TEMPLE CITY (CBS) — Earlier in the week we reported about the story of a man with a fatal disease getting married to the love of his life in a dream wedding donated by volunteers through a program. But now there are questions about whether the couple was eligible for the donation.

“I can deal with this myself, but my kids and she has to deal with it. It’s not right,” said Manuel Sosa, who thought that he had left it in the past.

“Once you’re labeled a certain thing, I mean you’re labeled that for life,” said Sosa, who we learned is a convicted felon.

But he said he wanted to make it clear that he is no longer walking that path.

“I got into a situation where I should have been smarter,” he said.

Monday was a fairytale of a day and we were there, as Sosa and Adriana Tafoya tied the knot.

It was a wedding with the works, all compliments of Wish Upon a Wedding, an organization that plans weddings for those with terminal illnesses.

Everything was donated at the dime of local businesses to the tune of $20,000.

“I’m grateful for what they did,” Sosa said.

We did some research after receiving a call on our tip line. Records show that Sosa was arrested multiple times in Florida — 18 charges ranging from burglary to defrauding a financial institution.

“I paid the price and I, you know, I’m just moving forward with my life,” he said.

On the Internet we found several postings from people claiming that Sosa was ripping them off.

Sosa, who is currently on probation, tells us there was no intent of taking advantage of the Wish Upon a Wedding organization.

“I would never defraud a company, never. They’re such nice people,” he said.

The couple showed us medical documents supporting Sosa’s battle with liver disease and Hepatitis C.

A spokesperson for Wish Upon a Wedding told us that while Sosa’s felony convictions were never disclosed in the application, they do not discriminate and his severe illness qualified him for the wedding wish. The company added that they do not feel like they were misled.

“It’s miscommunication, you know. I never, it was never my intention to ever hide anything from anyone,” Adriana Tafoya said.

On the application a question read, “You and your fiancée have never been convicted of a felony.”

Tafoya said she misunderstood that question and answered “yes”.

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