LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, will stay behind bars while he appeals his involuntary manslaughter conviction.

A judge Friday denied a request from the defense to release Murray, saying he’s a flight risk.

Murray had asked to be released on his own recognizance, or on bail, because the appeal process is expected to take more than a year.

He was sentenced to four years behind bars for Jackson’s death in November.

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  1. Jimmy James says:

    When you consider the broad impact of Dr. Murray’s actions, killing MJ’s message of peace, the billions in economic impact (there were already 50 sold out concerts in London, imagine the lives this was going to impact, the musicians, dancers, vendors, salaries, tax dollars, etc.), now multiply this across the many cities MJ was going to perform in!
    Dr. Murray should be found guilty for a crime against humanity. Killing an influential artist that in many ways would have contributed tremendously to the quality of life on this planet.
    Granted, MJ has his responsibility in this but how many times do we have to lose influential artists to the big pharma-industry and unethical doctors before we start to really confront the full scope of their crimes?

  2. geeM says:

    Leave him in jail. He was found guilty, and no practicing “medicine”, thank you very much.

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