It’s a rock concert. It’s a musical. It’s an 80’s flashback.

It was a decade characterized by big hair, mini skirts, ripped jeans, neon, and of course, rock. In fact, rock became one of the most dominant music genres of the 80’s, with bands like Metallica and Bon Jovi gaining notoriety and rising to stardom.

Tuesday night, the cast of “Rock of Ages” rocked the house at the Pantages Theatre, as the musical-turned-rock-concert returned to Los Angeles for a limited, one-week run, attracting celebs such as the Band Quiet Riot. The five-time Tony Award-nominated show took theater-goers on a musical walk down memory lane, as they relived the music and madness that often characterized this decade.

It’s 1987 in Hollywood, and the audience learns that Drew Boley, who is pursuing his dream as a musician and working at a local club, has almost immediately become smitten with midwestern transplant Sherrie Christian, also aspiring to “make it” in the entertainment industry. Thus begins the rockin’ love story about two people who’s endeavors don’t always mesh.

In the midst of this love story, a father/son team of developers from Germany head up a redevelopment/demolition plan designed to clean up Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, much to the chagrin of city planner Regina and club owner Dennis Dupree. Though each personality has their unique struggles to overcome, the overarching message about pursuing one’s dreams permeates each storyline.

Rock of Ages breaks theatre tradition, yet it’s the music that will keep audiences young and old engaged. The band manages to give audiences that rock concert feel while the cast delivers show-stopping Broadway-worthy vocal performances. It’s been deemed one of the more upbeat, lighthearted productions to hit Broadway, and judging by the energy in the house Tuesday night, it totally rocked!

Rock of Ages performs live at the Pantages Theatre through March 25th, 2012.


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