LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The body found Thursday near the Riverside Drive on-ramp to the southbound Glendale (2) Freeway in the Silver Lake area Thursday morning has been identified as missing 22-year-old mother Bree’ Anna Guzman.

Guzman, a mother of two and a Lincoln Heights resident, went out to a Rite Aid for cough medicine a month ago today but never returned.

Guzman was discovered — partially clothed — about 9 a.m., according to police and the coroner’s office. The cause of death was not immediately known.

The body was apparently was dumped at the location, said Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Andy Smith.

LAPD Detective Ian Villanueva said that although the case is being conducted by the department’s robbery homicide unit, a final determination of Guzman’s cause of death will be made by the coroner’s office.

Juan Fernandez, reporting for KCAL9 and CBS2, spoke with Tim Towney, a spokesman for the Guzman family.

Towney said he had talked to Guzman’s mother. Guzman had lived with her mother, her two children, two sisters, in the apartment, he said.

“I just talked to the mother. it was a short conversation. She wanted to gather her thoughts,” he said, adding that she appreciated the prayers of those who had been waiting word about her.

Guzman’s friend Selena Marie told KCAL9 that “we just want to know why?”

“Why would somebody even want to bother her?” Marie said. “She was not that kind of person. She was somebody’s best friend, somebody’s mother.”

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  1. ILLEGALS says:

    2nd woman from Lincoln Heights Rraped & Murdered in a matter of a few weeks.. The other one was a 16 yo Lincoln HS student..

    Both were Rraped & Dumped just off the Freeway..



  3. South Side Chingas Locos says:

    Lincoln Park, not a very good area!!

  4. Lorena A Sandoval Rodriguez says:

    very sad my prayers and deepest condolences to the family ….. sorry for your lost I can’t imagine the pain and suffering the family is going through and I know nothing that can be said could alleviate your heart ….. but may god give you strength,comfort, peace and abundance in life …… she is resting in peace in our father home she will be watching over her family … god bless

  5. guest says:

    oh gosh! celena really needs to get over herself!
    every time some tragedy happens in the hood she swears she was BFFS with them and knew them like the palm of her hand.
    Anyway on to more important things … this is really sad. I hope they find the guy/s that did this to her.

  6. Miley says:

    Really????????????? guest! What does Celena have to do with Bree’s body being found?? You’re the one that needs to get over your self!! This article aint about whatever beef you and Celena have.. This is a real life Tragedy ; ( have some respect!

    1. Allie Mi Dolly says:

      yes i agree, its about this poor girl, not that be, show some respect Guest!!!

  7. ME says:

    I also live in the Lincoln Heights area and this is such a tragedy. I can honestly say that i am afraid to walk to my car in the mornings to go to work since its still dark out when i leave, its a horrible feeling not having that sense of comfort in your own neighborhood. I just hope they find the he or she that did this for the sake of our lives and our childrens lives. Condolences to the family, especially her little ones.

    BTW it could have been any neighborhood, rich or poor…

    1. Allie Mi Dolly says:

      i agree it could happen anymore, RIP bree..

    2. bob Henning says:

      Well if you bought a Pistol, learned to use it really well, took a few ldefensive fighting courses so you can defend yourself you would be far more confident and with your new Confidence would come awareness. Being truly aware of your surroundings and being alert and watchfull will help you a great deal. I realize that Californias Inept Government only allows the Criminals to carry guns However Buy one anyway, Better to get a Ticket for it than a Death Certificate for Not.

  8. Blogengeezer says:

    The Career Repeat Offenders kept in circulation by taxpayer funded public defenders and councilors, are good at one thing ‘Repeatedly Offending’ against their innocent victims. Remember it is their Career, they become very adept at it. With the police only minutes away when seconds count, You are the Last resource for Your Own defense. Do not Vote away Your Rights in search of utopian imagined safety.

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