By Ed Mertz

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Should teachers and parents with students in the Los Angeles Unified School District be taught a lesson on how to spot a pedophile?

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports a string of alleged child molestation cases in recent weeks has put pressure on school officials to teach preventative measures to protect kids in the classroom.

“I believe we can spot a very large percentage of these cases,” said Diane Cranley, founder of the group Talk About Abuse to Liberate Kids (TAALK).

The Laguna Niguel-based organization is aimed at tips on how to identify pedophilia behavior and ways teachers and parents can support victims of abuse.

One of the ways molesters lure in their victims is by first gaining the trust of children and sometimes even their parents.

“People giving them gifts, people taking them on special outings,” Cranley said.

She expects even more allegations to surface in coming weeks after teachers at several LAUSD schools are under investigation for sexual abuse and other charges.

Cranley said while not all child abusers will exhibit the same behavior, there is really only one way to prevent new cases from emerging.

“Children should not be alone with adults or anybody that’s significantly older that them, more than a few years,” she said.

An estimated 80 percent of abuse cases occur in “one adult, one child” situations, according to Cranley.

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  1. osiris1964 says:

    oh come need to spot them..they are already being reported (if you guys already forgot)..BUT the LAUSD and the teacher’s union PREFER to ignore fix need to fix how LAUSD and the teacher’s union UNCONDITIONALLY defend its members

  2. Michael C. Teniente says:

    Give me a break!

    If there are methods to spot child-molesters, then just write a step-by-step instructions here on this web-site.

    mike t.

  3. Ruby says:

    if anything half the child molesters are close relatives and that have access to kids..
    That being said, With the new cases of child molesters being teachers and coaches. EVERYTHING needs to change. Our kids need to be protected, not only from child molesters but from abusive people as well.

  4. Realist says:

    Put surveillance cameras in the classrooms !
    Every day or at least every week another teacher is molesting kids, the criminal predators are in the classrooms and not lurking outside the fences trying to get in they are already in. Maybe if they think they are being watched they will stop bullying and molesting kids.

  5. Train the Parents and the Unions says:

    Yeah, I think they know how to spot, I mean in fairness, there are those that truly are naive but LAUSD staff at schools, from the janitors to the fat office staff to the principals, they must have turned the other cheek. Please.

    But lets not forget the responsibility of the PARENTS. They are mostly ignorant in that community and may NEED this training to identify, listen to their kids instead of the telenovelas.

    It was revealed that a few of those parents didn’t say anything when they DID realize their children could be victims of abuse because they were afraid to get deported. And its a LARGE number, who in that culture, rather stay quiet than get deported, I mean how bad is that?! Tell me.

  6. ginny says:

    Please, if they were so easy to spot, then we would’nt have the number of people molested by priests, rabbis, relatives. tc. all of these years. Face it, if people paid attention the it wouldn’t be as out of control as it seems to be at this time.

  7. Chad E says:

    What about the child molesters in the Administrative Offices? Everyone needs to know that these people transfer into schools everyday. It is not only at schools. There are people there that have been ‘questioned’ for alleged molestation. All LAUSD employees should, somehow, be interviewed or questioned if they, at anytime, have been investigated for any crime against a child.

  8. Rs says:

    Here’s a question to ponder! Why would I ever allow my sixth grade daughter to go on a multiple-night sleep over for Science Education? Why do I, as a parent, have to explain myself to the school as to why I won’t allow it? Even with all the recent media, the other parents act like I am overly protective. Molestation has long reaching effects. It is everywhere. Guard your children!

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