PALOS VERDES ESTATES (CBS) — A pair of dogs were rescued by emergency crews near Torrance Monday afternoon after they became stuck on the side of a cliff.

Los Angeles County firefighters hoisted themselves down a steep hill in Palos Verdes Estates at around 4 p.m. to get to the two female Golden Retrievers. They had to rig up a pulley to bring the dogs up to more stable ground.

The dogs were not injured.

“I’m shocked, just as if something happened to one of my kids or something,” said the dogs’ owner, Sheri Wilson.

Their owner was delivering furniture to a nearby resident when her pets bolted down the cliff. Apparently, her dogs love playing in water and when “Lily” and “Marcy” heard the sound of the ocean they bounded away from the truck and over the cliff.

“I let them out because they are usually well-mannered and stay right by me but they bolted,” Wilson said.

The dogs fell approximately 100 feet down the hillside before coming to a halt. Their owner said she was grateful that they weren’t hurt.

“They’re so special,” said Wilson of her beloved pets, adding, “People come to my store just to see them.”

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  1. GC1008 says:

    Love L.A. County Fire! They are the best!

  2. spicey says:

    This is why dogs should NEVER be off leash! They are well mannered perhaps, but they probably thought they were supposed to go towards the water they heard!

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