LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Three students were expelled from Samuel Gompers Middle School in South Los Angeles after a fight in a seventh grade English class involving a knife and a gun, authorities said Thursday.

The fight happened at the school in the 200 block of East 112th Street Wednesday about 2:45 p.m., said Patrick Sinclair, senior director of communications for the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools.

Gompers is one of 22 schools in impoverished parts of the city founded under pressure from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

“Apparently two kids got in an argument near the end of the day and one pulled a knife and the other pulled a gun,” Sinclair said.

Sinclair said that it was not clear what the argument was about. He said there are 20 students in the class “and there are 20 different versions of what they were fighting about.”

As best as he could characterize the fight, one of the students was teasing another.

“The verbal argument escalated and one of the students pulled out a knife and the other pulled a gun from a backpack. The rest of the students panicked and fled as fast as they could. Then the two students involved in the fight fled. One student put the knife back in his pocket and the other dropped the backpack with the gun as he as running.”

Sinclair said that it turned out the backpack belonged to a third student, and all three were turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department and will be expelled.

Partnership schools are in such areas as South Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and Watts. Sinclair said about 17,000 students are in the schools that are in “historically impoverished neighborhoods.”

Security handled the matter in about 20 minutes.

Sinclair said the school does not have metal detectors.

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Comments (20)
  1. Art says:

    7th Grade??? Damn!!!

  2. Richard Gilbert says:

    I won’t blame them for carrying weapons to school some of the people who are employed by LAUSD are as creepy as Jerry Sandusky

  3. ginny says:

    Good Lord, the schools in LA are looking more and more like they did in Chicago/New York. It’s sad to say, but it’s time to put single entry areas in schools with metal detectors for daily checks. Other large cities have done it and it has been supported in the courts as legal in every suit that was filed.

  4. A Concerned Parent says:

    So the school said that they passed out letters to all the students parents about the accident that took place yesterday at Samuel Gompers Middle School, involving 3 students a gun and knife. Well I know that is not true I am a parent of a 7 grade student that go to Gompers and not only did I not get the letter they say went out but they did not inform me with true information about what happen, I was one of the parents that ask one of the staff that work at Gompers why the school was on lock down and she then inform me that “There was a shooting on the next block and they had to lock down the school as a procedure” and that “They will dismiss the school one class at a time through one gate” my daughter did not come out of the school until about 4:27 pm, the sad part is had that school had any metal detectors this would have ended in a different way. And as for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa my opinion on that is, “He say everything to make hisself look good but when it come down to this community, (1) He don’t live here. (2) He has never spent no more then a hour in this community except to show his face and make it seem like he is so concerned about what happen and to say what he can do for this community I find a bit hilarious because we will never see all the things he said he will do for our community”…

    1. augusto polanco says:


  5. TRAILER PARK says:

    @ A Concerned Parent, Amen.

  6. Helen Sturges says:

    On the Gompers knife/gun story that was reported, It was not reported accurately! I am the grandparent of the victim in the true story. My grandson had an altercation with someone on Tues. He was threatened that a gun would be brought to school to kill him the next day. He did not notify the school of this threat. The other student did bring a gun as stated in his threat. His friend had a knife. Thank God someone saw it or heard about him having it and told. It was discovered after 2:00 into the school day. Had they not told, my grandson may have been shot after school yesterday. I really wish someone of importance decide to implement metal detectors before someone is seriously hurt or killed!! I feel the truth needs to be told.

  7. yeeeeeep says:

    da news bee lying cuz dey did not run too safety dey ran out side da class n ran back in thats wat my first period teacher said

  8. jason white says:

    I live in the nieghborhood where Gompers is, and I want go find out more about the CRST Public Safety guys are. Those guys in green are actively patrolling our schools and community and is doing alot to help our kids. And I hear it was those guys who was the security that found the gun and got the kids! The media need to find out who they are and what they do.

  9. real story says:

    really? you forgot to mention that your grandson told his father, your son, about the threat the same day it happened; yet, your own son didn’t pay attention to your grandson. He should have brought your grandson to school the next day and shared that information, maybe then, all of this would have been avoided……..thanks a lot!!

    1. Helen Sturges says:

      incorrect statement!!…He told him to go tell someone at the school that day. My grandson chose not to.I admit I would have went to the school myself as parent but the next day is when he brought the gun to school

      1. Helen Sturges says:

        He chose not to tell because of how our childrn treat “snitches”!!…Since Weds events, he has been approached by several students angrily telling him they heard he snitched about the boy having a gun…Is this crazy or not…What is wrong with our youth???…He should have told that day as he was told to do…He did not for this very reason….I’m not saying he was right in his decision for not telling, I still feel he should have told, but parent please talk more to your kids about why sometimes you have to tell…They put snitching above safety and everything else!!!…and according to school personal, they will beat you for telling even if it doesn’t relate to them.

  10. Null says:

    No one is talking about the root cause here. Lots of meandering talk… no wonder you can never solve this problem.

    I’ll give it to you straight: Parents or parent. Probably problem students themselves, probably generationally ga_ng culture members, the overall thu_g glorification and sub culture that permeates these areas… the total breakdown of ethics, morals, pride, self-respect that is NOT instilled in children in their family by parent(s) and by others in the neighborhoods they live in. Self-esteem not existent.

    I can go on and on, but NO ONE in those communities, has the heart, regardless of how much they complain on TV that they are angry and how ridiculous it is, NO ONE will make an effort to change anything at the root level.

    Why? Because thuggery and criminality has become part of what values children are exposed to, you have that at an entertainment level glorified and that lifestyle which seemed like it was a high school level idio_cy, now has gone further. Right under the communities noses.

    Tragic but THEY are responsible as a community for this.

  11. Helen Sturges says:

    I agree, to a point. It is the parent of a child that doesn’t try to ‘raise’ their child. The community that doesn’t care about our youths to the point of making changes in the ‘poor’, gang infested communities. However, it is the individuals who have to take responsibility for their actions. Instead of placing blame on something or someone, The person ‘REAL STORY’ should know that all kids defy their parents at some point and sometimes, just sometimes that decision may do them and others harm. His defiance could very well have cost him his life or the life of others and he is aware of that now. With all that said, He is still a victim in this situation. The other child did make good on his threat to bring the gun to school. I can say I blame his parents but I don’t know them. I have no knowledge if they try to teach their child the right things to do or not. I am an old school grandmother and I help teach my grandchildren the rights and wrongs of life along with the consequences of their actions when choosing the latter. Unfortunately society teaches the youth today that our hands our tied. Then you have those parents in our communities that just don’t care that their child handle all situations badly/violently because they weren’t taught correctly themselves. Then you have the schools that really care less if your child learns, if he goes to class or fights. So what do we do??…Take further steps through the school board?? Been there, done that with pacifying results.

    1. null says:

      Children, if brought up right WILL not defy or fool their parents. Thats the part that I have to zoom in on.

      Its an absolute cop out to suggest that ALL kids defy, sure, there is a rebelliousness to youth thats going to be there as they learn about themselves and the world and how they want to define it and themselves in it, sure, got it.

      BUT no way, nOWAY that thats an excuse for this type of behavior or lack of judgment, impulsive criminal actions.

      There’s something not only terribly gone wrong in parenting, but in communities and our pop culture. Because these kids have grown up with thuggery and criminal culture influences found in Hip HOp. Yes, its a tired notion, BUT its TRUE. Listen to how they talk, what they say, how they carry themselves. You think those that pass off as entertainers have NO influence over teen and now KID, children’s behavior and you’re in denial, delusional and think people that bring this subject up as crazy. No, when you have children constantly bombarded with th_ug imagery, lyrical content that suggests guns, violence, hate, envy, crime, and glorification there of, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.

      And subcultures like generational gan_g families and communities, heck, it may not even be SUB culture but now has risen from the sediment upto mainstream everyday culture… then you have a serious problem, a very serious problem.

      You see these same things play out all the time, it will continue and parents aren’t working harder to fight for their kids from other bad kids raising them, influencing them and from the influential entertainment world.

      But I see no good in the future, because most if not all are in denial, blaming others. ANd then they will grow up have children and the cycle continues.

      1. Helen Sturges says:

        Null – What world are you from?…Your first comment is so far from the truth. Being rebellious is an act to defy. Are you implying that only the children in our communities is not taught or raised up knowing to be respectful, courtious individuals in society regardless of the media attention some get. That the parents of ALL our children allow them to watch or listen to negative music and movies. That because gangs are heavier in our areas, we become like them. Please! We can teach, monitor, preach, and the child will grow into his own – good or bad. It’s a matter of their choosing, not up-bringing. There are those (even in other areas!!) who have the best parents ever, give to them spirituality, teach them to be respectful in life, never allow their children around the ‘wrong’ folks, send them to the best schools and they still grow up to beat their parents, kill their neighbors, shoot up schools etc!! And you would probably still say it was their lack of being raised properly. Keep it real. Everyone, regardless of their upbringing choose their life’s direction. Not ALL who where neglected or raised in a certain environment choose the wrong direction in life. Those who let their negative up-bringing decide their life’s fate is by choose. But to say what do we expect of someone brought up in a certain area, or listening to certain music have to surcomb to that lifestyle is ignorant. Does a child growing up with a parent who is a rapist grow up to rape? Does a child raised listening to acid/punk rock always commit suicide? according to you, that’s their fate!!…Wow sterotyping to the highest degree!!

      2. null says:

        ^Helen Sturges – You are spinning the truth around. The apparent. You know perfectly well that children, good or bad, reflect the upbringing. You will have straight and narrow kids if you guide them correctly, there IS NO way they will meander. Trust me on that one.

        You are an enabler, and excuse maker, a spinner, a facilitator of failure. You give the kids all that, and excuse the parents.

        I’m giving you the realities of what it is but you are choosing to ignore them and come up with all kinds of convoluted examples and accusations.

        NO SOLUTIONS, thats all you are about. Just EXCUSES.

        No wonder. We’re doomed.

      3. Helen says:

        If that is what you believe Null, so be it…With your logic myself and my siblings should be a fighting, cursing gang bangers who uses drugs and alcohol as enjoyment. Instead we turned out to be hard working positive influences on the job and in the communities we live in. We have became the persons your kids come tell their problems with you about for advice. The persons all our kids friends call Mom because at some point in their lives, we made a positive difference,. So to call me an enabler is so far from the truth…If you are exactly what your parents raised you to be then I have a pretty good idea of what kind of people they were (prejudice and judgmental about those they know nothing about). Ans because it’s so clear you have no knowledge of anything this will be my last reply to you… Why keep bumping heads with someone who thinks ALL of us minorities outside of your community are products of our upbringing…We all are doomed…Wow

      4. null says:

        That didn’t make too much sense Helen, the enabler.

        My kids go to ME for advice.

        Ans… yes, I’ve lived amongst them, I know them pretty darn well, regretfully…

        Whats worse, a judgmental person, or a ga_ng b_anger?

        Right, thank you.

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