UPDATE: Pau Gasol has not been traded. He started for the Lakers tonight in Minneapolis.

LOS ANGELES (CBS) The ugly loss to the Washington Wizards may have been Pau Gasol’s final game with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Roland Lazenby, author of Jerry West, The Life And Legend Of A Basketball Icon, has reported –via twitter, that Pau Gasol has been traded.

roland tweet Update: Gasol Starts In Minnesota

The tweet did not specify to where, but earlier reports indicated that Houston has been aggressively trying to acquire Gasol.

Razenby writes, “it seems we’ll be soon getting news that Gasol has been traded. No details confirmed, but he’s apparently gone.

NBA.com reported earlier that Houston will be willing to send Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola to L.A.

The Lakers front office has not confirmed any deal. Gasol is expected to play tonight in Minnesota to end the Lakers’ three-game road trip. They face Boston on Sunday.

Comments (8)
  1. chris says:

    Who is rockets’ backup to Lowry?

  2. jkl says:

    If in fact Pau is traded, I hope that the Lakers lose the rest of the season. Pau is a valuable player. I hope that this is just so more junk gossup.

  3. Lorenzo Creazzo says:

    Goran Dragic but hes hurt so Jonny Flynn

  4. John Ashton says:


  5. deen says:

    Thats messed up..Lakers will be sorry.

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