LONG BEACH (CBS) — Executive pay and an impasse with the teachers union were atop the agenda as Cal State University trustees began a two-day meeting in Long Beach on Tuesday.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports the unusually high-profile summit has even drawn the attention of a state senator.

State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) leads the opposition to president’s pay and was expected to make a personal appearance at the meeting.

California Faculty Association president Lillian Taiz said the same issues such as teacher pay and the impact of budget cuts on students that fueled last year’s one-day strike have not gone away in the new year.

“The negotiations are not moving well, we’re disappointed at the progress, we are in mediation now and certainly hope they will take it seriously,” said Taiz.

Faculty members at Cal State Dominguez Hills staged a walkout in November — just one day after police were forced to subdue protesters outraged over executive salaries on campus at Cal State Fullerton.

The CSU trustees board canceled a meeting later that month over safety concerns.

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  1. Rick Johnson says:

    Yeah, go on strike, at a time of massive unemployment and public contempt for overpaid public sector employees! I work for a local community college district, and believe me nobody is more out of touch with reality than college and university professors. If grocery workers, who DO have public sympathy and support couldn’t get their reasonable demands met these geeks don’t have a prayer!

  2. FLF says:

    EXCELLENT observations Rick.. the problem with most all college ‘elites” that they are all extreme liberal democrats and in their minds this makes them far and above everyone else. Rational thinking and reasoning powers don’t apply to them. ESPECIALLY living economically in a real world! Bulletin to them: EVENTUALLY you run our of other people’s (taxpayer) money and the piper WILL be paid! Welcome to the REAL world!

    1. bdj says:

      To FLF,

      How do you know that most all college ‘elites” are extreme liberal democrats? Where did you get your information? Did you speak to all those people and get their political standings. There maybe some extreme liberal democrats in the college and universities, but that does not mean you can label all of them that way.

  3. FLF says:

    Ok NOT all are liberals but a five to one statistic is kind of a LARGE average. Well the latest survey I could find was dated 2005, there are many many more out there, but validity might be suspect.. Anyhow this one below shows liberals outnumber conservative instructors five to one on campuses. It is common knowledge on most colleges that the faculty is liberal slanted. If in any doubt go to any public school or state college and announce in front of teachers that you regularly watch Fox news, listen to Sean Hannity, or subscribe to NewsMax or the Drudge Report and see how quickly you are ostracized.. now you never announced you are even leaning conservative either. But the brush paints broad both ways..

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