LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The city of Los Angeles earned a dubious distinction this week when it was named first place on GQ magazine’s list of “The Smelliest Cities on the Planet.”

While the title may lend itself to derision, GQ actually praises L.A.’s vast array of environments and the fragrances they emit. From the city’s ocean breezes to the horticultural scents from the hills, and even hot asphalt and sunblock, GQ seems to consider L.A. an aromatic phenomenon.

Others on GQ’s list include Dallas – praised most for its mid-thunderstorm essence, Mumbai for its heavy layer of spices, incense and tropical sea scents, and New Orleans for its Gulf aromas.

The title of Worst-Smelling City goes to Paris. GQ decries The City of Light’s cigarette smoke, stale coffee odors, and the bad breath of its natives.