By Suzie Suh

MARINA DEL REY (CBS) — A Marina del Rey wedding ceremony turned into a life or death drama after the father of the groom took a tumble on his family’s big day.

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For Dante and Marshawn Stevenson, childhood friendship came first.

“She was 3, I was 10,” Dante said.

After three decades of friendship and 3 years of dating, they made plans to cruise into the next chapter of their joint journey.

“It was like, ‘this it,’” Marshawn said.

“Very anxious to put that ring on her finger,” Dante added.

Their wedding was on a yacht and was held on Marshawn’s late mother’s birthday.

“To keep her spirit alive in a sense to where I don’t cry on her birthday; I celebrate her life and my new life,” Marshawn said.

It was a celebratory ceremony to remember.

“Tears in my eyes, tears in his eyes,” Marshawn said.

But as guests were walking downstairs about to leave, Dante’s father missed a step, fell and hit his head.

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“I heard a loud scream,” Dante said. “I just saw my father lying there.”

He was not breathing and had no pulse.

That is when a mother-daughter duo went from guests to guardian angels.

“I seen my mother. I said, ‘mom we have a cardiac arrest,’” said Marshawn’s friend Elise Sanders.

It was natural for Sanders and her mom Mildred Cureton to come to the rescue – both are registered nurses.

“She jumped down I believe two or three stairs immediately went to work,” Marshawn said.

“I gave two breathes and she began the chest compressions,” Cureton said.

After a few minutes of CPR, the groom’s father started breathing.

“Thank you Lord. I was happy that we were there for that at that moment,” Cureton said.

Mr. Stevenson is home from the hospital resting. His presence is a wedding gift the couple will cherish forever.

“I truly want to thank them,” Dante said.

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“There’s no monetary gift I can give to repay them for what they’ve done. They gave life,” Marshawn said.