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If you saw Kobe Bryant’s performance against the Suns, you probably thought two things: 1) Kobe is super good at basketball still and 2) I guess that German knee mystery procedure really worked.

Not only did Kobe drop 48 points, but he finished a reverse alley-oop. He was bouncing around out there like he just finished practice at Lower Merion. The strange medical procedure he has done in Germany over the summer has seemed to bring back his hops and strength in his legs.

So with him battling a nagging wrist sprain that causes him pain everyday, as he said, would he consider trying the procedure on his wrist? Not happening, according to the L.A. Times:

He will not undergo the same procedure on his wrist that he had on his knee and ankle in Germany last year, for a variety of reasons.

Of greatest importance, the German doctor whom Bryant trusts immensely, Peter Wehling, does not plan on coming to America to do his innovative “regenokine” or “orthokine” procedures that aim to reduce swelling, The Times has learned.

Part of the problem is that there’s not really an opportunity for Kobe to do it unless the German doctor comes over. It’s not like the Lakers have an away game in Berlin this season.

The Lakers do not foresee giving Bryant time off from the regular season to go overseas, especially because of his steady play, said a person familiar with the situation. If Bryant underwent the procedure, he would need about a week to recover.

Plus, it hasn’t really proven to be an issue. Kobe is getting shots and it’s hurting, but being the tough guy he is, he’s playing through it. And obviously playing well, as evidenced by the fact the 33-year-old is leading the NBA in scoring.

The wrist might be an issue for Kobe all season, but then again, he won a title with a busted index finger too. The guy plays through injury and normally plays pretty well.


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