POMONA (CBS) — A Rowland Heights woman convicted of smothering her two young sons with a pillow and killing her husband with a sword as he slept was sentenced to death Thursday.

Manling Tsang Williams, 32, was convicted in 2010 in the August 2007 killings of her 27-year-old husband, Neal, and sons, Ian, 3, and Devon, 7.

Williams was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder and found true the special circumstance allegation of multiple murders and lying in wait. But that jury deadlocked on what sentence to recommend, with eight of the 12 jurors favoring a death sentence.

Deputy District Attorney Stacy Okun-Wiese told the jury during the closing arguments in the penalty phase of Williams’ trial that she waited for her family to go to sleep and then “went in for the kill.”

The young mother, 29 at the time, put on a pair of gloves, took a pillow and held it over her 3-year-old son’s face until he lost consciousness, the prosecutor said. She then climbed the bunk bed stairs to her oldest son’s bed and put the pillow over his face as she took “every last breath of air he has,” Okun-Wiese told jurors.

The prosecutor said Williams returned to her computer, checked out the Myspace page of the lover who had suggested she get a divorce, then went out with friends. When she returned home, she chose the heaviest, sharpest sword in the house to attack her sleeping husband on Aug. 8, 2007.

“The defendant killed her own family for no reason other than her selfishness,” Okun-Wiese told jurors, adding that Williams “wanted to be free” to be with the man with whom she was infatuated in high school.

Defense attorney Thomas Althaus said his client would forever suffer from the consequences of what she did and that she would be “severely punished” for the murders.”

“I’m not saying she didn’t commit the crimes,” Williams’ attorney said. But he disputed the prosecution’s contention that the killings were premeditated, noting his client’s statement that everything happened after a fight.

Althaus said his client, who previously had been described as a kind and caring woman, experienced learning disabilities, difficulties in school, physical abuse and repeated criticism while trying to please her mother.

He noted that she had no prior history of violent criminal activity and urged jurors not to let anger or emotion dictate their decision.

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  1. Eigger Dnommah says:

    Can we execute her tonight. Save money you know…

    1. Christina39 says:

      I KNOW you are not an American white Man.

      1. David Powell says:

        Because only an American white man would think killing a man and two children worthy of the death penalty I guess 😛 Please try harder.

      2. Christina39 says:

        to David Powel, No only an American white man would think she should be set free.

      3. David Powell says:

        I guess this poster believes that only an American white man would consider the murder of a man and two children to be worthy of the death penalty. Perhaps she doesn’t know a lot of people.

      4. David Powell says:

        He didn’t say to set her free… unless you consider killing someone releasing them, which it is in one sense but not a legal one.

  2. Christina39 says:

    OMG what a loss to white American men. I am so sorry.

    1. bobDremn says:

      Dear Christina OMG You make me want to VOMIT. Take a Sword to Yourself,It would be a loss only to the Mixed Breed Dogs that gave buirth to you.

      1. Christina39 says:

        No worries bobDream, there are other mail order brides for you. No need to criticize my sarcasm.

  3. The Big Logic says:

    I can see blowing a stray load into this, but marrying, and having kids with it blows my mind. “The biggest sword in the house”, Wth was it a Ninja museum?

    1. Christina39 says:

      I am not being insulting, I am really not, but I would have thought you would be paying for her appeal. Good for you!

  4. Christina39 says:

    Come on Uncle Cracker. Look around you at who is marrying who..

    1. Uncle Cracker says:

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  5. Frank says:

    Looks guilty.

  6. Louie says:

    Stupid woman going Jungle Fever!

    1. Christina39 says:


  7. ILLEGALS says:

    I’m curious what her online lover’s advice for her now???

    He’s probably telling her to commit suicide now & end the misery.

  8. Danny Ross says:

    Anyone consider she might be a few beers shy of a six pack? Such an action is certainly not what a rational person would do. Did she try to cover up her actions?

    1. Ben Stellar says:

      Danny, Clearly her Sanity was already in Question, Or did you miss the part of her being Married to a Black Feller. Very Few if Any happy endings come out of Women Marrying Blacks.

      1. Christina39 says:

        Sorry the husband is white. Try again! Oh was white

  9. iluvpizza says:

    Good job, jury!!!
    They had the guts to do the right thing, unlike the stupid Casey Anthony jury.

  10. IHATERACISM says:

    Neal Williams, 27, a white man, was killed along with his two sons, Devon, 7, and Ian, 3, small boys of mixed white/Asian descent, in the 18000 block of Camino Bello in Rowland Heights. Their bodies were found at about 8 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 8. Williams died from multiple stab wounds. The boys were reported to have been suffocated. Williams’ wife, Man-Ling Williams, 27, the mother of both children, was arrested.

  11. murder is murder you clown for bringing race into it

  12. John Stagg says:

    Race mixing is a sin and nothing good can come of it. For some sick reason all non white races hate white people and want to see them all dead but they are not racist, oh no!

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