CORONA DEL MAR (CBS) — How many chickens in one Orange County backyard is too many?

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports Corona Del Mar resident Michael Resk has been ordered to send his brood packing.

A City Council vote on Tuesday decided that the six pet chickens that were being kept in the backyard of Resk’s rented home were in violation of city code after a neighbor complained about the “Goldenrod 6”, named after the street on which Resk lives.

“We have Blondie, Blackie, Red, Whitey, Flatty, and Tiny,” said Resk, who calls the birds his “ladies”.

The flap first began after a neighbor told city officials the birds were noisy and were producing a foul odor.

Resk was then told to find a new home for the hens after officials informed him that poultry are banned in Corona Del Mar except for some parts of semi-rural Santa Ana Heights.

“I think it’s a tragic time, I think the city missed an opportunity to do something positive, which obviously the community seems to have backed,” said Resk.

He said he plans on holding a farewell party for the birds next week.

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  1. Dottie says:

    He really needs to move out of that city or county. Here in Altadena we are allowed to have chickens and other animals. I really don’t think one grumpy person should cause that. We had one person here in Altadena complain about a mural tht was painted on the side of a bakery. It was nice and a lot better than graffiti. They were told they would have to paint over it but we all signed a petition to keep it. It worked. Now, about hens. They are not noisey, if there was a rooster, that would be a different story, they like to crow first thing in the morning.

  2. CLUCK YOU says:

    With income levels what they are….I would fight this tooth and nail that their eggs are a much needed food source at virtually no cost.

    The same logic would dictate cutting down every fruit tree and uprooting every vegetable garden because their pollen gives me allergies….How lame is that?

    This, of course, is all predicated on the ‘assumption’ that he was responsible with these chickens and kept their area as clean as is reasonable.

    The fact that someone complained about noise from hens shows that someone is exaggerating and most likely is just a jerk.

    His 5 chickens are 5 less chickens suffering in small cages at egg factories.

    1. CLUCK YOU says:

      * 6 chickens

  3. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

    Extra crispy anyone????

  4. Goldenrod Resident says:

    Mr. Resk moved out of state today. There is no more issue. Good luck to him.

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