NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — You may have noticed the lines wrapped around Target stores this weekend – fashionistas all vying to get their hands on Jason Wu’s new collection made especially for the giant retail chain.

The celebrated designer’s vintage-inspired pieces are usually expensive. But Target shoppers are thrilled to find they could get their hands on a Wu dress for just $34.99 and a blouse for $19.99.

“You can get a whole outfit for as much as you pay for a shirt at a boutique,” said one customer at a North Hollywood Target store.

When Missoni released their designs for Target shoppers inundated the website to the point that the site crashed, and was down for several hours.

When these much-anticipated lines make their Target debut some people arrive when doors open to ransack the inventory and, then, sell the items at jacked-up prices on online commerce sites such as eBay.

That leaves many customers empty-handed when they tried to get a piece for themselves.

Ana Ledezma was disappointed to find slim pickings when she came to shop the Wu wardrobe at a Target in North Hollywood. An employee there tells CBS2 that one woman bought $600 worth of the collection over the weekend.

“They’ve taken everything,” one customer griped at a Target store this weekend when the Wu collection was released.

A couple at a Target store in Miami reportedly cleaned out the entire collection in minutes.

Target has had enough.

The company is accusing customers of hoarding and wants the trend to stop.

Jason Wu was not available for comment but a spokesperson for Target told the Wallstreet Journal, “the company was ‘disappointed’ there was so much hoarding.”

Comments (18)
  1. Scholastica8 says:

    Don’t really get the lines or the hoarding. Those are some ugly clothes. Does he not know how to design vertically? Everything cuts horizontal. Not pretty.

  2. greg says:

    wait, “one couple bought everything, $600 worth” that’s like 15 pieces, someone can’t do math or didn’t proofread.

    1. Ed says:

      Uh maybe it’s you who needs reading comprehension skills. The article clearly indicates that an employee at a North Hollywood Target Store said a customer bought $600 worth of clothes. Later on it mentions that a couple bought out the store in Miami.

    2. jacki says:

      One woman bought $600 in Hollywood. A couple in MIAMI bought the entire collection, they didn’t say how much the spent.

  3. Ratzout says:

    Target? “Designer” stuff??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA….
    Think about it……….

    1. Ed says:

      So true. That’s almost as bad as the no talent Kartrashians selling their ‘collection’ at Sears.

  4. Eric Garcia says:

    This is news? Children dying in Syria…but Jason Wu and Target make news…

  5. Vincent says:

    you people are sheep, and right where the intelligentsia wart you. believing that it is important to buy the next big thing, having you wait in line for an IPhone, waiting with baited breath to watch the next Madison avenue ad on the Super Bowl. Glad to see what values are important to you. A t-shirt with someone initials on it. People getting trampled on at Christmas? oh well there is always next year. We have grown into a greedy, selfish society. right where the government wants you.

    1. Brian Andrews says:

      Says the idiot preaching on Yahoo…way to fight the man and get the message out!

  6. Tom says:

    There’s an easy solution. STOP buying the overpriced clothes on Ebay or Craigslist and the hoarding will stop.

    It’s like drugs, if Americans stop buying/using them, all the gangs and Cartels would end.

  7. icecream says:

    I think Target loves the frenzied mobs of panic buyers. It’s guaranteed profit from all this free promo exposure.

  8. John says:

    Why does Target even care? As long as the clothes were sold at the agreed upon price, they made their profit and it’s not their problem.

  9. Molly Santucci says:

    Who is Jason Wu?

  10. Robbie says:

    Your article says:
    “Target has had enough. The company is accusing customers of hoarding and wants the trend to stop.”

    This is completely false. The writer obviously has not read Targets facebook page or it sister page ‘Target Style’. They allowed the hoarding and did nothing to stop it. They have no in store policy limiting the number of items you can buy when a limited edition anything is released. True that this is not as important as ‘real’ news. But these hoarders ruined what could have a very pleasant morning of shopping before the Superbowl for many people nationwide. From Pasadena to Miami…there was hoarding.

  11. Suzanne says:

    The hoarding situation can be checked by not releasoing everything at once. The staggering would encourage shoppers to come back more often to see what’s new (perhaps over a four week period) and maybe buy a little more than an armload of Jason Wu.

  12. Former Target Employee says:

    I don’t understand why Target doesn’t just send more of those pieces for stores where there is high demand. There sure aren’t lines or hoarding like that in the Midwest for their “designer” collections. Can we send you guys on the coasts some from our clearance racks???

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