STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Three UCLA students are competing to break the super-milage record using green technology in Shell’s Eco-marathon.

Chris Underhill, Stephen Chow, and Joseph Lee visited the KCAL9 studios Tuesday to talk about their fuel-efficient vehicle. They are trying to beat the 2,565 mile per gallon record set by the 2011 winners.

Shell’s Eco-Marathon is a challenge for high school and college students to design and build a vehicle that will travel the farthest difference using the least amount of energy.

The Eco-marathon Americas 2012 will take place March 29-April 1, 2012 on the streets of downtown Houston, Texas. Pedestrians at Discovery Green will be replaced by cars of the future, as the teams take to the streets to test their vehicles.

For more information, visit the contest online.

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  1. candlepin bowler says:

    you people in california actually believe in the ghost of global warming ha.can the most fuel efficient vehicle carry a family of 5 with room to spare.want cheap gas get out of california.its price fixed by the government of california to scare you in to a fuel shortage.a gallon of regular is only $3.65 here.look up candlepin bowling you’ll find out where here is.

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