SANTA ANA (CBS) — Disturbing new details are being released about the Iraq war veteran accused of at least six brutal murders in Orange County.

Itzcoatl Ocampo’s alleged victims include four homeless men. Now, a secret grand jury transcript obtained by the Orange County Register reveals that 23-year-old Ocampo joined the Marines to become a killer and was disappointed when he spent his time in Iraq driving a truck.

Ocampo also told a detective that he targeted the heads of his victims because he learned it was a quick kill in the movie “Terminator 2”.

He also said he would look at Penthouse magazine to pump himself up and that he believes he has the “killer gene” because he became so aroused by the murders.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas calls him “a monster” for allegedly stabbing each of the victims at least a dozen times with a seven-inch knife made of heavy metal.

Ocampo pleaded not guilty to six counts of murder last month.

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  1. Sage Advice says:

    Killer Gene? Is that somewhat like Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood?

    1. Robert Gilleran says:

      Any chance we can send this guy after Hamid Kharzai ?

      1. Justin Forth says:

        Let me tell you something about Hamid Karzai. Hamid Karzai came to Ft. Drum, NY to personally pin the purple heart on two soldiers who stashed a grenade under their seat rather than throw it out the window when one was thrown in their Humvee on a crowded seat June 8, 2004. Look it up you fool!

      2. JustAGuy says:

        Good response Justin. Please forgive Robert Gilleran, he’s a product of our media’s indoctrination.

        I’ve learned to believe no more than half of what the media tells us when the story have political implications.

        Read the book: The Only Thing Worth Dying For. It gives an intimate perspective of Hamid Karzai that you won’t get in the media.

      3. b'emet or says:

        Only if they take out his brother at the same time, you know, the one that is the heroin king pin in afghanistan? yeah, that one…..and wow karzai pinned a purple heart on someone? bwhaqhahahahahahah he’s a fricken model of hope, freedom, and the American way!!! Not……

    2. Jones says:

      This individual is a psychopath.

      Glad he is caught – psychopaths are the lowest of the low.

      1. PabloKoh says:

        Now we need to vote the others out of office.

    3. ClumBaby says:

      He means the “warrior gene”. Either way, this dude is NUTZ!

  2. reason says:

    please take him out back and shoot him. Tell him to take his killer gene to some other dimension.

    I just have no tollerance for people like this any more being a part of this earth. I used to be so compassionate – now, Im just tired of people needlessly killing others.

    1. Christina39 says:

      I agree! All that psychobabble for every killer is getting old, real old!

    2. wobbles says:

      I agree. He’s a disgrace to the Marine Corps and to humanity itself.

      1. WelcomeToTheMilitaryPoliceState says:

        Just another story that never happened. Much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      2. YeaRight says:

        Combat triggers it, some of us are better at containing it when it comes to the civilian world – I have thought about it, just don’t act on it.

        We need the draft implemented (With females included) – Cheetos eating armchair soldiers who’s only experience with PTSD is world of war-craft crashing, get under my skin.

    3. Jamesb says:

      In a sane {re: NON-LIBERAL/SOCIALIST/DEMOCRAT PARTY} world this pig would go from arrested, to trial, to guilty, to gassed at Pelican Bay or where ever in a total of FOUR YEARS or less.

      Instead he’ll take a plea and live on the taxpayer’s dime for the next 50 plus years. with a nice cell, three squares, a weight room, and all the sex he can handle. Sometimes DEATH is the answer. In this case a QUICK death is the answer.

    4. writemikemc says:

      in order to make a society free of killers, you will have to never-endingly become one yourself…

    5. Jay says:

      You’re so tired of people like this that you have become one? I guess if you can’t beat ’em…

  3. MIKE says:

    the republicans make war for their greedy reasons.because they prosper/own the oil.tanks,airplanes. weapons.ammo, ect. and when the troop come back their kick to the curb.this ain’t the old red white and blue.

    1. Cap says:

      …and your an illiterate moron…

      1. Doyle says:

        Cap, don’t be disrespectful. Mike cannot help his misguided beliefs. He was educated in the Liberal Indoctrination camps (public education system) and drank deeply of the Liberal Kool Aid. You don’t disrespect someone for that. You take them to a therapist and try to have them deprogrammed. It may take years and millions of volts of electro-shock therapy to reboot his brain, but I have faith that Mike can one day become a useful member of society, full able to think for himself.

  4. MD says:

    If he says he has the killer gene, why did he plead not guilty?

    1. Barbara Long Beach says:

      because the voices told him too… and his defense attorney! another slimy criminal that will be in prison while we (tax payers) pay for his new lifestyle… he sounds like he was Crackers” already in the marines…I say give him his wish, strip him of a uniform – parachute him into Iran and let him enjoy1 see if the Iranians will be as kind as we are with his punishment…

    2. devil's advocate says:

      To be guilty you have to have done something wrong. If he was born that way and it is in his genes, it can’t be wrong; can it?

      1. gb says:

        Why don’t you ask the victims’ families about that one? Even most homeless people have families.

      2. ashurou says:

        The debate is what to do with dangerous people who are crazy. They don’t contribute to society, so lets just get rid of them, right? Compassion is for the weak! Until its your sister, your mother, then compassion does start to matter….

  5. Menger says:

    Yes, but does he still qualify for the heroes discount at Denny’s?

  6. john Iverson says:

    This is an example of the “run amok ‘ incidents we will see for years, courtesy a couple of unnecessary foreign adventures we engaged in. Bringing in the national guard was a mistake, and just look at the growth of militias in this country. No doubt there are a raft of kids who have suffered what we don’t see yet, either.

  7. Mike G says:

    All Obama supporters have killer genes. They should never be allowed to serve in the military in any armed situation.

  8. asm826 says:

    He drove a truck, he’s not a combat vet. The article said he was disappointed not to be a killer while in the military. So he came home and made up for it. That .makes him a murderer, but blaming it on his military service is just a mistake.

  9. mameshki says:

    To every non combatant that does not understand combat….every good soldier has to have a killer gene. You kill to stay alive, you kill keep your comrades alive; your job is to kill. However this Rambo is not a good soldier and suspect is playing out his good soldier role killing innocent civilians. Wait and see, some slick attorney will use PTSD to get this moron off the hook or avoid death by firing squad. If guilty, let him go back to Afhgan as a point man.

  10. clarity seer says:

    he was created by your military and your American war culture! Wonder why there are so many bullies ? look at American foreign policy!

    1. melissatx says:

      That is just a stupid comment.

    2. Tim says:

      Give it a rest. He specifically joined intending to be a killer. The military didn’t turn him into anything. I was in for eight years. I never wanted to kill but I was willing to do what had to be done. There’s a big difference between accepting what is necessary and getting sexually aroused by murder.

    3. TOM_SERVO says:

      Unfortunately, I am a proud American and I agree with this to a certain degree . . . although look at Japan. Their media is often far worse than our own, and this type of thing never happens there. Might have something to do with an ingrained sense of honor and respect, something we as a culture are terribly lacking.

    4. Sue's Szun says:

      WAR is forever, we have to tame it as best we can , and live with it…

    5. Jason L Ambrosino says:

      He was not created by the military, he was a serial killer before he entered one foot in the door…the military is at fault for not seeing it…but thats it. This guy learned how to shoot people in the head by watching a brutal and violent Hollywood movie that was undoubtedly produced and directed by a bunch of liberals….so maybe we should hold them accountable

  11. Willy B says:

    Put him in my cell.

    I have the Brutal Raper gene.

    1. DaveInNH says:


  12. Dog says:

    Son of Cortez

  13. TOM_SERVO says:

    He learned to kill watching Terminator 2?! Maybe he should have listened more closely to what John Conner was saying . . . YOU CAN’T JUST KILL PEOPLE. Even a Terminator can learn to love.

  14. Clearly he learned to kill watching American Psycho. One of Bateman’s first victims is Al the bum.

    These MKultra type of stories, movies or music as triggers, is likely to become more frequent….

  15. clarity seer says:

    He was created by your military and foreign policy also a reflection of American culture by media hollywood movies, videos etc. Brainwashed zombies are awakening! The military are aware that Leon Pinetta is treasonus and military were disarmed! Something big is happening!

  16. Arthur says:

    I served in the U.S. Army during war. Some people who kill while in military service become addicted to killing and have a hard time adapting to civilian life. The rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan have created a culture where many young American men have killed unarmed innocent civilians. A small percentage of those soldiers will become addicted to the trill of killing. We can expect a substantial number of serial killers running amok in America in the coming years as these soldiers return from service.

    1. randomGuy says:

      You “served in the US Army DURING war”? Ok.. Did you go to combat. Your statements aren’t reflective of any actual experience in a war zone with combat soldiers. The rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t such that you are EVER allowed or even encouraged to kill “unarmed innocent civilians”.

      Quit running your mouth about things you know nothing about.

      –A two time COMBAT vet.

    2. Malcom says:

      you are some ‘want to be”a typical liberal reject. I doubt you ever served. Stop trying to bash the image of us who served proudly. Go back to getting on your knees for Nobama and leave the Warriors alone.

  17. Daryn says:

    If he was driving a truck in the Corps, it was because he chose to do so. If he wanted to be in a line company, the Marine Corps would have certainly made that happen. Always a shortage of guys who want to be a grunt. He is a wannabe who after coming home felt guilty and probably even told people that he was a killer in Iraq.

    Lame Lame Lame, hang this SOB

    1. db_cooper says:

      best comment overall… and there are some good ones here (including my own 😉

    2. Jason L Ambrosino says:

      The infantry has more volunteers than any other job in both the Marines and the Army…your assumptions are mistaken. I dont know anyone who went to Iraq that was a combat arms Soldier that came home and wanted to talk about killing, it is not something you brag about.

      1. Daryn says:

        No assumption Jason, I was in the Corps and I have seen many little weasels trying to get a store owner to give a discount because they said they were in Beruit when the Marine barracks were blown to bits. they weren’t there, I know. Just because a guy joins the Military doesn’t make him a hero. As we have seen, the qualifying process for the services has been infected by PC. Just ask the families at FT, Hood. There are many who when they come home like to embellish what they did in the service, it’s too hard for people on the outside to verify the truth. The military is a quasi brotherhood and it takes an egregious lie or act for others to come out and say something. Kinda like John Kerry.

      2. Daryn says:

        And your right, the ones who ARE in combat, rarely talk of such things. It’s always the ones in supply, or work in the motor pool or in some other kind of support unit.

  18. Joseph, not Jose says:

    what? Dude, 98% of serial killers are white… dumb-ass.

    1. db_cooper says:

      evidence? source? from where do you get this 98%?

      calling someone a “dumb-ass” does not constitute evidence. It makes you look weak, and your assertion more questionable.

    2. db_cooper says:

      some more food for thought: are 98% of serial killers in mexico white as well?

    3. Flayer says:

      Dudes: News flash! Mexicans are white. There is no Mexican race or Hispanic race. They are European. Some may be mixed with Indian blood, which is another race (Asian).

    4. Christina39 says:

      98% of sexual sadistic serial killers are white. Not 98% of killers are white.

    5. eisenherz says:

      No they are not Jew ass cracking licking piece for bi pedal excrement. Since the 1980 the majority of serial killers have been non whites. Now crawl back under your rock.

  19. Zorin says:

    I for one am glad to have people with the “Killer Gene” out on the front lines doing what has to be done. All of you people out there being all judgmental need to look at the evidence and think before just spouting out whatever comes into your pointy little minds.

    1. DaveInNH says:

      What? You’re actually defending a serial killer? If the the grand jury transcript obtained by the paper is true, Ocampo is most likely a classic serial killer, not some heroic Marine, fighting the good fight for God and country. He wasn’t in a combat zone when he killed his victims, so to equate this bag of excrement to service members who kill the enemy in the line of duty is an indicator that you may not be too stable yourself. Do you like to set fires? Have you even mutilated small animals? Do you wet your bed? Perhaps you admire this guy?

  20. me says:

    Not Guilty? HAHAHAHAH yougotta be kidding me

  21. Lloyd says:

    Do I sense a little hipocracy here? Gays get away with their behavior saying they were born with a “gay gene.” If you are born that way, shouldn’t any deviant behavior be acceptable?

    1. Christina39 says:

      Gays get away with their behaviror saying they were born wih a “gay” gene. Don’t you have a meeting to go to where you all can discuss how everybody but you is going to burn in your make believe hell.

      They may not post this, but just what “gay” behaviror and by the way I am not gay, but what gay behavior is ruining YOUR life. I would rather read posts from GROWAPAIR

    2. Christina39 says:

      I am offended by you people who would equate a life style with murder or not believing in your religion with murder, etc. Really get a brain!

  22. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Killer jeans only at your GAP store.

  23. Christina39 says:

    Now that is funny! and sadly true!

  24. gerald says:

    Itzcoatl: Nauhatl (Aztec): obsidian serpent.

  25. Kari Stein says:

    Hopefully you’re capable of grasping basic concepts, but per capita there are more crimes committed by civilians than Marines or service members in general. Heck, there are more violent crimes committed on American college campuses than by our military. It’s only sensational when it’s a guy or gal who happens to be a present or former soldier or Marine, which is always mentioned in the article. Your comment is one of a small-minded idiot.

  26. Kari Stein says:

    Those of you blaming the military and saying that vets are committing all of the heinous acts are blatantly stupid. Do a little homework, kids on college campuses committ more violent crimes per capita than service members.

  27. Bob A says:

    With 30% of all negro men age 30 and under having been in prison or still are in prison, maybe negroes have a killer gene. Or is it just a savage culture?

  28. Jason L Ambrosino says:

    Can we stop associating this guy with the military, a majority of people just read the headlines and will never learn that this nut case was crazy before he stepped foot into the military…this guy is a quintessential serial killer and should have his nuts nailed to a tree stump and then be pushed over backwards.

  29. JustAGuy says:

    Curious. A member of MS-13 or the Zetas acts the psychopath and goes on a killing-spree and nobody blinks an eye. But an Iraq War Vet? The liberals empty the coffee bars and take to the keyboards in disgust..

  30. BORN THIS WAY says:

    He’s off the hook! He was BORN THIS WAY BABY!

  31. bweng says:

    we laugh, but people do the same thing with a “gay gene”

    1. Christina39 says:

      We laugh at you!

  32. Jason says:

    Anyone who enters the military should be REQUIRED to read the book War is a Racket by TWO-TIME Congressional Medal of Honor winner Major General Smedley Buttler.

    JJ The Fed

  33. TiredOfTheCriminals says:

    Disappointed when he ended up driving a truck? That was entirely his choice. 11B – infantry – is the one military specialty that anyone can choose. Recruiters love people who want to sign up for infantry. He’s just a poser, a wanna be warrior.

  34. tiredofbs says:

    This loser Ocampo desrves nothing less than daily torture in prison until he kills himself or someone kills him very slow and painfully then he can suffer and burn in hell for eternity! His pathetic family should leave the country and never return. There is no excuse for killing defenseless innocent people for no reason. He went after people who were sleeping, had their back turned or who couldn’t fight back. He is a pathetic whimp and will have his ass kicked and more in jail. He joined the marines to learn how to kill, it was not the marines or the war that made him ” unstable, or mentally ill.” He is an evil monster who does not deserve to be on earth and should be taken out ASAP.

  35. Bob says:

    In high school I had a girlfriend who wore killer jeans.
    Of course, they looked best in a pile on the floor!

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