RESEDA (CBS) — The residents of a Reseda apartment complex say a new breed of apartment dweller placed in their community is changing the character of their once peaceful senior community.

Longtime residents of the Reflections Apartment Complex, at 19424 Wyandotte St. in Reseda, say the new, younger residents who have been placed in their 55+ senior community are having loud parties and running around half naked.

“I mean, you’re not moving into a party house,” resident Debbie Haynes said.

Ten new residents, who originate from Skid Row, were placed at the 78-unit apartment complex by the Los Angeles Housing Authority, with money from a federal government program. Since those new residents have moved in, longtime tenants say marijuana smoke sometimes fills the air, cars have been burglarized and there are allegations of prostitution.

A petition circulating among the older tenants has been signed by 30 people and asks Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky for help with this issue.

“We’ve been in touch with the city housing authority today,” Yaroslavsky said. “I’m asking them to take a look at the individual, individuals who are creating the problem.”

Yaroslavsky says he’s asking that no more homeless be placed at the complex until the problem is addressed.

“They’ve gotta play by the rules,” he said. “If they don’t play by the rules, they’re outta there.”


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  1. Christina39 says:

    BINGO! I never thought I would see this in print. The reason maybe for my dissatisfaction with cops, etc. I moved into a 55+ apartment 2 years ago. The people were wonderful. The place was beautiful. About six months ago, they started moving in people from less than good areas of Los Angeles. When I asked how they could afford the rent, I was told the government pays their rent or a large part of it. I also have to listen to loud parties, sex, the grandkids on the weekends. They set up a basketball court of course for the grandkids and all weekend long, the sound of screaming and basketballs hitting the backwall. This is a senior building, but under some law (DON’T CALL THE COPS BECAUSE THEY ARE ON THEIR SIDE SINCE THEY DON’T HAVE TO LIVE HERE) they are allowed to put up the basketball court. All calls to the cops go unanswered because they say the people have a right to live their lives. We have homeless people actually living here now also and believe it or not they go dumpster diving. Please circulate the petition on the website so that we all can sign it. This is not a low income apartment either. The government is just paying the rent. Many residents are old and can’t get around and are truly frightened. It is a very bad and unfair way for them to have to spend their last years this way. They worked to pay the rent here. But the government is crazy!

    1. Santa Claus says:

      Maybe the first thing is to get rid of the basketball court. We all know what something like that would attract.

      1. Christina39 says:

        They’re living in the building now, God CBS LA won’t post anything about this situation.

      2. Christina39 says:

        These people are offended because they want to live like us. The other day I walked past an apartment with a broken TV out front. No I don’t think that is livng like the rest of us.

  2. marco says:

    car burglaries are not OK. but drugs and prostitution, what is the problem?? legalize it.

    1. Christina39 says:

      You’re a real disgusting slob and I hope it happens to you some day.

  3. Chuey says:

    Liberal politics by liberal politicians. Do you think this would have been an issue in say, 1960?

  4. MIKE says:

    the government should not stop helping the homeless. they just need to tell them the rules and in force them. and if they break them after telling them whats expected of them.then kick them out. i was homeless at a time 🙂

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