My husband recently told me I dress like my mother.  My mother.

She stylish and thin and beautiful…but she is a senior citizen! (sorry, Mom) I was devastated.  My husband was quick to apologize when he saw that his comment hurt my feelings, but it was too late and we drove home from the mall in silence.

Let me start by telling you what I wear when I am not at work.  Skinny jeans, tee shirts, usually some sort of sweater or cardigan, and flats.  I thought I looked put together and pretty.  He apparently thinks I look old. (sorry, again Mom)

I asked him what I should be wearing.  He couldn’t really answer.  I will tell you the only time he really, really compliments my wardrobe is when I wear tight, body hugging dresses or belts that’s cinch my waist and make it tough to breathe when worn for long periods of time.  He can’t possibly expect me to wear these outfits to grocery shop or chase after a toddler??!!

Look, I see these women who wear what I consider “going out” clothes during the day.  Frankly, I think they look like they’re going to a bachelorette party in Vegas.  I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate for a professional, working mom to sport a spandex tube dress and thigh high boots at 4 in the afternoon on a Tuesday.  On the other hand, I am secretly fascinated by these women.  How do they feel comfortable?  Do they wear Spanx every day so they don’t have to always suck it in?  Is my husband staring at these women when I am not around?  I bet the answer is they don’t, yes they do and yes, he is.

So, that brings me back to my wardrobe.  Is it time for a change?  Have I let my desire for comfort and functionality turn me into an old lady trapped in the body of a 33 year old woman? (and no, I don’t mind that you know my age)

I don’t know what I am going to do.  One part of me wants to tell my husband that I will put more thought into my wardrobe he gets me a 24-7 nanny and a personal shopper.  The other part of me wants to spice up my wardrobe and give those club hopping 20-something’s a run for their (sugar daddy’s) money.
So I think I may compromise.  I am going to start wearing wedges with my jeans and t-shirts.  Those count as heals right?  And maybe, just maybe I will ditch the cardigan on top of the tee, and throw a belt around my waist.  It may not be quite what my husband envisioned, but I am not the type to let someone else have their way…entirely.  After all, sass is sometimes sexier than spandex.

What do other moms out there do to spice up their wardrobe and go from drab to fab?

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  1. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    I say your wardrobe is perfect for a mom! (It is good enough for YOUR mother, right?) I think that women who dress up during the day while watching toddlers have an ego problem. They can’t admit to being old enough or domestic enough to have children, so they dress fancy hoping people won’t notice the little buggers trailing behind them. Would a woman dressed like that be happy if her toddler threw up on her? I think not!
    So, go with your good, old, tried and true wardrobe. Tell your husband that your wardrobe IS the style for a mother.

  2. Shannan says:

    Love it! Stay sassy sister. You look amazing. Besides, it’s not the clothes that make the woman, it’s the woman that makes the clothes. And you’ve “got it going on!” And since when are “skinny jeans” granny attire? Stick with your skinny jeans (and I LOVE wedges) and when you are cold, be a rebel and wear that cardigan!

  3. Steve says:

    This is quite simple. There are certain things about you that turns your husband on and there are certain things about your husband that turns you on. Once either one of you stop playing to those things your relationship begins to die. Ignoring this will only will only bring frustration and resentment.

  4. duh says:

    If you start trying to dress the way you’re -guessing- that your husband likes to ogle, you’ll probably miss the mark, right after you missed the ENTIRE mark. He was attracted to you for whatever that was, and that’s what keeps him with you. Clothing is not usually a make or break relationship pivot. I tell my wife, and want her to, to dress the way SHE feels she wants to look at work. If she wants some attention or feeling flirty, she dresses up a bit.. doesn’t bother me if she gets some attention at work.. she comes home to me each night. She knows what I like, and it’s the very simple look. After the kids are down, she might come out in nothing but a slightly oversized tee, no bra, panties that peek just a bit, and do up the last couple dishes. She knows that drives me crazy! I can’t speak for your husband, we’re all different, but for me, it’s what you wear in the privacy of our home that keeps my attention span. If she converts to frumpy robes and a towel around her hair, we’re doomed… good luck you two!

  5. Joe says:

    I think it’s time your husband cancelled his subscription to Playboy magazine.

  6. kristinelazar says:

    Wow. I have received the more comments on this blog, both here on our website and on my Facebook page, than any other post I have written so far. It’s clear the topic resonates with both men and women.
    I really wish I would have included a paragraph about how sweet and kind my husband is, He is getting a lot of flack for this blog post, and he really is the first person to tell me I am beautiful…even when I have no makeup on, or when I was 9 months pregnant, 60 pounds heavier, and eating peanut butter by the spoonful in bed (that’s quite the visual, no?). As he said in our wedding vows, he has always been, and will always be my biggest fan.
    But, he did tell me my dress isn’t as youthful as it used to be, and that hurt my feelings. I do understand part of marriage is compromise, and pleasing your spouse. I also understand I need to dress in a way that makes me comfortable, and is functional for my on-the-go mom life style.
    I think both he and I learned a lot in the discussion, and I believe we can meet half way.
    Thank you for reading everyone!