CLARIFICATION (2/14): In an article posted on on Feb. 2, we mistakenly reported that the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors would issue fines of $1,000 to beach-goers who participated in any non-beach ball activities on county beaches.

In fact, county supervisors had loosened policies on playing with footballs and Frisbees on the beach. We regret any confusion this report may have caused.

For more information, visit the official website for L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yarovslavsky.

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — When you head down to the beach for a little fun this summer, county officials want you to know about some updated rules.

The Board of Supervisors this week agreed to lift an all-out ban on playing with footballs, other balls and Frisbees on the beach, according to a media statement released by the L.A. County Department of Beaches and Harbors.

The update means that beach-goers may toss balls and Frisbees with Lifeguards’ permission on beaches in Los Angeles County between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

However citations, may be given out to individuals who ignore lifeguards’ orders.

According to Lucy Kim, from the LA County Department of Beaches and Harbors, a first-time offender will have to pay a $100 fine. For a second offense, beach-goers will face a $200 fine. Three or more infractions within one year will result in a $500 fine, Kim said.

The new ball and Frisbee tossing rules will be relaxed during the winter off-season.

The ordinance also prohibits digging any hole deeper than 18 inches into the sand, except where permission is granted for film and TV production services only.

» Read The Updated Ordinance

Comments (80)
  1. Roger wilander says:

    Read this carefully…you will have a problem ONLY if you choose to ignore the lifeguard….

    1. Jack Engles says:

      I suppose the life guards are now qualified police officers of LA COUNTY!

      1. David Ciani says:

        Full time lifeguards (not the ones they hire just for the summer) have been sworn peace officers for decades and can write tickets/make arrests just like regular police officers.

      2. Matthew McKenzie says:

        Yes, as a matter of fact they are sworn officers. You should have checked before you made an ass out of yourself with that shoddy attempt at sarcasm.

      3. Thug Life says:

        Stupid liberals are tanking California with their outrageous tyrannical control and love of power. Thank God they received such a backlash and came to their senses.

        This country is on a one way train straight down starting with Cali you better be prepared for the collapse.

      4. selma.white says:

        If you want a vision of the future, Comrade nooni, imagine a boot stamping on a human face foreverMy friend just met a chocolate man on BlackwhitePlanet.COMit’s where for men and women looking for interracial’ship for a fabulous lifestyle
        It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.

      5. cinemafreak1 says:

        @Thug life

        Please give me a break. Look up the beach rules and laws at the conservative states. They are no different. And how do you even know its liberals who supported these laws. There are conservatives in California and there are conservatives in California and LA county. I am certain there was conservative politicians who helped sponsor these rule/bans and/or agreed to vote in favor of these rules/bans.

        California is not a mess, the global economy collapsed which has in returned hurt the housing market the most and California has the largest housing market. Before these global recession started, unemployment was in the 4% range, it is not some random coincidence that California’s own policies were to blame the same time as the global recession hit. California is a victim of the Global recession not the state itself.

        California has dealt with its own problems but so has every state. And conservative policies have restricted many freedoms in California and policies like Prop 13 and the 2/3 rule that was passed by conservatives/republicans have hurt California economically. But California still ranks first in GDP, it has the largest GDP and the largest economy out of any state. It ranks 1st in agriculture, it ranks first in imports, it ranks first in technology and its still the most popular state in the Union which means people still love living there. It also ranks 2nd in fortune 500 companies, dropping Texas to 3rd.

    2. comrade nooni says:

      Don’t ignore the TSA, IRS, Federal Police, Our Dear Leader, now the lifeguard?
      Welcome to the Stasi USSA!
      Don’t get caught acting “odd” in front of your neighbor or at Walmart.
      Like Ms. Jimmy Napalitano says, “See Something Say Something”

      1. Denerog says:

        April the 4th, 1984. To the past, or to the future. To an age when thought is free. From the Age of Big Brother, from the Age of the Thought Police, from a dead man… greetings.

        If you want a vision of the future, Comrade nooni, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever

    3. Bob Henning says:

      I applaud Law Abiding Citizens as I can tell by your post you are. I lived in So Cal for 40 Years and I watched it deteriorate to the point of no return.The Gangs and Latinos in general had made our town a downright miserable and dangerous place to raise our kids, So we moved to TN. I`m all for following the Law but So Cal takes it about 100 steps to far and 99 of them are SOLEY ABOUT MONEY. People from other States have a saying abour So Cal. It`s I went to California on Vacartion and Wound up on Probation.

  2. Jack Engles says:

    WOW! 1000 COMMENTS GONE,This has to be the biggest abuse of CENSORSHIP IN INTERNET HISTORY!

  3. Свет - World says:

    Welcome to CUSA Communistic United States of America

  4. comrade nooni says:

    I “feel” this is a GOOD thing!
    Some zombie TV/fluoride heads could get hit in the head with said recreational projectiles and get knocked out of their stupor, that would be BAD.
    And an innocent “citizen” could step into a hole in the sand and break a leg!
    Get with the program comrades!
    Our dear “leaders” know what’s best for us!

  5. nezz7 says:

    what is next if we allowed authorities to keep this communist tread, where is the real land of the free and the home of the brave…?

    1. Gwenyvier says:

      *points north* It is just north of us… I believe it’s called “Canada”.

    2. Melissa says:

      That’s just it…it’s the home of the brave for those who are willing to be brave enough to break the rules. It only takes a few complaints in any given situation to change the laws which govern our ever day lives and freedom.

  6. daisy says:

    If you all had bothered to read past the headline – the frisbee law has been in place since 1970 and the current adjustment makes the law less restrictive.

    Have a nice day.

    1. comrade nooni says:

      Ron Paul Revere has been sounding the alarm for decades.
      He”s not a CFR globalist media slave so few will here the message.
      The corporate run media TV zombies that do get a glimpse don’t understand him.
      Very sad.

  7. longboard brett says:

    next thing ya know they’ll FORCE us to wear seat belts in OUR cars & helmets on OUR motorcycles . . .

    1. Jack Engles says:

      Dont worry,weve got those laws targetted for repeal too!

    2. blueclaw says:

      In Maryland, we are forced to wear seat belts and helmets.

      Many States are enforcing that already

  8. Ruthie says:

    Hey, don’t blame the city council- blame the jerks who don’t have enough common sense to not play football where there are small children in the way. We shouldn’t have to have a law, but some people have been irresponsible, and belligerent to the lifeguard when asked to stop. If you read the article, you will see than you can play football and Frisbee if you aren’t a menace. You will only be fined if you are asked to stop, and you don’t.

  9. Brittney says:

    You would think it would be banned when the beach is packed with people on those holidays rather than….oh right, dumb.

  10. Bill Jones says:

    They will fine someone a thousand dollars for frisby flipping, but let 50,000 convicted illegal alien violent criminals roam the streets.

    1. ocram says:

      you dont make sence stupid!

      1. zo says:


        It’s “sense” …stupid.

  11. shely says:

    NEWS FLASH: This law has been in place since the 1970’s! They are just enforcing it now, and only during the PEAK holiday season, to prevent STUPIDS from breaking your baby’s nose, or knocking over your bucket of KFC! Can everyone F’in RELAX now? Thanks!

    1. comrade nooni says:

      I don’t need city council to prevent my baby’s nose from being broken.
      I don’t need Gov’t to prevent my MSG laiden bucket of KFC from being knocked over!
      I am very capable of preventing these events from happening on my own!

      1. comrade nooni says:

        One more thing,
        because it has been in place since the 70’s that makes it less ridiculous?
        Our Gov’t was taken over long before the 70’s, it’s been a slow creep, it’s been accelerated in the last decade and now people are finally starting to notice.
        Lest/Right, doesn’t make a difference.
        The media is a kabuki theater, psy-op soap opera.

      2. KC says:

        Right on Comrade, well said.

      3. Cali_commie says:

        очень хороший Comrade Nooni!!
        What I find even more unbelievable is the fact that so many people here in The Peoples Communist Republic of California are more than willing to let the nanny state government do all their thinking for them, with no idea what self thought or self responsibility is. “Big Brother loves me not”

    2. Ivan says:

      NEWS FLASH: there are ridiculous laws in this country from 200 years ago. I wonder what you’d sing if they start enforcing them

  12. jiggy says:

    Liberals always think they know better than you how you should live your life. And love to punish you if you suggest otherwise. Join the dark side, vote for a democrat.

    1. Alex Metcalf says:

      I have to agree. This rule is overkill. This kind of behavior is why I can never vote for a liberal.

      1. j says:

        lift an all-out ban on playing with footballs
        They lifted the ban moron read

        that is why you don’t vote liberal… you do not read
        but jump to conclusions

      2. Spike says:

        j, the essence of a liberal. Article says ban partially lifted. J concludes ban is totally lifted. Words and morals are all relative to the dedicated leftist.

      3. cinemafreak1 says:

        Alex Metcalf, you said that you can’t ever vote for a liberal? How do you know it was liberals who supported these regulations? Instead of just saying, California is mostly liberal so every stupid thing must be done by liberals is stupid.

        Rick Santorum wants to put a federal ban on pornography and yet you say you can never vote for a liberal. Lets see how many conservatives/republicans voted in favor of these regulations back in the 1970s.

      4. cinemafreak1 says:


        Straight from the Article.

        “The Board of Supervisors this week agreed to lift an all-out ban on playing with footballs, other balls and Frisbees on the beach, according to a media statement released by the L.A. County Department of Beaches and Harbors.”

        Typical rightist, can’t read the article, only wants to jump to conclusions. By the way, I am almost certain it was conservatives/republicans who voted in favor of these bans back in the 1970s. You know why? Because despite how liberal you want California to sound, it is very conservative on many things. Believe it or not, there are conservatives who also control our policies.

        Its amazing how the right will always make this about, oh man, another liberal wants to take our freedoms. Republicans/Conservatives instituted the Patriot Act, Rick Santorum wants a federal ban on pornography, and yet its just all liberals who are taking away our freedoms. Read the rules and regulations on the beaches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, etc. They all have dumb rules that ban many things that are pointless, Alcohol is banned on all of these beaches, Frisbee and football and any kind of sport activity is banned at certain times during the days and are only allowed with heavily ruling during other days, bonfires are banned, and much more. These things exist on every beach even in the conservative states. Please stop making this about liberals. You want a political fight that is all you care about.

  13. Karen Walker says:

    I think people playing football or Frisbee or other sports on the beach in the middle of sunbathers are endangering them of being hurt. I have been hit by these flying objects and it is NOT good. I say give them a specific area for these sports so that they don’t interfere with my rights to a nice relaxing safe time and i don’t interfere with their right to play too and have fun. They already section off areas for volleyball so why not other areas for other sports? None of our rights outweighs another. Can’t we all just get along?

  14. ChillHard says:

    All im tryin to do is throw a football with my buds and enjoy the california sun. Looks like ill be frequenting huntington this summer. Whos down?

  15. Jody Druze-Faker says:

    You have to be kidding me! Who put these lawmaker in power
    !!n this cant be La. It must be communist china!

  16. KCarn says:

    This article has changed since this morning. These “officials” sheepishly retracted their original statement that there would be a fine of $1,000 for throwing a frisbee or football and there is no mention of that in this updated article that is using the exact same link as the previous one posted. As I came back to leave my thoughts on such an asinine article, not only was the article changed, conveniently, all the corresponding comments were also deleted. That’s pathetic.

    In a time where obesity rules, the only exercise some kids get all year is at the beach and now there are rules in place telling those kids not to partake in thise activies?

    Regardless if this rule has been in place since the 70’s, resurrecting it is such a waste of time, money and energy. Who are the people saying okay to these rules? Are they even human? Have they ever smiled a day in their life? I doubt it. And who is actually taking the time to complain about people throwing frisbeess? Get off the beach if you don’t like fun. No one is forcing you to be there. There are prisons all over the place with rules… Go find one and let us free people be.

    No common sense is used anymore. None. And, it boggles my mind that there can even be “people” on here defending this ridiculous idea.

    And, shouldn’t lifeguards be worried about keeping an eye on people possibly drowning and DYING rather than worrying about people throwing those dangerous, life threatening and ominous frisbeess?

    Anyway, I’m so disgused, I can’t think about this anymore… I have to get back to watching Jersey Shore.

    1. cinemafreak1 says:

      What is wrong with you? The article made a mistake. People make mistakes in their reporting. They admitted to it, isn’t that what is important? I don’t understand how so many people can be so angry still when they are giving you and me and everyone what we want. Less restrictions on the beach and straight out bans on several past laws and regulations.

      You are able to play sports on the beach now. They got rid of that old rule. The article got its reporting wrong.

      Its amazing how people in this country can’t be happy still even when they get what they want. We are filled with so much hate, anger, and fear its pathetic.

  17. BJ Schwartz says:

    Dear channel 2 news “journalists” : The story you first published at this url (or the referring url) today carried the headline “LA County OKs $1000 Fine For Throwing Football, Frisbee On Beaches.” The story that followed this headline was a smorgasbord of sensational fabrication that would have made the worst yellow journalists in the history of the world proud. You made it appear that a new ordinance that destroyed freedom and frivolity throughout LA had been passed in the dead of night to the horror of millions. The thrush is now reflected in the rather pedestrian piece that a full 12 hours later replaced your original unconsciomable story. You should be totally and utterly ashamed of yourselves. And you should do far more than simply update this story (which was repeated ALL OVER the internet) .. you should apologize(!) and print a very contrite retraction.

  18. Carl Hoff says:

    Need to disband LA city council, what a waste of time and revenue for the beach businesses

  19. Maurog says:

    I used to be against this bill, but then I took a frisbee to the knee.

    1. blueclaw says:

      Win, pure win 🙂

  20. CaptainPorthole says:

    Are you serious?!?!?! footballs and frisbees and holes are illegal now??? must be some sign of terrorism if you are doing any sort of activity on the beach, good thing there was some hard thought effort put into this law and lots of money probably wasted by people sitting in chairs talking….thanks guys in those big comfy chairs, you make life so good. NEW BEACH LAW!: because we the law making chair sitters have bad skin pigmentation and burn easily we now have decided to take all fun and enjoyment out of going to the beach, you beach goers are only allowed to sit/lay/walk (at a slow pace of course) at the beach, otherwise you will be FINED! We will then use the proceeds to buy comfier chairs and more expensive suits in order to aid in our terribly strenuous job of law making and other ways to restrict the general public of their freedoms of the planet earth…….land of the free and home of the brave right? more like land of the listen to us or we will take your money, home of the repressed.

  21. Jim says:

    Responsible media would have printed an update and called out their error in reporting.

    CBSLos Angeles redacts their poor reporting and and deletes all the comments.

    Communist Broadcast System: Shame on you! This is no more journalism than a 2-bit blog.

  22. BRIAN says:


  23. NC_Dude says:

    I read all these people saying they have a RIGHT to throw a frisbee. Don’t I have a right to not get run over by someone chasing one down, does my child not have that right? Mr. BIG PANTS, camrade nooni says he will stop someone from running his kid over? HOW? it happens so fast……. like an avoidable accident. your child gets crushed and disabled for life….. you WILL be the FIRST one complaining on the other hand. My father is a dem and everything is about HIM, HIS RIGHTS ….. he doesn’t care about anyone else rights. Once the average dem/ca pulls his head out of his back side and realizes the reason they had to pass the law is more than likely someone got HURT bad from previous non thinkers being STUPID.

    as for the seatbelt/helment comment. I say let idiots ride without it as long as they understand FULLY that no insurance has to pay for their preventable injury…….. nor does any hospital have to pay for completely unavoidable injuries. I have yet to see a demacrat that practices what they preach…… because in the end, it’s all about themselves and you don’t care about the RIGHTS of others…. like the people that want to enjoy the beach with their children… or elderly that want to enjoy the beach without being trampled …… I promise you the law was not made up out of the blue for NO reason ……. unless a dem made it….

    gesh….. just sick of hearing all the damn complaining by people that act like they no everything but open their mouths and total BS come out!

  24. John says:

    How far do you have to be in the water before you are no longer on the beach?
    This also could be the way that L.A. is funding their yacht!!!

  25. gingerdog says:

    Frisbees are dangerous? More dangerous than the mercury-laden light bulbs that the gov’t is forcing us to use?

    We need to preserve our individual sovereignty and eliminate bloated gov’t.

  26. Dave Minnich says:

    Man, and I thought only New Jersey beach rules sucked (along with the jellyfish). Seriously?

    1. cinemafreak1 says:

      Beach rules exist everywhere but they are never enforced. You can’t have bonfires in South Carolina Beaches, North Carolina Beaches, Georgia Beaches, and I think even Florida Beaches, you can’t have any Alcohol on any of these beaches, you can’t throw Frisbee or engage in any sports activities either unless its a SPECIFIC time during the day with also permission of the life guards who are the law and order of the beach.

      But these rules are never enforced. They are just dumb laws that no one enforces. The articles also say there hasn’t been a ticket in over 40 years. That means that since the bill has passed, there has never been any tickets given.

  27. Jack Engles says:

    Its comming the dumping of all these B.S. laws passed by these regressive communists called PROGRESSIVES! Whether republican or democrat they all suck!

    1. cinemafreak1 says:

      Sorry but just because you have freedoms taken away doesn’t mean its communists or progressives doing it. Conservatives also take away freedoms and many have agreed to these same rules and bans

  28. David Huffman says:

    We already can’t drink an ice cold beer on the beach on a nice hot sunny day,and now our RIGHT to play ball and throw frisbees is being encroached upon.Sounds to me like all out REVOLUTION is just around the next corner. Next thing you know they’ll be telling us we need a special permit to go surfing,and where we can and can’t surf. This is not the country that i gave my time in the U.S.Army to protect and i think that it’s about time we all do our part to make it the free country that our forefathers founded. These so called government officials have to be reminded that they all work for us “We The People” not themselves or the wealthy that are keeping their pockets full.!!! I myself would do the pesident’s job for far less money than he gets per year,and all the excess would be put back into circulation like it used to be in the good old days. Big Brother needs to be put back in his Casket and nailed shut and buried for good.!!!!

    1. cinemafreak1 says:

      No, we shouldn’t be like are forefathers. Sorry but I can’t stand when people quote the founding fathers. I respect them historically but they gave people less freedom back then than what people have today. Even with these stupid laws, there is still more freedom today than back then with our forefathers.

      And all beaches do the same thing, all beaches that I have been to including the ones in the south like North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, etc. All have dumb bans, you can’t drink, you can’t have bonfires, you perform any sports activities unless they are at a SPECIFIC time and day. All this and much more.

  29. The Blogger says:

    So let me get this right…. Certain times of the year you can go to the beach & play with your Balls & other times you are subject to a fine?>

    Hey man, sounds like Nazi Germany to me!

    Tweet / facebook / email

    Make me famous!!!!!!

  30. js says:

    Let me tell you something. This is EXACTLY how Nazi Germany got started hurpittydurpitty. I have registered my complaint on the internet. God I’m lonely.

  31. Ed says:

    Communist plot? Nah….just plain, good ‘ol STUPIDITY. You elected them – now you’re going to pay the price.

  32. Winston Reed Howerton says:

    thanks california for wasted money on idotic laws that only nut jobs in cali could come up with….. youre ruining a beautiful place… hope i NEVER GO BACK!
    Pelosi and kind have ruined it over the last 30 years.

    1. cinemafreak1 says:

      Oh please give me a break. These laws are not ever enforced and Pelosi had nothing to do with these. Conservatives/Republicans also voted in favor of these laws and helped sponsored it and conservatives/republicans have also put forward restrictions and bans on numerous things that have hurt California for over the last 30 years.

      Every state has dumb laws, read up on the laws in each state, you will find a bunch of absurd laws. Look at the bans that happen on every beach including the conservative states that have beaches. They all have the same bans and restrictions as California. It sucks but its not ever enforced. This is what democracy is, ban together, sign a petition, and fight against it. Oh but wait, that would be considered mob rule which you conservatives hate, oh well, I guess you should just enjoy and suck it up.

  33. bboywave says:

    i think the beach is a public place and that they should able to throw frisbee.

  34. Alberta Lyle says:

    LA County – We Put The F U In Fun.

  35. mojo says:

    Pool on how long until some lifeguard gets beat down?

  36. Doreen says:

    So now its up to lifeguards? And if they don’t like you they have the power to ticket you? This is a ridiculous law anyway, the whole purpose of going to the beach IS to relax, throw a ball or frisbee and dig a hole and build sand castles. Lifeguards are supposed to guard your life when you are in the water possibly drowning, not walking around ticketing people so the City can make money. LA will lose tons of summer business in every area, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, markets, etc. if people cannot go to the beaches and have fun. They will just go somewhere else and spend their hard-earned money in this tight economy. Who wants to worry they will be ticketed at every turn? They’ll just go to OC and spend their money there.

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