TORRANCE (CBS) — A parent came forward Thursday with a disturbing photo that she believes may be related to the case of a teacher accused of bizarre sex crimes.

“So many pictures it is weird. At first i didn’t want to believe it but it makes me think,” said Obdulia Bueno, who was horrified to learn that a seemingly innocent picture of her son eating a cookie may be something far more sinister.

The photo depicts a white liquid on the cookie, which Bueno believes is the bodily fluid of her son’s third-grade teacher, Mark Berndt.

She said Berndt sent the picture home with her son.

“I want to see what kind of cookies are they,” she said.

The veteran Miramonte School teacher faces 23 counts of lewd acts on a child.

Investigators said they believed that one of his offenses was spoon-feeding his semen to students.

Monday police arrested Berndt at this Torrance home for allegedly taking hundreds of sexually suggestive photos of his students ages 7 to 10.

“We want first, anybody who thinks they were a victim to come forward,” said LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy.

We learned that Berndt’s troubles began in 1994, when L.A. County Sheriff’s Department launched an investigation after a 9-year-old student told her mother Berndt touched her inappropriately in class.

We went to the home of the then principal Eloise Blanton, but her husband said he was away on business.

“I reviewed the case and it was a thorough investigation,” said LASD Sergeant Dan Scott.

Deputies filed a report with the district attorney, who determined there was insufficient evidence and dismissed the case.

Ramone Cortinez was the superintendent of the L.A. Unified School District last year and fired Berndt when new allegations of student abuse surfaced. He said despite no charges back in ’94, the district did have the power to fire him then.

“Legal would tell the superintended, because they told me, ‘no, you cannot do that’ and I said, ‘Oh yes I am,’” Cortines said.


South LA Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Taking Photos Of Students Bound, Gagged
Former Student Says Accused Teacher Was ‘Weird’ 2 Decades Ago

Comments (14)

    I’m just happy that this fine dedicated teacher will still be receiving his tax payer funded pension.

  2. John McMahan says:

    Every pedo in the world will down load this image. To put an image of a little girl eating seamen is way too much. Just putting that image up shows how perverse this country is. Like I have always said the only people that are free in the USA is the republicans that like calling lies, cheats, and other deceptive ways to make money, Capitalism, and the demarcates that would like to call rape love. And we can’t figure out why our country has to depend on China for our daily needs.

    1. D. MacQueen says:

      @ John McMahan: First of all, try staying on topic. Showing the photo or not, this is a story all parents must read. Second, it’s a boy, not a girl. And lastly, your bizarre rant will never be taken seriously when you can’t even spell.

    2. OatrickLA says:

      good bet this teacher was a Democrat. Wanna bet? Most are, so there goes your asinine theory…idiot!

      1. Reasonable says:

        Why dont you all shut up about democrats and republicans? What is wrong with you people? I am so embarassed by my fellow americans. Intelligence levels are at an all time low.

  3. caroleGilman says:

    This is how low humans have gone. What else will we find out next? actually, I rather not know. It is sickening.

  4. Craig says:

    Parents need to decide where their priorities fall. Which is more important — bringing a child or children into this world when you know you cannot afford a child or children? One parent remains in the home full-time to raise and educate the child/children? or paying unaffordable rent? house payments? more than one vehicle payment? a big screen t.v.? Of course, it is easier to blame the teachers….

  5. randy says:

    “Legal would tell the superintended, because they told me, ‘no, you cannot do that’ and I said, ‘Oh yes I am,’” Cortines said.

    Great writing, KCAL.

  6. Roger Thornhill says:

    Despite this being a serious story, I find it hilarious they obscured the cookie in the photo. And is the superintendent’s name Cortinez? I thought it was Cortines, as it’s spelled elsewhere in the story.

  7. Terrance Henry says:

    This is just beyond disgusting…..

  8. Molly Santucci says:

    Her beliefs are irrelevant. I believe in space aliens and stuff like that. That doesn’t mean it is true.

    Knowing something and proving something are two different things.

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