STUDIO CITY (CBS) — How much homework is too much? Parents and teachers have been arguing this subject for years, but Thursday night at a meeting of the LA Unified School District in Studio City, officials got an earful.

LAUSD is considering a new homework plan and it’s already got its detractors.

Suraya Fadel, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, attended the meeting.

Administrators and teachers argued that a lot of homework is essential for learning and for teaching student’s discipline and success.

Parents, meanwhile, told Fadel that so much homework is wrecking family life at home. And they said homework needs to be more fair.

Franklin Newby, a 14-year-old student, told Fadel that it wasn’t just the homework — “it’s the projects that get stacked up on each other…and it’s all the homework that gets stacked up on top of that. It all adds up. It’s like there is no time to do anything else.”

Parent Sheri Derohanian sympathizes with her twins. “They do their best to get their homework done,” she says. “But at 6:30, when I go to pick them up, they’re tired, they’re hungry. And they have to be in bed by 8:00 p.m., so there isn’t a lot of time for me to spend quality time with them.”

Gail Murray concurs. “It really has diminished our family time. Our children don’t participate in sports. They spend every single day — they get up, they go to school, they come home, they sit and do hours and hours of homework.”

Sixth grade teacher Sandra Desimone believes the added homework is essential for kids to maintain what they have learned during the day.

Tonight’s meeting discussed potential new guidelines and the suggestion that there now be maximum homework hours established for various grades.

For elementary schools, the max would be between 10-50 minutes per day.

Sixth through eighth grade would see a 15-30 minute maximum, per course.

And, at the high school level the max would be approximately 40 minutes per subject.

Sixth grade teacher Rosie Vanzy says that still works out in many cases to 240 minutes a night of homework.”It’s still a lot less.”

Fadel says the district wants to hear from more parents and teachers before they move ahead or implement any new homework policy.











Comments (7)
  1. I thought I was the only one says:

    I agree with the parent in this article. Homework can wreck a family life at home…kids have no time for anything else after school outside of homework, dinner and to bed at eight. I hope they come up with a better way on issuing homework out to the kids with the appropriate congruent time according to the child’s age because its not working out!

    1. Stubby says:

      How does homework wreck a family any more than the hardworking parent who has to run a business or work? LIfe is tough, and if the students have what it takes to succeed, then the homework will be done with or without the support of the parents. Otherwise, they will receive appropriate grades which will correspond with their life. The achievers will fare well, the others will get the C’s And D’s and live a C or D life, whining forever that they aren’t being treated fairly, blaming the “rich”, and demanding more entitlements. Not all students are expected to complete their homework. Only those who will be successful in life. That’s just the way it is. The whiners sure start early don’t they?

  2. vic says:

    HIgh school is just repeated in college/ University anyway. I

  3. mgerhart says:

    Too many middle school and high school teachers think that their class is the only important class so they give too much homework. Or they try to cover too much in one week. At the same time, too many students read too slowly. reading slowly means that homework takes a lot more time. Perhaps schools need to focus on reading skills a lot more. Projects are often fun, but plenty of time needs to be allowed and parents need to know ahead of time.

  4. Rosie Solano says:

    I agree sometimes the schools give to much homework and projects to be done and its hard for us parents and the kids to keep up my daughter is in magnet and she has so much homework everyday and projects to do its like she doesnt have a life even on weekends shes working on it she wanted to join softball this yr but couldnd cause of so much homework she has to do I dont ever recall getting so much homework when i was a kid I mean I did get homework but not as much as these kids now and days I also have two more kids that attend high school and they dont get as much as my little one does I think that the LAUSD should not implement in giving more homework to the kids they already have enough as it is believe me and homework is only to review what the kid learned in school that day and the teachers give them alot like if its a whole new unit and I personally dont think its right yes kids need to do homework but they also need to go outside and enjoy their childhood like we all did in the past!!

  5. Kelly B says:

    I went to a private all boy boarding school run by Benedictine Monks. I would have to sneak down to the bathroom after lights out [10:00PM] to study because the school I went to prior to boarding school didn’t assign much homework at all. My dean knew and looked the other way until midnight Was it too much homework? I thought so then, but later when I got to the working world, I had very little problems with work load, because I was used to a lot of homework as a kid. In the real world you don’t do your work you loose your job. I wonder if parents in other countries are upset about the amount of homework?

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