STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Planning a family vacation? Don’t take off without some kid-friendly tips from Emily Kaufman, the Travel Mom.

Emily visited the KCAL9 studio Saturday morning to talk about kids and cruise ship safety.

Here are a few suggestions for cruise ship safety:

Take the mustering drill seriously.
One thing we do know is that this particular sailing did not have a muster drill. I have never been on a cruise that did not do this before leaving port. Often times during these drills, passengers are goofing around or complaining but they are done for a reason.

Have a plan in place.
Spend a few minutes reviewing the safety video in the cabin with those you are sailing with. Make a plan in case of an emergency where you are to meet and make sure everyone is in synch.

The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.
If you have any questions about where you go in an emergency, how your life vest works or what procedures are in place ASK someone. And if something doesn’t feel right to you, SPEAK UP.

Before you go.
General rule of thumb for travel is to keep a photocopied packet of your passport, credit card info, insurance info and driver’s license all together somewhere at home where it can be accessed if needed.

For more travel tips, visit Emily online.

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