LOS ANGELES (CBS) — In court papers filed Friday, Michael Jackson’s personal physician asked to be released from jail while he appeals his involuntary manslaughter conviction.

In a written declaration, Dr. Conrad Murray asked Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor to release him on his own recognizance or on bail pending his appeal.

Murray noted in the declaration that he has been informed by his appellate attorney “that my appeal will take well over a year before an opinion is rendered.”

“I am aware of the fact that I will have to serve out the remainder of my sentence less credit for the time I have served if I am not successful on appeal,” wrote Murray, who was sentenced Nov. 29 to four years in county jail.

Murray, who will turn 59 next month, has been behind bars since being convicted Nov. 7.

The defense is asking that the request be heard Feb. 24.

In his declaration, Murray wrote that he would comply with any conditions such as electronic monitoring and would live with Nicole Alvarez and the couple’s son, who will turn 3 in March. He also said he would “endeavor to seek employment within the parameters allowed by the court so that I could contribute to the support of each of my children.”

In court papers filed along with the declaration, defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan wrote that Murray’s sentence “is very severe when considering his life history and the isolated and unusual circumstances giving rise to the facts upon which his conviction was based.”

In the filing, Flanagan wrote that Murray’s conviction “arose out of facts that were the result of an unusual situation, a close friendship with Michael Jackson and a desire to assist him through a difficult situation. Dr. Murray may have made wrong choices and not have exercised good medical judgment at times, but he never intended to injure anyone.”

The defense attorney also noted that Murray is jailed under “maximum security” conditions. He is isolated in a solitary cell and only taken out with his hands chained to his waist when he is escorted by several sheriff’s deputies, and that he is “always chained to a table when he meets with his lawyer in the attorney conference room.”

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  1. dorothy starks says:

    oh chains poor guy..micheal was unable to get up at least he can walk chained keep in jail

    1. Sue Adams says:

      Indeed! “Poor Conrad Murray” – NOT!!!!!

  2. Jody says:

    Frankly, I can’t understand why the city didn’t hold a parade in his honor.

    1. Sue Adams says:

      Tabloid media brainwashed sheep!

      1. Murray is a Hero says:

        Get off the net troll. That’s why you’ve earned the name..stupid Suzie. How is this story tabloid? Paranoid and delusional at all times. Give Murray a medal. MJ wanted death and that’s what drug addicts deserve. Keep spreading the hate Suzie. I doubt when you go to jail for making death threats, you’ll get out as early as Murray.

        You go Murray!

  3. 2Kittycats says:

    I think it would be the just thing to do and it would make judge pastor appear less biased as he appeared during the trial. Let theprosecutors make fools of themselves but the judge should be objective and I think that Murray does not belong behind bars ..

    1. Sue Adams says:

      Well, when they let him out FAR TOO EARLY on a 4 year sentence which is a sick joke anyways considering what he did; I’ll send him your way to accept you as a patient and see what your family feel when he’s killed you then shall I!!!!

      1. Lynette Anderson says:

        Your feeble mind is that filled with hate that you have no idea wha the law is. MJ paid Murray to give him this dangerous drug in a home setting. It was Wacko who begged for it. Death! he was warned. He did not care. He chose that over his purchased kids. How about we send him to your trailer you never seem to get out of? death threat making lunatic. I’ll tweet your foul hate. The house of pedo worship is falling down.

        Murray will get out and make lots of money whilest you rot from the inside out.

  4. GC1008 says:

    When someone is convicted, they go to jail. He was convicted.

  5. juney07 says:

    When Michael rises like Lazarus, then Murray should get out of jail. And CBS, STOP referring to Murray as “Doctor”; he no longer has his license to kill. He’s not a “doctor”, never really was a “doctor”, just a lowlife sniveling opportunist, like so many who exploited MJ in his final years.

  6. narkose says:

    Sociopath Murray is a danger to society, has yet to express any remorse & deserves to serve out his sentence. For someone who d to be dragged to court & compelled to pay child support to contend he wants to work to support his children is a contemptible joke. Murray has dishonored every financial obligation in his life including his medical school loans.

  7. mjlover4lifeisaSociopath says:

    Danger to society is you Lynette Anderson/susie/narkose ooozing your sick hate at a man you never met. They should stick you in the cell with him, death threat making lunatic. You talk about child support? You’re a jobless old hag sucking off her 35 yr old daughter in TN. You haters don’t function in society. No wonder you have no idea what sociopath means?

    Murray is going to walk and not a darn thing you could do about it. He’s going to be rich whilest you rot from the inside out. Where do you think all that hate goes? Back at you.

    1. nick says:

      if you are not a hater, what are you? you idoit Lynette Anderson

  8. srm says:

    needs to stay in jail this man has not one once of remorse in him

  9. nick says:

    If Murray did not want to be chained or even being in jail, he should NOT have given MJ the milk. It is murray’s fault.

  10. alma says:

    murray u killed michael jackson period so you must face the consequences and u said that u did nothing wrong and that u should be free. it is in the evidence that u did commit a crime and u did not own up to it so definately u deserve to go to jail and do ur sentence behind bars

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