LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Thousands of Los Angeles County workers who collected a reported $48 million in unused vacation pay could dramatically impact both the county’s budget and pension funds, according to county officials.

KNX 1070’s Vytas Safronikas reports the Board of Supervisors is outraged over a new report showing dozens of retirees receiving hefty compensation packages.

The Los Angeles Times reported on one Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. Marie Hannah who retired with a $143,000 annual pension and a one-time payment of $183,683 for unused time off.

The package was reportedly for a combination of 325 days of vacation pay, sick time, comp time and holidays, the Times reported.

Now county officials are warning such extravagant payouts could put the county’s fiscal health at risk.

“It has an impact on the current budget, as it will have a direct impact on liability of the pension fund,” said Supervisor Mike Antonovich.

Antonovich recommended taking action either directly through administrative measures or through labor negotiations to tackle the problem.

Most employers restrict how much comp time can be accrued by any single employee, but the report is a clear reminder that abuse isstill rampant.

“The board is concerned that this is an abuse that is out of control,” Antonovich said.

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  1. Corruption says:

    Corruption, Corruption, Corruption.

  2. R Mal says:

    This is typical of Government Agencies. The city, county state and federal government need to adopt a “Use It Or Lose It” policy like a regular business does, It is a disservice to the people if this kind of thing is allowed to continue. Also the abuse that is allowed in the pension systems by letting employees Cram hours during the last year to boost pension payouts should be stopped immediately. Pension pay should be calculated on the base salary pay only!!

  3. GR0WAPAIR says:

    Taxes??? If that aS$hat Brown ever gets the public safety unions out of his ass he can go f**k himself. And, take those puS$y ass brained voters that think the world is so dangerous that it justifies this obscene abuse by whiny overpaid incompetent aS$wipe cops.

  4. RANKIN1 says:

    mike and the boys make more than this old haG.

  5. betty litigan says:

    democratics are a bunch of crooks,brown is a crazy old hag example is the dream act approval, so we the people need to be sure of our votes.the same of the anti-americans bacaspigs they are waiting for people to vote.big mistake vote for this crooks.solution recall brown and another pigs.

  6. Rankin1 says:

    Bernard Parks retired LAPD chief rakes in $268k per year pension, city council another $180k per year plus perks, plus Dennis Zine and others, double dippers paradise the LA city council.

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