LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Hollywood school where Michael Jackson attended sixth grade is unveiling a new music lab bearing his name.

The Michael Jackson Music Education Lab at Gardner Street Elementary School will be the campus’ new curriculum and interactive music education program, to teach students how to read music, play piano and compose and arrange music.

Jackson was an 11-year-old boy when he attended classes at Gardner during the day. By night, he performed with his family group, “The Jackson Five.”

The school’s auditorium was dedicated to the King of Pop in 1989. At the height of Jackson’s child molestation scandal, boards were placed over the name of Michael Jackson Auditorium.

When Jackson died in 2009, fans called for the boards to be removed. In 2010, school district Superintendent Ramon Cortines directed the cover to be removed “in recognition of Michael Jackson’s musical legacy and contribution to modern culture.”

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  1. Unchained says:

    Music is great for children’s minds/brains. It involves mathematics, organization, discipline, and actually has been proven to enhance a child’s intelligence.

    Of course if its actually the learning of music notation, reading, music theory, not just the easy skip-all-that hip hop way of tapping on keyboards and bobbing your head in front of a computer.


    Music labs are difficult and yet easy to manage. Firstly, you need to think security. Then if you have a computer based music lab, every computer should have a specific login user account for each child in the class. DO NOT SHARE one account, that will only hinder their learning as they deal with computer file issues.

    I’ve seen these issues at other music “labs” and its totally counterproductive to a students learning.

    And before any child touches software for making music, they need to know how to use the OS at a solid basic level – file and folder management, etc. etc.

    Again, if you don’t set up a seamless disciplined music computer based lab, it WILL be counterproductive.

    Good luck Gardner! Sounds like a great lab and tribute to MJ to get those kids inspired!

  2. Cindy duck says:

    Really, he was potentially a child molestor, just wrong.

    1. Tom Watson says:

      Really, you are beyond potentially dumb.

  3. Marie says:

    Cindy Duck…the facts PRESENTED in court prove otherwise. Knowledge is power….

    1. cindy duck says:

      “POTENTIALLY” Reading is power dumb a….

    2. MartinM says:

      Would you let Michael Jackson take care of your kids?

  4. Milveno says:

    Just because he paid everyone off aviod a conviction the doesn’t make him inoccent, in fact it makes him look more guilty and proves that with money and celebrity even child rapist are above the law.

  5. Tom Watson says:

    Who did he pay off Milveno? Where are these people? What are there names? They are adults now and can actually speak for themselves. They don’t need someone like you who knows absolutely nothing to speak for them. And don’t bleat about “he paid them off” because even if he did any agreement he had with them died with him. Why is it still just idiots like you ducky wuck who are vomiting up this garbage? Either bring on some proof that the LAPD, FBI, a DA with a hard-on to convict Jackson of anything, grand juries, a criminal trial and the media have not found in 20 years or shut up.

  6. Paloma says:

    Look this about the music lab not the stupid m jackson

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