LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Hundreds of protesters rallied Tuesday against a proposal to expand the Los Angeles County jail system. They say the nearly $1.5 billion on the table could be used to help prevent crime instead.

“If we provide the proper services for people, we need to prevent people from going into cages rather than building more cages” said protester Mary Sutton.

Susan Burton was among the demonstrators outside the Board of Supervisors meeting where the proposal was being considered.

“Do not build a new prison,” said Burton. “Because what I know is if you build them you’ll fill them, and you’ll overfill them.”

LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina also voiced concerns regarding the proposal inside the meeting.

“I’ve had a problem with the building of a new jail because I don’t think we have received a comprehensive report about the management failings in LA County,” said Molina.

LA County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore said he understands Molina’s concerns.

“This is a very difficult budget time for everybody,” said Whitmore. “And so to be steward of the finances, they’re asking questions; we will certainly answer them.”

The expansion plan introduced several years ago by Sheriff Lee Baca includes tearing down the Men’s Central Jail and adding three new towers, as well as building a new women’s facility at Pitchess Detention Center.

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  1. Sad Clown from La Habra says:

    You prevent crime at the root level. By instilling character, dignity, ethics into your children. You don’t let them get exposed to gang or thug criminal culture, you protect and guide and even FIGHT for your children so they don’t end up going down the path of thuggery and criminality.

    Burton there says “do not build a new prison… because you’ll over fill them.

    What all these … people never admit to is that its THEM who are responsible for filling them. In other words, they help create the criminals that fill them. The police are not responsible, YOU are for filling jails.

    Protester Sutton needs to turn to the protesters there and say WE, YOU need to prevent people from going into “cages”, not asking for more “services”.

    But those protesters, they come from a community that blames all their shortcomings and failings on the rest of society, on the police, etc. etc. Its never THEM. Their cultural defects.

    Molina, she’s just talking technicalities to jam the jail building. Bureaucracy at its best. But does she or has she ever requested her people to stop the generational tradition of gang bangers in her community? No. Its never them, its always… someone else’s fault.

    Homegirl there in the video says “this monay coul go to homeless peeple, this money could go to you know, like… to help the peopol to get the education bak…”

    More jail cells are not the answer, but starting with YOU sure is.

  2. Dan says:

    Enough with this covert racism, just come out and say it, you think Blacks and Hispanics are defective. It’s much easier to blame ‘THEM’, as you put it, than to look at who’s in jail, and why. How many people are in prison for smoking pot or other victimless crimes? Is that worth the taxpayers paying $25,000 a year for? How about all those poor slobs in for life on ‘three strikes’ counts for stealing some Doritos from 7-11? What about the all the WHITE people in jail because they got hooked on meth and turned to crime to feed the habit? If you grow up poor you don’t always have the luxury of totally together parents who teach you how to live right.

    1. Sad Clown from La Habra says:

      You said that Dan, I didn’t. You created your conclusion, not me.

      A culture that creates generational g_ang ban_gers and does nothing about it, has a defect.

      I’ll put it another way, they need to start with themselves and fix that defect or those defects that continually create criminals, thu_gs and gan_g b_angers, again, generationally.

      You’re trying to twist into something its not. A defective part of their culture.

      Now, are cultures easy to change? No. So its a “last chance lost”, over and over and over again.

      Every new generation an opportunity to change the cycle they find themselves in. But they ALWAYS BLAME OTHERS… much like YOURSELF…DAN.

      Give me actual case evidence about stealing a doritos bag. And what idio_t knows that if he/she gets busted for stealing a doritios bag knowing they’ll get sent to jail for life…?

      Please, you’re literally whitewashing it …DAN.

      I grew up poor DAN.

      I was offered weed for free as a child by a drug pusher in the Pico Union area back in the 70’s DAN and I KNEW as a child that I loved my mother, respected her, she instilled in me ethics, morals, dignity and pride, not a nationalistic pride, but pride in oneself… I could of ended up a little gan_g chol_o kid… and I KNEW that it wasn’t the way.

      And no, I’m not Mexican, but I’m Latino and proud my culture doesn’t have ga-ngs as part of its culture …DAN.

  3. steve heeer says:

    large percentage are illegal mexicans . google it .they come here illegally plus break more laws when here . only ones against a new jail are ones who might end up going there .lol

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