By Chris Sedens

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If you’re heading to the airport on Monday afternoon, you could find your terminal “occupied”.

KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens reports a group of flight attendants held an “OccuFLY” protest at Los Angeles International Airport.

Representatives from over 20 different airlines along with “concerned citizens from around the country” took part in a protest against what they said marks the latest attack on their collective bargaining rights.

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) alleges that lawmakers in Washington have partnered in a “secret deal” that would undermine workers’ decisions on whether to have union representation by altering the Railway Act, one of the nation’s oldest labor laws.

Veda Shook, president of AFA, used language similiar to recent Occupy demonstrations to call on Congress to back off from the legislation.

“This controversial labor provision is nothing less than an attack by the 1 percent against the 99 percent,” Shook said. “We saw it in Wisconsin and Ohio, now we see it for airline and rail workers who are simply seeking the benefits of collective bargaining or fighting to hang on to collective bargaining rights.”

The group claims that by establishing a mandatory 50 percent support rate among employees before any union representation election can be held, Congress will make it easier for employers to stall elections through “endless litigation”.

Airlines already struggling with tumbling revenues and even bankruptcy have been forced to toughen their stance on contract negotiations with unions amid an uncertain economic outlook.

There were no reports on Monday of any passenger delays or other disruptions at the airport.

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  1. icecream says:

    Flight Attendants work very hard to serve their passengers and keep them safe. They many times, work exceptionally long hours. Their rights need to protected.

  2. Glen Werline says:

    Yes I support union labor!

  3. Kevin D. Korenthal says:

    Big Labor exists to reward it’s elitist leaders and the politicians that do it’s bidding. Whatever benefit union members receive is factored into the increase in the cost of unionized services and products made by unionized workers. Whereas it may have actually stood for something necessary, today Big Labor is nothing more than an expensive and ruinous special interest group.

  4. Terry G says:

    Protesting while we’re on bankruptcy real smart

  5. Ria says:

    I very much disagree that the last row is the worst. I fly srcoas the Pacific 3-4 times a year, and I specifically request it. The seats do recline as much as any other (at least on these flights), and, as was noted, there is no one behind you to cause any irritation. With only two seats, there are fewer people to disturb when getting up. Finally, despite being on the taller side, I prefer the window to the aisle. Fourteen hours of someone brushing past my shoulder every few minutes can be maddening.

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