LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Israeli President Shimon Peres met with entertainment industry leaders Friday as part of his four-day visit to the Southland.

Peres, 88, toured the Glendale campus of DreamWorks Animation.

Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg introduced the Nobel Peace Prize-winning leader to employees: “This is a campus where we actually imagine and we create heroes. Today, we are receiving a visit from a real hero.”

The Israeli leader expressed a special bond between Israel and Hollywood.

“I have a mission to fulfill before everything else, and that is to bring the thanks of the young people in Israel. They love you,” said Peres, adding, “You bring them dreams, and hope, and unknown worlds and a promise.”

He sat down with former CNN anchor Campbell Brown Thursday night at the Beverly Hilton for a wide-ranging discussion, telling roughly 1,000 audience members that other options will be taken if diplomacy is unable to cut back Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“President (Barack) Obama said it very clearly – he doesn’t exclude even a military option,” Peres said. “If we can do it without shooting, far better, but if not, there will be other options.”

Peres wrapped up a tour of Northern California earlier this week, where he also received a warm welcome from Gov. Jerry Brown and the mayor of San Francisco, who presented him with a ceremonial key to the city.

He will be honored at a Hollywood reception Saturday night and meet with Latino and Jewish leaders in Beverly Hills on Sunday morning.

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