ANAHEIM (CBS) — Disneyland reopened Saturday after being placed on lockdown for more than three hours while authorities investigated a suspicious item.

As tens of thousands of patrons were left stuck in garages outside the resort, Anaheim police questioned a man who called them to say he had left “some rolled up paper that contained, basically, a goodwill spirit message,” said Anaheim police spokesman Sgt. Bob Dunn.

“First he called us, and then we made contact with him,” Dunn told City News Service. “He explained it to be a good message that he placed in a tree, and we’re in the process of speaking with him.”

Suzi Brown, Director of Media Relations and External Communications for Disneyland Resort confirmed the item was found to be harmless.

The park resumed operations just before 11 a.m. and announced it will extend its opening hours.

As a thank you to our guests for their patience this morning, Disneyland Resort park hours have been extended tonight,” says Brown. “Disneyland park will now close at 1am & Disney California Adventure park will close at 10pm. Also, an additional ‘World of Color’ show at Disney California Adventure has been added tonight at 10:15 p.m. and an additional ‘Fantasmic!’ show at Disneyland has been added tonight at 11 p.m.”

According to police, the suspicious item was discovered by a park employee about 7:10 a.m. It was reportedly spotted in a tree near a ticket booth.

The bomb squad was called to the scene. Police say no one was being allowed into the park but patrons were not evacuated.

Brown issued the following statement to CBSLA during the investigation:

“The safety of our Guests and Cast Members is our top priority. In an abundance of caution and to allow the security teams the opportunity to learn more, we are keeping Guests away from the area at this time.”

Park visitor Chad Segersten and his family considered themselves lucky to be inside the park when officials closed the gates.

“We started noticing there was no crowds,” says Sergesten. “I think it’s the first time in history of Disneyland I got to stay on a ride. They said, ‘Do you want to just ride again?'”

Those left outside the park were not as happy, reports a season ticket holder who visits the park twice per month.

“A lot of people were cussing and saying like, This is ridiculous; they should have a backup plan for this,” she says.

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Comments (15)
  1. juliet garcia says:


    1. GROWAPAIR says:

      Hey juliet garcia, been said before, over eighteen you can make your own decisions, but pu$$Y dumbf**ks like you still living off their mama’s t!t don’t understand that. Having your mama lock you up in your bedroom is no problem since the t!t is still there and the brain cell you’re burning does no good. Now all she needs to do is take away the internet. And, if any of you dumbf**ks could read the money is not for the family. Involuntary confinement is the responsibility of the State, dumbsh!ts.

    2. mike says:

      I can’t even get a job.That’s because that aS$hole lawyer Robert Hale from Hale and Nguyen in Brea couldn’t help me with my case. Now I’m a bitter aS$puck that has a beef with law enforcement and everybody on the internet. I used multiple screen names like [GROW..APAIR], [wg//af], [up//yours], [Mike in San Diego], [Mike in Upland], [1stman] and [kma] so no one can track me down. I challenge people to meet me in front of the Fullerton P.D. station for my protection. I’m such a puS$y dumbf**k with nothing to say I post to myself copying sentences from everyone, especially GROWAPAIR, who knows I’m a ball sniffing loser.

      I’ll use your screen name next, puS$y d!cklips.

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  2. Fred says:

    They are now saying 4-5 hours before they reopen. It was total chaos. The park staff was just pushing all the patrons out to the street, they had no care or concerns for patrons in wheel chairs, using canes and such. The staff did not care whether you had to walk all the way back to your car or not. They were rude and just kept herding people out to Harbor Blvd. It does suck to spend over $500 on tickets and parking not including the hotel expenses and get no response from park staff except “Keep Moving all the way to Harbor Blvd” it didn’t matter that there were hundreds if not thousands of people in front of you. Disneyland was still busing in people from the Toy Story parking lot, the staff there had no clue what was going on. I know the staff had a job to do and were probably just as frustrated, but there should be a better plan.

    1. random says:

      Would you rather get blown up?

  3. Kirstie says:

    I can imagine your frustration but it is for your own safety

  4. nicole says:

    Its not Disneylands falt… Why is it that all people do now days is complaine?

  5. LVMom says:

    My son is there and he said they are letting him in now. That 4-5 hours went by quick lol! Glad it was nothing serious.

    1. Fred says:

      yeah I just read that too. Too funny, they told us 4-5 hours and we left. Oh well that’s how things go sometimes.

  6. steph says:

    Really people, why don’t you get mad at the idiot who left the stupid thing in the tree and thank the Disney staff who were trying to protect you. Or take the chance of getting blown up as random stated. Geez, complainers.

  7. Computerguy says:

    Would you complain if the device had turned out to be a bomb and exploded before everyone including the ones in wheel chairs and using canes could be NICELY evacuated????

  8. dan says:

    Fred i work at disneyland and the i was one of the cast members pushing guest out onto harbor blvd… we had no idea why we were pushing you back… basically we were ordered by police to move you back no questions asked. It could have been us, or some angry police men who would show you no curtesy or respect. You are one of the few guest who complained because your safety was an incovenience to you. We later found out that it was people with Geocaching who planted that item in the park so do not be mad at Disney for someone elses stupidity. Right now you simply sound like a typical wining tourist who we put a fake smile for!

  9. CR says:

    We were one of the few – 250 estimate – that got in before the lock down and had no clue what was going on until around the time it was reopened. We thought is was a slow day 🙂 ! The cast members were very pleasant and did not let on that anything was happening. Sorry for everyone else.

    I still feel that Disney always keeps their guests’ safety as a 1st priority. (and yes I have been at the other end of disappointments from time to time as we have been coming here for 32+ years )

    Glad Disney changed the closing time to 1PM and even better that nothing become of whatever was in question. That someone would do this is really where ones should place their frustration. Disney did nothing wrong.

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