry is out of control. If it isn’t some TSA agent stealing from us or getting locked up for child molesting, it’s some crazy flight attendant, pilot or passenger going berserk on an airplane.

    Most of this is due to the fear mongering by TSA that puts everyone in high anxiety and results in stupid flight diversions and terminal evacuations over trivial incidents.

    This has become a daily occurrence and the industry can’t survive if this is the future of air travel.

    1. zombierocket says:

      I agree that many things are out of control… but firstly, the children were OUT OF CONTROL.

  64. Wacka-doo says:

    “Beat on the brat,
    beat on the brat,
    beat on the brat with a baseball bat, oh yeah…”
    -the Ramones

  65. Joe E in the IE says:

    The self-esteem curriculum generation are procreating.

    Look at your future and weep, humanity.

    1. Kevin says:

      I’ve been crying since the day America started dying under Obama….

      1. conrad dobler says:

        America has been “dying” since the arrival of the Mayflower and its collection of criiminal fugitives from England…

  66. dewboy says:

    why not put them on a greyhound bus!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. slobo says:

    They got a good talkin to…and not arrested…because they were MUSLIM! Mooslimes!

  68. unclehomerr.. says:

    Makes me wonder if they have a take-off and landing contract rather than miles!

  69. zombierocket says:

    If these parents can’t control their children, let us commence to beating them.

  70. Rich T says:

    I was on this flight. The family was African American explaining why there was not any arrests

    1. susan says:

      rich t..it would be interesting to hear the actual story since you were on that aircraft..the story seems to have brought out a lot of strange comments (as usual) about children,parenting styles and flying..maybe your spin on what actually occurred would make the incessant stupid comments top..

    2. David Huffman says:

      Thank you Rich T,my wife and i had bets going if they were black or not. We live in Long Beach,and the first thing we both said was that they had to be black. Not being racist just making an observation of what we see everyday in Long Beach. It was either that or illegal mexican aliens,and how often do you see illegals on an airplane.???!!! They usually travel in large groups on Greyhound or Crucero busses.

      1. conrad dobler says:

        Ha ha…look at you fools trying to “deflect” attention away from yourselves…this is ‘WHITE M.O’- kind of like the arrogant spoiled little white kid who thinks that their ‘privilege’ makes them above the law or better than anybody else….

  71. Mark says:

    “Our supervisor then personally escorted the family to the gate for their connecting flight Alaska Airlines Flight 2056 from Portland to Seattle which departed at 8:30 p.m.”
    LOL WUT?

  72. Bellatrix says:

    The headline should read “Parents Refuse To Make Kids Buckle Up On Flight!
    Weak, pathetic parents.

  73. titainiumman says:

    How about not giving them an option

  74. Dave says:

    INSANITY… WE’VE LOST OUR WAY AS A COUNTRY.. our culture has become so damned PC we now force a jet plane to land because parents can’t or won’t control their bratty kids


    the inmates are running the asylum!!

  75. OldOllie says:

    Why allow them back on a plane? I’d give them a map to the Greyhound station and point them to the taxi stand.

  76. Koward Lee Kanut says:

    And to think these little darlings are the “leaders of tomorrow”

  77. george says:

    The Occupy mobs can rest easily tonight. I doubt they will ever run out of new recruits.

  78. Acid Reflux says:

    No doubt these two will grow up to occupy something.

  79. Alex says:

    Only in America are police called when children misbehave. The parents should have forced them to follow the rules and dealt with after the flight by airline personnel. Frankly, I’m very happy that I’m retired and don’t have to deal with this nonsense anymore. I’m a retired airline captain.

  80. anne says:

    The freakin’ little terrorists!!!

    What has the world come to?

  81. Anonymous says:

    Guess what they are like in the classroom? Feel sorry for their teachers who have to teach with the disruptive behavior going on (discipline is not allowed anymore,) and who also will be held “accountable” for their test scores. No accountability for the parents, though.

  82. Cpm says:

    Rotten Kids. I’m sure the pilot declared an emergency as CYA, going on record with authorities in case anyone was injured by these cretins during the course of the flight. He didn’t want to be asked later “Well, why didn’t you notify authorities”? Maybe he wanted to jam the family up in Portland so they would miss their connecting flight.

  83. Cpm says:

    Family of four? With entitlement issues? Rules don’t apply to them? The last name wouldn’t happen to be Obama would it?

  84. kcsparky says:

    Leave it to Seattle and the incredibly progressive liberal infestation that resides in it. That place is as messed up as a soup sandwich!

    1. NoSeattle4Me says:

      Indeed. Microsoft is just the tip of the iceberg. Their monopolistic predation and poor design aesthetic is a direct result of the “incredibly progressive liberal infestation” you are so righteously right about.

  85. Me me me says:

    Where the fvck were mommy and daddy? THanks for inconveniencing the rest of the passengers, fvcking a s s holes.

  86. Mary says:

    When Rev. Billy Graham was a teen, he was pretty wild and badly behaved. One day when he was riding to town with his mother, he acted up in an unacceptable manner. His mother stopped the car, put Billy in the trunk, and proceeded on her way. She took care of things, and as a grown man, he has made his appreciation of her well known. She did the tasks God gave her, first to raise her family, and it seems she did it very well.

  87. Freddy says:

    I thought Michelle and the girls were on the Vegas flight??

    1. KennyG says:

      Didnt someone once say ” you cant take taxpayers dollars and go to Vegas”. Oops I guess they can.

  88. Jamesb says:

    Future liberal Democrats….;p

  89. susan says:

    I’m the mother of three sons and unless you have children don’t comment that it’s the parents fault. Two of my sons were normal children but my middle son was impossible to control from birth; his father, a military man, was gone a lot and I did the best I could short of killing him or tying him up. Walk a mile in my shoes. Instilling total fear in a child using questionable means, like fire, is not advisable and refusing to believe that with some children there is no solution is unrealistic. Avoid flying is all I can say; drive.

    1. dave says:

      there is no such thing as an “un-managable” child. yes some are more dificult then others but all can be managed. i have a son with downs who loves to break free and run. the child has no concept of danger. but he does have a concept of PAIN and each time he would break free in public where he could get hurt his mother or I would catch him and swat his rump with our hands THE BOY HATES THAT lol. he soon got the idea RUN OUT SIDE OF YARD = PAIN IN ASS LITERALLY. now when we are out side the confines of our yard he will look at us and smile and say I NOT GOING TO RUN PROMISE.

    2. NoSeattle4Me says:

      Geez. Why are you democrats so bad at raising kids?

      BTW, TSA groper is not the same as “military man”

      1. Matt says:

        Agreed. When I was a kid, I was rather mellow, but when I did something really bad, I had Dad’s leather belt to my backside. That kept me from ever doing that again. It did not ruin me, it made me realize the consequences of my own actions. I still love and miss my wise and late father. I got my butt belted with a leather belt for bad things (like lighting a highway flare and starting a fire). GOD Bless his soul.

        Kids today would have a father like my great Dad arrested. I can say, that when I got the leather belt to my backside, I never did whatever it was again. Parents should still be allowed this (within reason). When a kid does something very bad, they should get spanked. My brothers and I feared Dad’s leather belt. That belt kept us from doing certain things. All parents should have this available to them.

  90. susan says:

    The children’s behavior aside, I cannot believe the hate and bitterness and anger that a story like this brings out in people. I hope to God they are over-represented in this forum and aren’t representative of human beings as a whole. Otherwise the rest of us are in danger if we cross them in the smallest way. I prefer to picture them with their butt crack hanging out, a half-empty bag of potato chips, empty beer cans, and a unemployment check ready to be deposited nearby.

  91. Kevin says:

    Kudos SkyWest agents for keeping this realistic on the ground instead of inflating the problem even more….

    I can see some other airlines (names that are easy to guess) turning this into a federal situation with criminal charges to make things as bad as they can to prove some point….

  92. Kevin says:

    Liberal teachers and school districts, and over-reacting bureaucratic airline crews are great examples of what we have become under Obama and team…

  93. D. J. Slogger says:

    I say slam their butts in the ground. Otherwise you are rewarding bad behavior on the part of both the parents (helicopter parents probably) and their spoiled rotten spawn.

  94. craig says:

    OMG…this story is sooooo upsetting to me. ANYONE blaming anyone but the parents are IDIOTS. nuf said

  95. Lazybum says:

    Parents should have the children retroactively aborted. The the parents should get the same. Lets drain this gene pool before it spreads any further.

  96. BridieMurphy says:

    First thing one asks as a family counselor when they finally seek help is .. “Who is in charge here?” Usually it is the bratty kid who has never been told “no” or disciplined. New government regs for preschool teachers.. “dont correct… redirect. Underlying progressive philosophy being… there are no bad children… just social structures that have failed them….Thus, no behavior is considered bad or inappropriate. The Biblical mandate reads a little different… If you love your child, you discipline him/her.

  97. Aubrey says:

    Lock them in the toilet.

  98. RBDLA says:

    Just another reason that children should not be allowed to fly. Flying is bad enough these days without having to put up with someone else’s wild child while stuck in a metal tube several thousand feet in the air.

  99. BG says:

    Poor Parents?! My father would have kick my A**!!! How old were these special snowflakes

  100. koedo says:

    I can’t believe this story.

    Grab them by the ear, put them in their seats. Tell the parents, ‘They are your responsibility. I will make it mine if you can not control them”
    Look the brats in the eye and tell them, as you enter their personal space, to sit down and shut up.

  101. dooky says:

    I’d be spanking the parents with my fists for not controlling their trolls on a flight.

  102. SueM says:

    How do we know these children were 3 and 8 years old? Bottom line the children are the responsibility of their parents. These parents are either inept or inconciderent of the other passengers.
    Seat belts are required to ride in a car, and I’m sure the kids have done that, or do the parents break the law? These parents need to be looked into.

  103. Mark says:

    Sounds like some of that wonderful liberal laissez faire parenting.
    And people wonder why our children are out of control?

  104. HMichaelH says:

    Parents who lack even this small amount of control over their children are in for much worse consequences as time moves on. It will be interesting to learn how these parents are going to deal with adolescence.

  105. rba says:

    The flight crew should have just hogtied the kids…..

  106. Matt says:

    Can flight attendants still do anything, or are their hands legally tied anymore? Crews should be allowed to use handcuffs in certain situations for the safety of other passengers. When I fly, the flight crew are my GODS. I trust them for every aspect of my life. That is their jobs.

  107. imcndbl says:

    Nothing as sad as public displays of parents unable to control their brats in public.

  108. RJM says:

    make them fly Air Africa next time so they get back to there homeland

  109. johnkmassage says:

    those kids are better off dead like rossane Barr. . they will just end up costing society millions of dollars in jail fees for them.

  110. Robert says:

    I hope the parents are sent a bill that reflects the airline’s added troubles as well as the passengers (in the form of airline giveaway (50% off next ticket, etc.) to compensate for their loss time. Doing this would not only be fair (the burden of their children should not be foisted on everyone else) but incentivise the parents to start raising their children properly.

  111. Kruel Hunter says:

    Entirely too many parents lack the courage to properly discipline their children. Thay’d rather be their friends than their parents ’cause, gee, the kids might not like them if they insist on good behavior..

  112. Kibbutz McFee says:

    Do you know how I know that this family’s skin was melanin rich? Because they weren’t arrested. A melanin poor family would have been arrested immediately.

  113. Mary says:

    This same bunch eats dinner in a lot of restaurants I frequent. They must be following me. 🙂 Hooligans because their parents were probably raised as hooligans and see nothing wrong with their offspring being hooligans. Pity.

  114. Martinee says:

    It’s called Children’s Benedryl– use it! Kids can go crazy if they are not used to the pressure changes, having to sit still. Last year I traveled with my 3 active boys by my self across country. It wasn’t pretty, but with many apologizes and helpful flight crew we survived with not one emergency landing.

    1. RJM says:

      next time drive or walk. The public does not need to put up with your kids disrespect or misbehaviour while in public or private tranport. Your are taking advantage of others tolerance.

  115. Willy Brown says:

    Thet need their arses paddled.

  116. sue bowser says:

    Would it not be safer for the seats to face the rear of the plane?

  117. Rocco G. says:

    I bet they were black kids.
    Anyone who’s had the misfortune of being on a plane with these feral kids knows what I’m talking about.
    They run up down aisle….noisy….yelling…and yes..cursing.

  118. Udo says:

    Airlines would really benefit by scheduling separate flights for families with children so the majority of fliers that just want to get from point A to B don’t have to be tortured by crying children, kids kicking the back of your seat the entire flight, kids moving all about moving all about, dirty diapers, etc. Those flights can charge a little more if parents really, really feel it that important to take children on a plane. Parents should really consider driving or simply wait until their children are old enough to travel responsibly on planes. People pay good money for their plane tickets and deserve to be able to relax a little and have some piece and quiet instead of a child screaming in their ear for the whole flight or smelling a dirty diaper the lame parent won’t change.

  119. SuzyQ says:

    Bravo! I am waiting on the day when airlines ban kids all together, I’d fly that airline every time and buy stock in it.

    Newsflash parents, no one but YOU find your drooling brats cute when they’re acting like maniacs.

    1. marc says:

      try flying 16hrs from LAX to Manila Philippines seated next to a lady and her 4 KIDS all of whom do not like planes and get air sick and in general bug their mom every 5 min ARE WE THERE YET by time we reached the Phil i was seriously contimpating what exactly they could do to me for pitching 4 kids out the door lol

  120. Beenthere Donethat says:

    Don’t you MAKE me pull this plane over, or you’ll regret it! (Looking in the rear view mirror)

  121. foreman says:

    It’s possible the children have some form of autism or other disability, and flying in an enclosed space is a terrifying experience. If that’s so, the parents might consider more comfortable, familiar forms of travel — their own car or by train. Maybe they should have familiarized the youngsters with traveling conditions before embarking on a trip.

  122. Brad says:

    Maybe they should have a no seat belt section for the lap belt sensitivity challenged?

  123. David Heath says:

    If parents are so incompetent that they can’t get their children to follow regulations that are required for all who use the service, who knows what other problems would have to be dealt wit in their parental absence? What was going on in these parents’ minds?

  124. Bob says:

    you all have given me hope !! I agree with most comemts it’s just sad what OUR world has gone to !!!

  125. Boomdog says:

    They should have gotten a whack on the butt, not for the simple reason that they were misbehaving, but for the reason it was a serious safety issue. I didn’t get get spanked except for the time I ran out in front of a car. Got my a## beat, and for GOOD reason. However, a whack on the butt would have only resulted in passengers listening to screaming hellions during the flight. If you whip them, expect them to cry.

  126. gracey says:

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  127. Joe from the Biggest little City says:

    I can hear the Umpa-Lompa’s singing that little ditty : “what do you get when your kid is a brat, pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat…you know exactly who’s to blame-The Mother and the Father…”