LOS ANGELES (AP) — The father and two girlfriends of a convicted killer caught because the murder scene was tattooed on his chest have been charged with helping him collect more than $20,000 unemployment while in jail.

LA County prosecutors say 47-year-old Juan Garcia, 45-year-old Sandra Jaimez and 25-year-old Cynthia Limas were charged Monday with counts including theft and conspiracy.

They are the father and girlfriends of Anthony Garcia, nicknamed “Chopper,” who is serving 65 years to life in prison for the 2004 killing of a gang rival in Pico Rivera. He became a suspect because a tattoo on his chest showed the liquor store crime scene.

Prosecutors say the three people submitted false claims to collect unemployment in his name, splitting the proceeds between themselves, Garcia and members of his Rivera 13 gang.

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  2. LOL says:

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