LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles police want homeowners with doggy doors to be aware that burglars are getting down on all fours to get into their homes.

The alert was issued for the department’s West Valley Division, which includes homes from Roscoe Boulevard in the north, to Mulholland Drive in the south and from Corbin across to the 405 Freeway.

Detectives say burglars have entered at least seven homes by crawling through doggy doors, then dispatch of the dogs by spraying mace on them.

Detectives also say more burglars are entering through second story windows — sometimes using ladders owned by the residents – because they’re usually not wired for alarms.

Some homeowners who do have alarms, simply haven’t been turning them on.

The LAPD has issued an alert this afternoon, about burglars who enter homes using doggy doors.

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  1. Astonished says:

    Go ahead, Saps, use my doggie door! I guarentee that you might check in, but you sure won’t check our! Remember. . .the bigger the doggie door, the bigger the doggie. CHOMP, CHOMP!!

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