LEONA VALLEY (CBS) — A teenage beauty queen is trying to keep her crown after pageant officials told her she was 20 days too old to be Miss Junior Antelope Valley.

Aspen Brito, 15, won the title Saturday, but could only enjoy the honor for about an hour. That’s when she was told she’d have to give up her title because she was 20 days past the age limit of the contest.

The father of another contestant got a list of contestant birth dates and notified the judges. Aspen and her parents say the pageant’s directors had her birth certificate on hand all along.

Aspen wants to keep her crown, but the ordeal has left a bad taste in her mouth.

“If this is what pageant is really about, I don’t think I want to do another one,” Aspen said.

Aspen’s parents say they’ve contacted lawyers in hopes she can keep the crown.

Comments (49)
  1. Randy Dockery says:

    LOL. she cant obey the rules so she gets an attorney?

    1. John Little says:

      Her parents contacted the Attorney, not her…. Any way she was 14 when she entered the contest, she met the rules. Just whining loser complaining.

      1. truebob says:

        She didn’t meet the rules or there would have been nothing to complain about. If this was a sports contest I doubt she would have so many “supporters”.

      2. Hatewhinners says:

        Truebob, she has supporters because it was the Pagent Committees job to check her birthday against the date of competition they didn’t do THEIR job so they shouldn’t get HER crown back! And the father that complained…REALLY? Did your spoiled lil brat throw a kicking and screaming tantrum DEMANDING that you fix this because she should’ve won???? The lil brat looser lost fair and square!

  2. MaskedMarvyl says:

    The father of another contestant got a list of contestant birth dates and notified the judges. Aspen and her parents say the pageant’s directors had her birth certificate on hand all along.

    That’s it, dad. Enforce the rules so your kid has a chance of a superficial title.

    Too old at 15? You’re barely a teenager. Only in America….

    “If this is what pageant is really about, I don’t think I want to do another one,” Aspen said.”

    This is what the pageant is really about, Aspen. You don’t want to do another one. It’s the best (and luckiest) lesson you’ll probably ever learn; to escape from what is really a vicious contest of game-rigging and worship of superficiality…..

    1. RulesARErules says:

      Who’s side are you on? She was TOO OLD for that group, period. Why do think the rules shouldn’t be enforced? She was probably entered in this group because her parents thought she had a better chance of competing.

      1. JM says:

        Rules are rules. And if the rule was to turn in a birth certificate at the time of competition, she followed it. The pageant didnt have a problem with her entering. And what what about that ass of a father, bullying a committee to change its decision. And how did he have access to her personal information to figure out she was 20 days too old. Cmon have some common sense….

      2. rulesarechangedasthe gameisplayed says:

        Why I am sure that is exactly why they did it because 20 days sure makes a lot of difference. I would ask you to take a picture of yourself today and then 20 days from now. Show me any difference and then your comment will make sense…better chance of competing….what a joke.

      3. Guest says:

        Sh1t,its only 20 days

        Shes just a teen girl,not a gallon of milk

      4. Guest3 says:

        But then again, Guest – she may have 43DD’s….

    2. sara says:

      she probably was eligible when she joined the contest s she would have been 14.. it should not matter that she turned 15 during the contest. If she was eligible when she joined, she should be able to keep her crown.

  3. mojo says:

    Why should she play by the rules, no one else in this country has been pressed to do so?

    Ex: congress, white house staff that don’t pay back taxes including Tres Secy Tim Geithner, illegal aliens, wall street…………

    1. RZ70 says:

      Of course there is a substantial difference between the two… One is composed of a group of shallow, self-serving narcissists (sp?) and the other is a beauty pageant.

  4. JJ says:

    Why is everyone blaming the girl? Shouldn’t it be the pageant’s responsibility to ensure that all candidates are eligible for the crown if they are selected as the winner? If they had her birth certificate all along, it should have been simple for them to tell her “You’re eligible for the contest because of your age when you won your spot, but you won’t be able to win the crown because you’ll be too old by the time the pageant is held.”
    That said, the rules should be the rules, and the winner should be age-qualified.

  5. ebony says:

    WOW!!! What a pitiful father…..was your daughter the runner up??? Is that why you decided to get “technical” and give a list of the birthdates to the judges. What a loser. Well that should make you a proud father…”yea, my daughter won the title because I gave the birthdates of the other girls to the judges….YAY!!!”

    if she was 20 days too old, then the judges should have noticed that on the ENTRY forms not AFTER she won the title……RIDICULOUS

    1. sadworld says:

      I wonder if the dad knew the girls age before the contest and figured if his daughter didn’t win he would then bring it up. Poor loser and I am betting his daughter still wouldn’t have won. Probably a dog but daddy thinks she beats them all and will prove it matter what it takes.

  6. Stephanie Mauser says:

    myself, i would be wondering exactly how and where some other dad got hold of that info. getting a list of names, sure, you could sit thru the pageant and write them all down, but birth dates? and why? you know, sure, if she’s too old, o.k., but how do the other parents feel about some strange man digging up info on their daughters? creepy. if he didn’t have to dig, then who gave him the info? better not NO BODY tell ANYONE anything about my daughter, pardon the grammar. the rules are what they are, but why are pageant officials not enforcing them instead of some random guy? i can’t imagine, if the age criteria is so stringently enforced to exclude a girl for being 20 days too old, that the pageant personnel just take a parent at their word that the kid was born at such and such date, so yeah, i believe that they DID have a copy of her birth certificate. kind of beggars the question as to whether this other dad saw those copies. wonder what other I.D. info those girls had to submit that someone could get their hands on. as her parent, i would hire a lawyer, not to help her keep the crown against the rules, but to go after who ever it was that thinks it’s just fine and dandy to give out ppl’s personal info without their knowledge or consent. the pageant may have the right to give info to certain organizations and what not, but not just to some other dad for the asking. if that’s where he got it. i keep coming back to the idea of some guy i don’t know having info about my kid that he has no business knowing or wanting to know and it ticks me off something fierce, besides being creepy! what’s even worse is i keep wondering if he was, like, trolling facebook looking for birth dates!!

    1. getmikey says:

      ESPECIALLY in California, where stalking laws were passed because an actress was MURDERED due to the wrong person being easily able to get her personal information. You would think getting such info would be off-limits to anyone outside the pageant officials.

      Where is their privacy policy???

  7. Patty Bray-Plumley says:

    She didn’t follow the rules. Simple enough. No other excuse accepted.

    1. JM says:

      Idiot she did follow the rules. She turned in her birth certificate. Period. If the so called Pageant awarded in error. Well pretty much that is their fault.

    2. Jezebel says:

      You sound pretty heartless–are you the mother of the girl who lost? Married to the man who tattled the story like a little *****? She’s 15, ffs. She followed every rule they gave her, unless you’re too stupid to be able to comprehend what you read. The fault lies in the Pageant administrators, who neglected to tell anyone she was too young, until she had already won. I don’t expect an old Teabagger to give a damn about young people, though, or to even try to understand something so far beyond your grasp.

    3. John Little says:

      She met the criteria at the entry time of 14, You must be one of those whining parents at school games, He’s to tall, He’s to big.. BLA BLA BLA….

      1. Hatewhinners says:

        LMAO!!!! So true John…I can’t stand those parents!

  8. MM says:

    Stupid stupid stupid people. FATHER = Stupid,jealous. he probably didn’t amount to anything in his life so he has to live through his runner up daughter and spoil it for everyone. And yeah, they should have notified the girl before hand that she would be too old before crushing her dreams and spoiling everything for her. Way to go people! Welcome to AMERICA!

  9. harviele says:

    Well, even though she lost the crown for being too old she still won the beauty pageant because she was more beautiful or talented than the other girls competing. They cannot take away the fact that she won. As for the father who obtained the ages and birthdays of all the girls, he needs to be investigated to find out how he obtained the information. What other information did he obtain at the same time? If he got the home addresses of all the girls then he needs to be watched closely as he may be a perverted stalker or one who would harm the competition in order for his daughter to win. It would not be the first time that the parent of one teen went after another teen in order to ensure their daughter won whatever competition they were in.

  10. danigirl says:

    It amazes me that people on here are blaming the 15 year old and her parents!!! Really? Let’s see. The pageant officials had her birth certificate. They enforce the rules. Obviously they did’t care to observe them so why observe them now when a FATHER who obviously believes in not earning what you win (his daughter didnt win so I will do something because I am angry) but stamp your feet and throw a hissy until he gets his way. Ladies and gentleman, watch out for his daughter, she may be bagging groceries in your grocery store one day and her daddy may be there argueing with her boss because she didn’t get emplyee of the month.

    1. peter burke says:

      I’m sure you’ll be able to show us all how to pack bags or ask “…want fries with that?” ….did you loose pageants when you were younger? …sounds like it.

      1. Jezebel says:

        “Loose” means “not tight”. “LOSE” is the opposite of WIN. I learned this in 3rd grade. How old are you again?

    2. monicafay says:

      god i love you for this comment.

  11. Guest says:

    So what,she wasnt jailbait enough?

    There are clearly two groups of people here.
    The ones who say “rules are rules,blah blah blah,I have a stick up my bum”
    And those of us with common sense,who see it as only 20 days,who THINK if they took her money and allowed her to enter the pageant,then they have to shoulder that responsibility.
    Shes only 20 days older for godsake,not as if she was a 20 year old in disguise or something like that,or how they accused china of using adult gymnasts in the Olympics.

  12. Roger Thornhill says:

    Does every single action now that constitutes an inconvenience qualify as an injustice, and thus requiring breathless television coverage and attorney involvement?

  13. wow says:

    wow- what a loser mother / daughter combo, trying to steal the crown from the girls that did play by the rules and were the correct age for the contest. The father was right to make everyone play by the rules – why should his daughter suffer from someone else kid entering a contest they did not qualify for. Give the crown back you big baby.

  14. Jason Rahall says:

    Apparently the poor snow flake needs a lawyer to explain to her and her parents what cut-off date means. First pageant and only takes an hour for the tiara to make her feel above the rules. Imagine how privileged she would feel after a few more contests.

  15. Jason Rahall says:

    “Lawyers” – apparently more than one lawyer has told them ‘No’… LoL

  16. Renee Comage says:

    Sore LOSER Dad!!! Come on REALLY???

  17. Arthur Kinney says:

    The pageant directors had her birth certificate, and knew from the moment she signed up. So what this really boils down to is One Parent not being able to reconcile their child losing,

  18. been there seen that says:

    Wow, get a grip. When filling out ENTRY FORMS, you decide what DIVISION (princess, little miss, jr miss, sr miss, etc) based on the AGE YOU ARE ON THE DAY YOU COMPETE. The age divisions are there and the rules are spelled out on the entry forms. And apparently she has competed in more than one and her parents are fully aware of the rules and KNEW she would have a better chance in a younger division than competing against girls that can be up to two or three years older than her. Somebody already knew her birthday and knew her parents were cheating on purpose. So cheaters shouldn’t be exposed??? really?

  19. Sally Brown says:

    Rules are rules. If she or her parents can’t read or understand the rules, tough on them.

  20. Getaclue says:

    It seems the “powers that be” in Antelope Valley didn’t learn anything by tring to destroy Dana Rivers’ career a few years ago…to the tune of around an $180K judgement. If the committee couldn’t do their job correctly until AFTER the event, they have nowhere to talk re taking back the crown. What a bunch of maroons.

  21. captainhelly says:

    Is this…really all there is to talk about today in LA? Man…I gotta start drinking again…

  22. somebody says:

    “If this is what pageant is really about, I don’t think I want to do another one,” Aspen said.

    Smart girl. I hope she studies hard and finds a new, constructive talent to show the world, and leaves pageants to the Barbie dolls.

  23. getmikey says:

    Personally, I think she should skip the lawyers! Hire Vanessa Williams’ PR agent ASAP.

    Name ONE beauty pageant winner that you know their name instantly, years after they’ve won! Yeah. And she lost her crown, too . . .

  24. monicafay says:

    what a sad, little man that father is who went and found all the birth certificates. what a sad, desperate little man…

  25. Anon says:

    Lol at all of the people “she didn’t follow the rules”. Did you even read the part of the article where it said that officials had her birth certificate? Or do you just want to troll the comments?

  26. FACTS says:

    Let me clear up some things and bring in some facts. First – this is NOT a beauty pageant. This is a community pageant and has nothing to do with beauty. The girls spend a year doing community service, participating in political events, and generally representing their individual communities. In the end, they receive scholarships.

    The contestants are all community queens and are supposed to be within a certain age because there is another group of girls that run that are older. There are three age groups – Little, Junior and Miss. We are talking about the difference in girls who are in Junior High and girls who are already in High School. It really is a big difference.

    During orientation we (the parents) all had to sign paperwork stating that we understand and will abide by the age rules. We also had to turn in birth certificates.

    Every contestant and parent received a spreadsheet with all the girls info – including birth dates.

    The entry fee was $200 – not thousands. Most communities paid the fee for their queen.

    Nobody knows who the runner up was. And, finally I can honestly say that as a mom of another contestant (not related to anyone involved in this) – I do not believe any of the girls or their parents would want the title at this point.

    I think the whole situation is a sad one for everyone involved but I am really sick of the media being used to gain pity and support while making the Antelope Valley look ridiculous.

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