MALIBU (CBS) — Half a ton of marijuana was seized after Los Angeles deputies interrupted an overnight attempt to smuggle it ashore.

(credit: CBS)

Investigators received a tip from someone who spotted a panga boat, which are often used by smugglers from Mexico.

The boat landed at Pirate’s Cove sometime between Friday night and early Saturday morning and deputies arrested three men. They said another man was able to escape.

Authorities closed Point Dume State Preserve Saturday morning as they searched for that fourth suspect.

The boat was reportedly loaded with 40-50 bales of marijuana, police reported.

Comments (10)
  1. Sheriff John Brown says:

    Your reporting skills suck. There was NO tip off and Border Patrol responded to this.

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the swell graphic of the “panga” boat so everyone can see what one looks like, or not.

  3. Doug says:

    It is time for war against Mexihole.

    1. NewFavorite says:

      Aha, thank you for the new favorite word! Mexihole.

      1. Beverly Cater says:

        Mexihole is what is happened to California. A once wonderful American Golden

        The low-lives have invaded!

  4. david631 says:

    ahh,yeah were not sure. 50 or 40 bales. were looking for an agent that can count past ten. at least the photographer that took the photo of the suspect let’s us know for sure that it’s usually a hispanic person bringing in the drugs. who woulda thought!!