NORTHRIDGE (CBS) — Students and faculty are protesting new budget-driven restrictions on the number of students allowed to enroll in classes at Cal State Northridge.

The university faces a cutback of $7 million in state funding if it doesn’t drop its spring enrollment by 2,800 full-time students.

With 34,000 students on campus, the school enrolled several thousand more students than the target set by the university system.

CSUN student Margo Dionisio told CBS2’s Dave Bryan that her classes are so overcrowded to the point that it could set back the date of her graduation.

“Everyone’s struggling to register for classes and it’s hard. I mean, they expect us to graduate in four years, but how are we going to do that if we can only get what, 10 units? 9 max,” she said.

Professors at the university are also barred from enrolling students beyond a class’ formal limit, but some have not complied.

Chicano Studies professor Christina Ayala-Alcantar, who has enrolled extra students into her classes, says the situation is heartbreaking and unavoidable.

“I also feel like it’s unethical what we’re doing. We’ve admitted these students. We’ve taken their money and now we’re telling them they cannot enroll in classes. I really feel like that’s problematic and unethical,” she said.

To come into compliance with the limit, CSU Northridge has imposed a cap on the number of credits most students can carry and is enforcing it.

Graduating seniors and some other groups will still be able to take more than 15 credits.

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  1. HUTAManagement says:

    This is typical. The brand new modern STUDENT UNION gets the money and then they start complaining about restraints in student enrolling, being accepted.

    Same thing at the community college level – look at Los Angeles City College – all the money going into a BRAND NEW STUDENT UNION rather than the decaying art department and other more important departments.

    LACC is even pouring millions into a new modernized music department and you know whats going to run it? The same old tired department with all the career students and tired, dated, out of sync music tenured faculty. Yes, you know I’m talking the truth.

    Its a complete mismanagement of funds and priorities. And who suffers? Students and eventually society.

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