DOWNEY (CBS) —  A pedestrian apparently was texting when he was struck and fatally injured by a big rig in Downey, authorities said Friday.

Daniel Malloy, 34, of Pico Rivera was struck shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday at Rosecrans Avenue and Lakewood Boulevard and died at a hospital, said coroner’s Chief Craig Harvey.

Harvey said Malloy apparently was texting when he was struck by the truck, whose driver was interviewed but was not cited or arrested.

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Comments (15)
  1. steveB says:

    Not surprising. Lately, I see people stepping off the curb and only looking down at their phone. Remember when it was “look both ways’ before crossing?

  2. Sylvain Cecile says:

    Look before you leap….’er text Moron… smart phones make for stupid, idiot people

  3. Steve Malloy says:

    To the people who have some sarcastic comments about this, this man was my brother and I’m trying to find some information out from across the continent in Canada.

    He leaves behind a 3 year old son, so try and have some tact when talking about the issue. Typical internet tough guys who wouldn’s say something so callous to someone’s face.

    1. Maryann says:

      I’m sorry for your loss

  4. Mary Malloy says:

    What is wrong with you people and your sarcastic remarks. A man’s life was taken. I am up in canada and this was my son. I know my son, and he was not this careless. He was walking from work and if he was involved in his phone, it was because he was being ticked off enough by someone to distract him from his surroundings,. Think of his 3 year old son who will never see his dad again. I argee with the above comment who is also my son, when he said some people are tough behind the internet, but if those things were said to my face, you would be swallowing them pretty fast.

  5. Kathy MacNeil says:

    Be careful of what you say people.. I know at the time you arent thinking of the family, friends, or loved ones you may be hurting on the other end, but please think before you speak. Or type.
    This is extrememly hard on this family & a child now has to grow up not knowing his dad. My heart breaks for everyone close to him. Look before you leap.. Nice. I just hope you never have to eat those words someday.

  6. cheryl says:

    mary&steve im so sorry for your loss but people dont think befor they open ther BIGmouth,they dont think befor they speak there ignorance is very ignorant.people jumt to fast here is a man whad his whole life ahead of him now taken away a 3yr old son who will never see his dad huh well how do u explainthat to this 3yr old huh,well if you dont have any thing good to say ,dont say it,keep you big mouth shut,,think of who danny left behind,love you guys mary ansteve your trult cheryl

  7. Me says:

    Distracted or not, he was an adult and it’s his fault, and his fault alone that this happened. You need to stop blaming everyone else and let the man rest in peace. Yes, it’s a tragedy – especially for his son and relatives, but let’s be honest, he made a stupid mistake and has paid for it dearly.

    I’m not being “tough” behind the internet. I think the comments are unfortunate but they’re true.

    1. karen says:

      r u for real u r takin about someonewho just loss his ife do u have any respect and u cant even give your name thats calls coward to me what if it was your brother or son or dad would u make these coments dont think so have some respect for this family

  8. Mary Malloy says:

    to “me” if you weren’t being tough behind the internet, you would have had the guts to at least put your name. i know the driver was not at fault, but i know my son. he should not have been texting while walking on a busy street. but who’s to say that the person on the other end of the text (i am pretty sure who it was ) didn’t play a part in it. enough said.

    1. John Mathenny says:

      Don’t try to blame anyone else, obviously the driver wasn’t at fault but trying to blame the person on the other end of the phone? What, did they have a gun to his head forcing him to text while walking onto a street? It’s a bad thing when ANYONE dies, and it’s also sad that his son will grow up without his father but don’t blame anyone else for his mistake. I’m not saying he was stupid, nor am I making fun of his death please remember that. I’m just saying don’t blame anyone else when it really wasn’t anyone else forcing him to make that mistake…

  9. Crystal Gail says:

    So sorry for your loss Mary, Steve and everyone else that is family and friends of Daniel. I pray that little boy grows up and gets to know all the good about his daddy. And i pray the people that have anything callous to say bite their tongues. Most people dont even stop to take the time before they speak and then the sludge just rolls on out. God Bless the Malloys and Daniels child and friends. My heart and prayers go out to you all.

  10. BIG JOHN says:

    texting is such a problem, to many people getting hurt because of it. may this man rest in peace ! we all make mistakes & i am sure he did not want to leave his little boy. may his family & friends be blessed. so sorry for your loss.