By Ed Mertz

ARCADIA (CBS) — Police are asking for the public’s help in locating a missing registered sex offender who suffers from dementia.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports James Randall McCain was last seen on the afternoon of March 12 at his Arcadia home.

McCain, 58, is listed on the Megan’s Law website as a sex offender convicted of “lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age”.

McCain has no family in the area and often travels on foot or by bus, according to Arcadia Police Sgt. Dan Crowther.

“Though Mr. McCain suffers from dementia, this is the first time he’s been reported missing,” Crowther said.

He is a white male listed as 6’0″ tall and weighing 175 pounds with brown hair and green eyes.

Anyone with information regarding McCain’s whereabouts should contact the Arcadia Police Department at (626) 574-5156.

Comments (4)
  1. Julie McCarty says:

    If he molests another child, the parents should sue the city of Los Angeles, the Dept of Corrections, and the parole officers and any judges who are responsible for letting yet ANOTHER child molester out of jail. There is NO SUCH THING as a cure for pedophila. What does our Dept of Corrections, judges, law enforcement officials, parole officers, etc NOT understand about that?

    1. steveklein1 says:

      I have know Jim for 10 years. You don’t know what happened in his past. For the last 10 years that I have known Jim, he is a man of God and loves everyone that is around him. People do change. People do own up to their mistakes and our City of Los Angeles has a court system that determines who is dangerous and who isn’t dangerous. Maybee there is NO SUCH THING as a cure for IGNORANCE. I hope that you find the lord Jesus Christ in your heart. GOD is the final judge.

      1. Linda says:

        THANK YOU STEVE!!!!!!! I started to write to this ignorant person who thinks she knows what she’s talking about, but decided against it since I was so angry, but it’s the truth what you’ve just said AND to top it off, NOBODY KNOWS what happened back then, only JIM AND JESUS, besides, if someone says something, once you’re in the system, you can be INNOCENT, but it will still show up years later, just because some bitter Ex said it out of spite, to hurt Jim who is a gentle, kind, loving soul, so Julie ‘honey’, watch yourself, you know nothing about him.

  2. ze forte says:

    We are all hoping and praying he’s found… well at least his body anyway. We hate to be in suspense.