LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Israeli President Shimon Peres wrapped up his four-day Southern California trip and headed home Sunday.

Peres, a Nobel Peace Prize honoree, attended a meeting in Beverly Hills this morning.

He met with prominent members of the Latino community.

CBS2’s Greg Mills says Peres did not speak to the media. But he thanked the Latino community for its longtime support of Israel. Peres spoke of the bond he feels that people of Israel share with Latinos.

Among those in attendance, actors Edward James Olmos, Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria.

The “Desperate Housewives” actress was among 35 people named to co-chair President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Before coming to Los Angeles, Peres was interviewed by Charlie Rose in New York City. Peres told Rose, “President Obama is a great president and a great friend of Israel.” He added that security cooperation between the U.S. and Israel is “the best we’ve ever had.”

While in the Southland, Peres visited Dreamworks Animation. During a quick jaunt to Northern California, Peres got a key to the city of San Francisco.

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  1. Reality Check says:

    I bet he was glad to get outa that $hit hole.

  2. Harleynut says:

    Are they Building a Disneyland in Jerusalem?

  3. Ed Rios1 says:

    true inspiration , Latino-Jewish Leaders coming together.

    to reality check that commented below, really get a life dirt bag.

  4. Estoy Listo Para Moverme al Mid-Whilscir! says:

    Who made Mexicans the representatives of ALL Latin America?

    Mexicans are only interested in Mexican interests. Yeah, they are on the side of Salvadorians or Uruguayans, they probably don’t know where on the map Uruguay is.

    Mexicans marginalize non-Mexican Latino’s, and yes, that includes Cubans Andy.

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