STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Are you a busy mom looking for a little more time for yourself? Mom Central CEO Stacy DeBroff stopped by KCAL9 Wednesday to talk about the pros of video games.

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Stacey’s Video Game Pros:

Mom’s Time-Out: Moms seek new ways to take a breather during their constant on-the-go lifestyles. So they’ve started carving out a Mom-version of the “time-out” – a brief respite of 5 to 15 minutes to slow down and zone out. Amidst packed, stressful days, Moms increasingly turn to games to relax – discovering that their ever-present phones, iPads, laptops, or computers serve as the ideal vehicle for a break in the action. Casual games – easy to pick up as a beginner but difficult to master – can be played in short time spurts, which make them attractive to Moms looking to take a quick break and have some fun.

Stress-Busters for Busy Moms: Casual games provide Moms with a quick outlet – a stolen 10 minutes or so – where they can get lost in the challenging magic of puzzle games like Drop 7 or the New Orleans-themed challenges of Bayou Blast or the social Words with Friends – many times playing with online and offline friends. As such, these games provide Moms with an easy way to unwind while in the midst of a chaotic day.

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Gaming-on-the-Go: 52% of Moms play games at home, 34% of Moms regularly play games on their cell phones, and 29% of Moms turn to games while waiting for kids or in line at a store. Nothing beats the tedium of a long wait in the grocery store check-out line than a fun game on your cell phone.

Easing Up on End-of-the-Day Duties: Once Moms toss the dishes into the dishwasher, review one more book report, and get the last child bathed and off to bed, they typically keep going, rather than taking a moment to relax. More often than not, Moms will throw in another load of laundry, pack lunches for tomorrow, or log onto work email, instead of opening up a long-awaited novel or picking up the phone and calling a friend. But many Moms find that evening proves an ideal time to curl up with a casual game – the excitement levels of some gAmes keep most Moms from dropping off to sleep the minute they sit down, and the brevity of other games provides a quick breather and some down time before getting ready for another day.

With the physical engagement of Nintendo’s Wii and cool, motion-controlled games offered via Kinect for the Xbox 360 and Move for the PlayStation 3, Moms increasingly pick up fitness games like Zumba and family-friendly games like those offered in Wii Sports.

Keeping Casual Gaming from Becoming All-Consuming or Too Costly: When gaming lures you away from family responsibilities and work commitments, or you start annoying all your friends on Facebook with requests for carrots, it’s a sign that you need to taper off!

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