STUDIO CITY (CBS) — A rash of car burglaries has residents on alert as thieves are not only taking their personal belongings but are also making off with garage door openers, allowing them to return.

“I guess no matter where you park even if it is a garage or whatever, I guess you’re never too safe,” victim Brian Shorr told CBS2’s Amanda Burden.

Shorr is one of five victims at a Sherman Oaks complex. The thieves made off with his sunglasses, car registration, insurance and work receipts.

“In my glove box, they basically just took everything and wiped it clean,” he said.

Sandra Shippy, Shorr’s neighbor, was another.

“You feel like somebody violated you,” Shippy said. “And I felt very safe here because the gate would lock and everything and you needed a remote.”

But in both cases, the thieves also stole the remote control that opens the garage gate below their building.

“They go ahead and either sneak in when the gate is just closing. Once they gain entry, then they break into a vehicle and in particular, if they are fortunate enough to find a remote control or a device now they have the ability to return,” says Van Nuys police Officer Ronald Carter.

Police are cautioning residents, who park in gated garage structures, to stop briefly after driving in and look around to make sure no one is gaining access. If you do see an intruder, call police.