LONG BEACH (CBS) — Fire investigators have had their hands full with dozens of intentionally set Christmas tree fires.

Officials say as many as 60 fires have been set in the past several days involving Christmas trees that have been left on the curb for trash pick up, KNX 1070’s Ron Killgore reports.

“The risk of the public being hurt, victims being burned in these fires from the fire venturing into their home which is a very real possibility,” Long Beach Fire Arson Capt. Pat Wills said.

No injuries have been reported.

The city of Long Beach will stop collecting the trees Saturday.

The Christmas tree arson fires and not related to the Central Long Beach fire of last May, officials said.

Investigators are following up on leads but are asking for the public’s help.

Anyone with information should call the Long Beach Fire Department’s Arson Tip hotline at (562) 570-2582.

Comments (19)
  1. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    clearly its the result of global warming. man bear pig.

  2. brian says:

    When I was a kid in the Bronx, we burned piles of trees in intersections. The fire fighters let them burn out and washed the ashes into the sewers, leaving charred trunks for the garbage collectors.

  3. walter12 says:

    Everyone knows that under this monster Obama and with the Mexican invasion still going on, LA has become a cesspool of crime and decay and chaos. Soon you will have total anarchy in LA and other locations in California.

    1. Bill O says:

      And this relates to Christmas trees?

      1. duh says:

        No, it relates to whatever psychological disorder Walt suffers from

    2. MayfaireOquinn says:

      Oh, please. I live in Los Angeles, it is nothing like you describe.

      You’ve probably never even dared to drive outside of the county you were born in, Walter, so please stop pretending like you know anything about other people’s home towns.

      1. walljasper says:

        Oh shut up you silly defensive twit.

        I have lived and wandered in LA for many years and Walter is spot on.

        He can at least see further than you can from your privileged front window, I think.

    3. stfu says:

      Waltt12 is a DrudgeReport click-thru moron. The comment section of any article unlucky to be selected is invaded by right wing super-nazi’s

      1. walljasper says:

        Thanks for the elucidating Nazi comment. Always great to hear form the overtly paranoid and schiz community. Peace and love, bra. You sound tired and a bit tweaked so be sure to borrow cab fare from your neighbor when you do your pick up from the dispensary on the way into Venice for the drum session.

      2. jim says:

        What a talent you have to instantly know Walt without ever meeting him, wow.

  4. Midge Martin says:

    Maybe burning a tree is a hate crime against paganism … hmmm…. a whole new set of hate laws. That’s the future for jobs in Omerika. Who knew? Druids are people too!


  5. Chingatch Croute says:

    Maybe fine the thoughtless litterers who just toss their trees onto the streets!?
    I think they should have a deposit on XMas trees like on soda bottles, turn one in to a disposal place and get $5.00!

    1. walljasper says:

      I’m sure a depositt policy will stir the deep feelings of civic pride so evident in the Mexican-overrun barrio of Los Angeles. ‘Looking forward to those gleaming streets and no litter.

  6. HTuttle says:

    We used to haul them to the local pond and fire them up to keep warm while skating. That was back when people actually skated on ponds. Nowadays that seems to be prohibited everywhere.

  7. John Markham says:

    How times have changed! When I was a kid in the 1950s, we’d find trees that people had left outside and we’d take them to a vacant lot and set them on fire. Those dry trees practically exploded in flames and it gave us kids a few minutes of harmless thrills to see them go up. Sometimes the helpful tree-owners actually deposited their trees in the lots, knowing we’d be along with matches. Nice.

    Now, what? Burning Christmas trees has become wrong to s certain tight-ass segment of the population. Can’t say, “Aw, grow up.” They did but it had an adverse effect on some of them. Losers.

  8. Miguel says:

    Interesting to see the liberal elite condemning those who support Christmas through the mechanism of this sideshow story herein. Those same elites will do some serious house-hunting when their streets and neighborhoods start going bad. I’ve met legal Columbian Immigrants who were scandalized at the horrors they saw in So-Cal & how working wages were so depressed by the illegal invasion so encouraged by these same liberal elitists who are so full of hatred for their fellow Americans

  9. Habbo Luffy says:

    The actual project planners wish that this manufactured Edelweiss fibers will give you the identical amount of ultraviolet protection since the nanoparticles but always be simpler to take care of.sunblock

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